Trendy Butler Review: Monthly Men’s Fashion Subscription Delivered Straight to Your Door

trendy butler review

Trendy Butler is a monthly men’s fashion subscription service. Each box includes two curated items of clothing--typically one shirt and one pair of pants. Members can expect to save 60% or more each month compared to retail prices. Boxes will usually ship within two to three weeks of your order.


How It Works

Trendy Butler is a subscription service for men’s fashion enthusiasts, providing brand-name clothing for a fraction of the retail price. Each box comes with a curated set of clothing items based on a style profile you create by filling out an online questionnaire.

The vast majority of boxes come with two items of clothing, but some will include three items and others just one. No matter the number of items, the clothing is valued at around $150 retail and the box costs $65. Each month’s deliveries are not necessarily meant to go together as full outfits, but rather to build up a complementary wardrobe over time.

Getting Started

The sign-up process at Trendy Butler is quick and easy. The first (and largest) step is to fill out the initial style profile questionnaire. Begin by selecting from one of three big-picture style categories:

  • Casual and Stylish
  • Diverse Taste
  • Work Hard, Play Hard

You then go on to add detail and nuance by selecting preferred color palettes, sizes, fits, and patterns.

Once the questionnaire is complete, you save your profile by creating an account, and you’re ready to check out. Fill out your billing and shipping information, then choose your preferred payment method. There are two options here: monthly payment for $65 per month, or three months at a time for an average of $55 per month.

What Makes Trendy Butler Unique?

Trendy Butler’s calling card is its ‘AI stylist’: the style profile and algorithm that determines what clothing they send to you. The initial style questionnaire is detailed and concise and asks some very useful questions. The questionnaire is full of images that help you inform your answers.

You control just how detailed your style profile is. The initial profile is near-comprehensive, but you can add to your profile with far more detail later on if you choose. You can select specific fits for specific garment types. And you can even provide your occupation so they can send you work-appropriate clothing if you so choose.

The AI algorithm continuously learns your style preferences. The more it sends you, and the more you respond, the more it learns about your tastes.


  • Significant savings compared to retail
  • Concise and detailed style profile
  • Wide Variety of brand names
  • check
    Streamlined sign-up process


  • Website is difficult to navigate and short on information
  • No human curators

Pricing & What’s Included

All Trendy Butler members receive the same products—around $150 worth of designer clothing items targeted to fit their style each month. But there are multiple payment packages available. Once you have created your profile and are ready to check out, you will choose between these options:

Monthly Plan

Monthly payment is the most expensive option, but it is also the most flexible. Monthly members are charged $65 per month, with free shipping. If you don’t cancel, your membership will be auto-renewed each month, but you can cancel at any time.

3-Month Plan

This option is less flexible but provides better monthly value. Members with the three-month plan pay $165 upfront, for three months of deliveries. That averages out to $55 a month, giving you $10 in monthly savings. You can cancel at any time, but you will still be charged (and receive shipments) for the full three month period. If you don’t cancel, your subscription will be auto-renewed with the same three-month package.

Other Items

In addition to the subscription boxes, you can shop for specific items in the Trendy Butler shop. However, you pay full price for items in the shop.

Trendy Butler Reviews

Trendy Butler has an average of three out of five stars based on just four reviews on TrustPilot. It has an A rating according to the Better Business Bureau, but an average of just two out of five stars on 49 customer reviews on the same site.

Many reviewers did express happiness with the clothing they received. The bulk of the positive reviews focus on the style and quality of the product. Several were also pleased with Trendy Butler’s willingness to exchange items with which they were dissatisfied.

The negative reviews, on the other hand, often focused on some aspect of customer service. Some reviewers expressed that their cancellation was not immediately processed and they were charged for an additional cycle. Some indicated that their shipments were irregular or late. Others still were simply unhappy with the customer service representatives with whom they interacted.

Overall, these reviews paint a picture of a quality product that suffers from inconsistent service. It is worth noting, however, that a Trendy Butler representative did respond to each negative review, and the company appears interested in addressing these complaints.

Here's a video review from Kelvin Krupiak: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions potential subscribers have about Trendy Butler:

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your Trendy Butler subscription at any time directly through your online profile. Navigate to the Subscription tab in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. There, you will find the option to cancel or pause your subscription.

It is not required, but if you choose, you can provide feedback detailing why you decided to cancel. It is worth noting that if you cancel in the middle of the three-month payment package, you will still be charged for, and receive, all three boxes.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via email at Responses to inquiries will typically come within one to three business days.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

As opposed to other subscription box services that ship on a set date each month, Trendy Butler’s shipments vary based on the individual member. Once your order is received, your box will ship in {two to three weeks}. That includes time to process your payment, curate your items, pack the box, and send it through the mail.

Trendy Butler notes that these delivery times are estimates and that during busier times of the year there may be delays.

What If I Don’t Like an Item?

Trendy Butler advertises a free exchange policy if an item doesn’t fit properly, or if you simply don’t like the style. Send an email to detailing which items you would like to exchange and why, and Trendy Butler will send you a pre-paid return label and exchange form.

All items to be exchanged must remain in unworn condition with tags attached. They also must be from an order processed in the last 60 days. Feedback from the exchange will be factored into your style profile and used to curate more targeted items in the future.

Can You Shop Specific Items?

While you cannot select specific items to include in your monthly box, you can shop for particular items in the expansive Trendy Butler shop. However, these items are available at full cost, as opposed to the discounted rate included in the subscription box.

Company History

Trendy Butler was founded in 2014 in the Los Angeles area by Ali Najafian and Jeremy Barnett. Together, they shared decades of experience in the clothing and technology worlds.  Their fashion experience helped them to curate the initial Trendy Butler catalog, and their tech experience allowed them to develop the algorithm at the heart of the AI Stylist.

Prior to founding Trendy Butler, Najafian created a proprietary online shopping cart system in 1994—one of the first ever.  Trendy Butler was the third company he founded, previously creating merchandise company GoMerch in 2008 and web design company 8 Bit Inc in 2013.  Najafian continues to serve as Trendy Butler’s President and CTO.

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