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trunk club review

Trunk Club is a fashion subscription service that pairs you with a stylist to send you handpicked clothing. Each trunk comes with 6-10 clothing items chosen specifically based on what you like. The clothing is all retail price, but you only pay for the items you keep. Once you order your trunk, it will ship within 3-6 days, and you can decide when you want to receive another one.


How It Works

Trunk Club is great for anyone who loves Nordstrom fashion and wants to expand their wardrobe with stylish new clothes. Once you’re paired with a stylist, you work with them to choose clothing that suits your tastes. As soon as you approve the pieces your stylist has selected, your trunk is shipped to you.

You’ll receive 6-10 items, each within a $40-$300 price range. You only pay for the items you keep, and you can decide which ones you want based on your style and budget. Once you’ve decided which items you’re sticking with, you ship the rest of the items back free.

Signing up is simple! First, you’ll take a survey asking about your style preferences and create your online profile. After that, you’ll be paired with a stylist who you’ll talk to about what types of clothing you’re looking to get. Your stylist will select some pieces and show them to you to see what you think. Once you give the green light, your first trunk will be on its way to you!

You decide how often you want to receive a new trunk. There are options to get a new trunk monthly, quarterly, or at any other time you specify. If you don’t choose any of these options, they’ll only send you another trunk if you request one.

What Makes Trunk Club Unique?

This fashion subscription box is great for anyone looking for a new style, and the number of options you have makes that super easy. You and your stylist work together to pick out clothing that suits your needs before they send you your items.

Plus you don’t have the pressure of choosing more clothes and purchasing new items every month if you want to spread out your boxes. The company is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so you’ll know you’re getting classy and quality items.


  • Choose clothes with a stylist and approve them before they ship
  • Only pay for items you keep
  • Free shipping when receiving and returning clothes
  • Can keep all clothing for 5 days before returning any
  • Clothing alterations are available
  • Can request a specific stylis


  • Don’t service people under 18
  • No discounts for clothing from retail price

Pricing & What’s Included

Each trunk contains 6-10 clothing items for you to try on. You can decide how many and which ones you’d like to keep, and you only purchase those items. The rest you send back with free shipping. Since you’re choosing and keeping different clothing items with every trunk, that also means the price varies from month to month (or however often boxes are shipped to you).

The survey you take before placing your first order helps with knowing what will be in your box. It narrows down your style preferences and lets you work more cohesively with your stylist so the items suit your personal style.

Examples of included styles include business formal, business casual, casual, lounge, prints, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. 

Clothing costs range from $40 to $300. There is a $25 styling fee charged for each trunk delivery. You are only charged if you keep items more than 5 days. The company provides free alterations, shipping, and returns. 

Trunk Club Reviews

Trunk Club reviews are mixed, to say the least. They have an overall rating of 2 stars on HighYa while Google reviews put them at 4.2 stars. Individual experiences really varied with this subscription.

Some reviewers said the service is convenient and easy to use. They found their stylists to be communicative and responsive, and sometimes it only took a couple of trunks for the stylist to understand what they were looking for. These people found the clothes to be great quality and a good value, and they enjoyed the process of choosing clothes for the next trunk. One Google reviewer even stated that he “felt good about the way [he] looked” after receiving his trunks.

Other Trunk Club reviews were not so positive. Many people said that the company doesn’t seem to care what its customers think and customer service is unhelpful with order or payment issues. They said the clothes are far too expensive for what you’re getting, and returning them can be a hassle - or altogether impossible. There were frequent misunderstandings about payments and unexpected charges, too. Many reviewers advised people thinking about signing up for this service to avoid it.

Everywhere we looked, there seemed to be at least as many negative Trunk Club reviews as positive ones. The company also only responded to the more detailed positive reviews without a single comment on the negative ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about Trunk Club: 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

In order you cancel your account, you can go to the company’s support page and select “I want to deactivate my account.”

If you want to cancel a single trunk, you can do that at any time before it ships. Even if you’re midway through the process of choosing clothes, you can decide to stop your order. You can do this manually, but if you don’t approve your new trunk within 48 hours, it will be automatically canceled and you won’t be charged.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via the contact form on the web site. 

When Does It Ship Every Month?

This service works a little differently than an automatic subscription service. You can set up your shipping details to send you a trunk every month (or at any other interval you prefer), and it will ship whenever you specify. Otherwise, you can order your trunks as needed.

How Can I Get Fitted For My Clothing?

Ideally, if you live near one of their Clubhouses, you can go meet up with your stylist in person. They can take your measurements and work more closely with you to provide clothing that fits you best. There are several cities across the United States where you can find a Clubhouse, and you can either make an appointment with a stylist or drop by for an unscheduled visit.

If you don’t live near a Clubhouse, you can work with your stylist online. This does mean that you can’t be measured or have your clothes fitted in person, but you can still work out plenty of details. This is what the 5 day trial period is for - to try on clothes, figure out what you like best, and request alterations if you need them.

Can I Order Plus Size, Maternity, Or Other Custom Clothing?

Yes! This service offers plus size up to XXL and maternity clothing. If you need a larger or different size, you can set up a custom appointment with your stylist.

Keep in mind that custom clothing takes 6-8 weeks to make, so these types of orders will take longer to get to you than standard trunks. Also, if you want to use this service, you won’t be able to order exclusively online and will need to talk to your stylist in person.

Company History

Trunk Club was started in Bend, Oregon by Joanna Van Vleck and Brian Spaly as a men’s fashion service in 2009. Their initial goal was to make it easier for men to get quality clothing even if they hated shopping.

In 2014, Nordstrom bought the company, and in 2015, they expanded their service to women. They also created offices all across the United States, even on the east coast in Boston. In 2017, Brian Spaly left the company.

Joanna Van Vleck is now the President of a health and fitness company called OneTaste.

Listen to Brian Spaly talk about the company’s origins and early challenges here:

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