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Trunk Club makes it easy to purchase fashionable clothing designed to meet your needs and budget of high-end consumers. Each month, you’ll receive 6-10 items including wardrobe staples, footwear, and accessories. While the cost of clothing from Trunk Club is essentially the same as paying retail prices at a high-end department store, you’ll receive clothes that are curated for you personally by one of their stylists, which will save you time. Boxes ship monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, and there is also an option only to receive boxes whenever you’d like, as frequently or infrequently as you want.


Pricing & What’s Included

Unlike other services which provide you with clothing for a flat rate each month, this service is quite different. 


Number of Pieces Per Box

Average Cost Per Piece

Styling Fee


6 - 10

$25 - $300+



6 - 10

$40 - $300+


Each time you’re ready to receive a box, a personal stylist selects 6-10 pieces ranging from clothing and footwear to accessories tailored to your personal style and taste. Then, you’ll receive a notification with information on each item your stylist has chosen for you. If it looks good to you, you’ll approve that box for shipping, and it will be on it’s way to you. Shipping is free, and so are returns.

Once you’ve received the box, you’ll have to decide whether you’d like to keep all the clothes, some of them, or none at all. Next, you’ll box up any clothing you’d like to return and ship it back. You’ll have five days to decide what you’d like to keep, and what you’d like to return. Once your returns have been received, you’ll be charged for the clothing you decided to keep.

Keep in mind that there is a $25 styling fee for each box. If you keep something from the box, the $25 styling fee goes towards the cost of the box. If you return everything, you’ll still be responsible for that $25 fee.

Since the price of each piece can vary significantly, it’s impossible to put a ‘one size fits all’ price tag on this service. According to the company, their stylists have experience working with budgets of all sizes, and they can cater your boxes to a specific budget you have in mind. But, it’s worth noting that depending on what you decide to keep, a box from this service could easily run over $1000. 

Other Options

In addition to clothing boxes, the service also operates retail locations as well. Their flagship location is in Chicago, IL, and they’ve expanded over the years to include locations in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Dallas, and Charleston.

These stores provide a luxury retail experience. Customers can also consult with a stylist and get fitted for clothing, as well. You can even enjoy a cocktail there while you shop. In addition to the off the rack clothing available at these retail stores, customers can also consult with a tailor to have a range of custom clothing made including shirts, pants, suits, jackets, and topcoats.

Trunk Club Review

As they are a relatively new and somewhat unknown service, there aren’t a ton of reviews about the company.

But, the reviews that there are all seem to echo the same sentiment: stay away from this service.

For the most part, reviewers have complained about the cost of the clothing available through the club. Others have complained about the amount of time it takes to receive each trunk, or with delivery issues.

It’s worth noting that this company provides a high-end service for an affluent customer. It seems that many of the people who wrote negative reviews expected to receive more modestly priced items in each trunk instead of the luxury goods that they were provided.

On the plus side, the service appears to be very well received by its target market of wealthy professionals who simply don’t have the time or energy to spend hours shopping for clothing. Trunk Club has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

When Does It Ship? 

The frequency that your boxes will ship is entirely up to you. When you create a profile, you’ll be able to select between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipping options. You could also opt out of scheduled deliveries altogether, and only receive a box when you request one.

After you’ve had a consultation with your personal stylist and given the ‘OK’ to ship your box, you’ll receive it within 3-6 business days.

Customer Service Information

The customer service department is accessible through phone or email.

  • Phone: (800) 385-0100
  • Email:

You’ll also be able to find answers to many popular questions on the site’s FAQ page.

How Do I Cancel? 

Should you decide to cancel your membership, the process is easy:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the “support” link
  • Click “I want to deactivate my account.” 
  • Follow the provided instructions and your account will be canceled

It’s worth noting that they aren’t truly a subscription service. Since they don’t send you any boxes without your approval to ship, you’ll never get a package you weren’t expecting to receive.

Company History

The service got its start in 2009 while founder Joanna Van Vleck was still an MBA student. As the service grew, they set up their headquarters in Chicago, IL. That space holds their corporate offices, and it’s also the site of the first “clubhouse,” where customers could come enjoy a personalized session with a stylist, get fitted for clothing, shop for clothing, and enjoy a cocktail. Since then, clubhouses have been established in major cities including New York, Boston, Charleston, Washington DC, Dallas and Los Angeles.

In 2014, the service was purchased by the Nordstrom Group for $350m. With the financial backing and expertise of Nordstrom, the company was able to expand its offerings. In 2015, they rolled out a women’s version of their popular men’s box service. The current CEO of Trunk Club is Terry Boyle. Boyle also presides over the brands Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook.

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