Previously known as Bestowed, urthbox is a monthly snack subscription service that focuses on providing healthy, organic and non-GMO products. Each box contains a mix of snacks such as candy, trail mix, chips, nuts and soft drinks. There are also other goodies inside such as health and personal care products. Subscribers enjoy a savings of up to 50% with each box compared to retail. All orders are shipped the week of the 15th, so subscribers can expect to receive their boxes 3-7 business days after that


Pricing & What’s Included

There are several different subscription options designed to fit the needs of different subscribers.



Three Months

Six Months


$19.99 / month

$16.66 / month

$14.99 / month


$29.99 / month

$26.66 / month

$24.99 / month


$39.99 / month

$36.66 / month

$34.99 / month


$49.99 / month

$46.66 / month

$44.99 / month

As you’d imagine, the longer you subscribe, the more you can save. If you’re interested in one of the larger size boxes, you’ll be able to enjoy substantial savings with a six-month plan. The large box is regularly valued up to $100, so you’d be receiving each box for over 50% off retail.


The mini package includes six or more full-sized snacks and goodies each month.


The small package includes double the snacks of the mini and subscribers can expect to receive twelve or more full-sized snacks and goodies with each box.


The medium box provides subscribers with at least 18 different full-sized snacks in every box.


The large box includes 24 or more full-sized snacks every month. This box is the biggest value of all and often has a retail value of up to $100.

Other Options

In addition to the options above which are designed for singles or families, they also offer a much larger box option that’s decided to fit the needs of small offices.

This box includes 100 or more snacks each month, and it’s ideal for small offices of five to ten people. The office box retails for $199 and shipping is free.

Larger offices are encouraged to reach out directly to their customer service team as they’re able to put together custom box solutions to serve the needs of larger groups.

Urthbox Review

The vast majority of reviewers throughout the internet agree that this service is great. They've received a trust score of 7.9/10 on TrustPilot and have a composite rating of 3.96/5 with the Better Business Bureau.

Most reviewers seem to agree that the variety they receive each month is second to none. Some reviewers have found their new favorite snacks because they were able to try it in one of their boxes. Most seem to agree that they offer great value for the money, especially with the larger boxes.

On the other hand, nearly all of the negative reviews for this service center around their automatic renewal policy. Subscriptions must be cancelled either through email or phone before the end of the month in order for the cancellation to take effect for the next month’s box. Some reviewers have complained that this process takes longer than it should, and is designed to keep you subscribed for longer than you’d like to be.

Other reviewers have taken issue with the amount of time it takes to receive their first box. Unlike some services, which send the first box almost immediately and send future boxes on the anniversary date of your subscription, that isn’t the case here. All boxes are shipped out the week of the 15th. For example, if you placed your initial urthbox subscription order on October 16th, you wouldn’t receive your first box until mid-late November.

As with all other subscription services, you’ll want to be sure to spend a few minutes reading the fine print and familiarizing yourself with their terms. Seemingly every negative experience a former subscriber had could have been avoided if they had paid any mind to the terms and conditions of the service.

When Does It Ship?

Boxes ship around the 15th of each month and subscribers can expect to receive their boxes about 3-7 business days later. You’ll want to keep this shipping timetable in mind before placing your order as it can often take four weeks or longer before you receive your first box.

They deliver boxes throughout the world. Shipping in the United States is free. For Canadian orders, shipping runs $6.95 per box while worldwide shipping costs $14.95 per box.

Customer Service Information

You can reach the customer service department through a few different methods.

  • Phone: (888)-959-8277
  • Email: info@urthbox.com

Customer service reps are available Monday through Friday from 9a-5p PST. Additionally, you’ll find answers to many questions you may have by visiting the site’s FAQ page.

How Do I Cancel?

Cancelling your subscription is a little dicey compared to other subscription boxes. All cancellations must be processed by either email or phone. There is no way to cancel your subscription online.

Cancellation requests must be received before the 1st of the month for the request to take effect for that current month. This is especially important if you’re enrolled in a longer subscription as it doesn’t sound like they’re very receptive to providing refunds for auto-renewal errors that were the fault of the customer. If you’re a subscriber and you wish to cancel your subscription, it’s best to handle it several days before the end of the month. That way, you’ll leave ample time to communicate with the service department about canceling your order.

Company History

Previously known as Bestowed, Urthbox was founded in 2012 as a way to provide snackers with healthy and delicious snacks as well as turn them on to new products and brands they may be unfamiliar with. Bestowed was recently acquired by Urthbox along with several other subscription services including Conscious Box. 

Urthbox is currently headed up by Ben Behrouzi. Behrouzi is a graduate of the University of California at Davis where he studied philosophy. Behrouzi is a bit of a serial entrepreneur, and he has founded a handful of different businesses, mostly in the realm of marketing and advertising. He recently focused his efforts on acquiring growing subscription services such as urthbox.

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