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thredup review

ThredUp is a women’s fashion-oriented online consignment store with a wide array of flexible subscription box options. Each Goody Box contains ten different garments based on one of six different themes. You choose which items you keep, but a full Goody Box contains over $500 in savings relative to retail prices. Once you place your order, it typically takes seven to ten days to fulfill, then three to eight more days to ship and deliver.


How It Works

ThredUp is the internet’s largest consignment store, featuring over 35,000 brands of as-new second-hand clothing. It is primarily focused on women’s fashion, but features children’s clothing as well.

Goody Boxes are packages featuring ten different garments averaging around $20 each, assembled by a ThredUp stylist. They are available in six different themes:

  • Create Your Own
  • Box of Favorites
  • Just for You
  • check
    Fall Essentials
  • check
    9 to 5 Styles
  • check
    Trending Styles

The box comes with a receipt showing the prices of each item. You pay a $10 deposit up front and then pay only for what you keep. You have seven days to decide what you want to keep and send back items you don’t want with a prepaid return label. Goody Boxes can be single purchases, or you can sign up for regular deliveries every two, three, or four months.

Signing up for a ThredUp Goody Box delivery is a straightforward process, taking about five to ten minutes. First, you create a profile through your email address, Facebook account, or Amazon account, and choose your Goody Box theme.

Next, you go through a brief style questionnaire. Select types of garments you’re interested in, your sizes, and a budget. Select any specific brands you would like, and if you choose, leave notes for your stylist.

Finally, you simply provide your billing and shipping information, and Goody Box will arrive in 10-18 days.

What Makes ThredUp Unique?

ThredUp is the largest consignment store on the internet. Because of this extensive selection, ThredUp has a wide variety of Goody Box themes and clothing options. With six distinct themes to choose from, and the ability to select a different theme each time you buy, the sheer variety of name brand clothing available through ThredUp’s Goody Boxes is difficult to beat.

Another unique aspect of ThredUp is the “only pay for what you like” model. With most subscription boxes you pay for the whole box up front and may have the option to return certain items. With ThredUp, you pay a $10 down payment and otherwise receive the entire box up front. You can return any items from the box within seven days, and you only pay for what you keep.


  • Six distinct themes from which to choose
  • Flexible payment model
  • Huge variety of designer brands
  • check
    Boxes curated by experienced stylists


  • More expensive than many in-person consignment stores
  • Inconsistent fits

Pricing & What’s Included

No matter what theme you choose, each box requires a non-refundable $10 down payment and features ten curated second-hand items that cost an average of $20 a piece. If you decide to keep the entire box, it will typically cost around $200. The full box includes average savings of $500 or more relative to full retail price for those items.

The box will also include an itemized list detailing the specific price of each item, and a prepaid return label. After seven days, ThredUp charges for all items you did not return. The $10 down payment is applied towards this charge.

ThredUp Reviews

ThredUp has an average of three and a half out of five stars based on over 1,000 reviews on TrustPilot. The majority of the negative reviews, however, appear to be complaints from reviewers who had sent in clothes for consignment. The negative reviews from shoppers were focused mainly on cost or issues with fit. Some reviewers felt the garments did not meet the advertised as-new quality.

The majority of reviewers, however, expressed satisfaction with the quality and style of the clothing they received. Others were happy with the vast selection and convenience of shopping at home. Most expressed that the clothing they received was as described.

Overall, the reviews paint a picture of a second-hand store with clothing that is consistently, but not universally, like-new quality and as-described. There are natural drawbacks with buying clothing sight-unseen, and ThredUp is no exception.

Reviewers indicate that issues with fit come up with regularity. The same size garment can fit entirely differently depending on the brand, and ThredUp carries items from 35,000 different brands. Goody Boxes largely circumvent this issue, as garments that don’t fit can be sent back free of charge.

Here's a video unboxing from Veronica Foley: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions potential subscribers have about ThredUp:

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Goody Boxes do not require subscriptions and can be purchased one at a time. However, they do come with the option to opt into a regular delivery schedule. If you have opted in and need to cancel, send an email to

If your order has already been assembled, you will still be charged and receive your order, and the cancellation will apply to the next cycle.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service by email at, or by phone at (888) 868-0186. Responses to email inquiries typically come within one to three business days.

When Does It Ship?

Goody Box orders take 7-10 days to process and assemble after orders are submitted, and another 3-8 days to be shipped and delivered. Altogether, your box should arrive less than three weeks after you submit your order.

What If I’m Unhappy With My Goody Box?

If you are unhappy with the fit, quality, or style of any items you receive in your Goody Box, you can return them free of charge within seven days using the prepaid return label that came with your order. If you choose not to keep anything from your Goody Box, however, the initial $10 down payment is fully non-refundable.

If you need longer than the allotted seven days, log on to your ThredUp account and navigate to the “Manage Goody Boxes” screen. Select your current order, and click on “Extend Return Window” to add two additional days, bringing your window to nine days in total.

What if I Misplace My Return Label?

The prepaid return label is a fundamental part of ThredUp’s flexible payment model. If yours gets lost or damaged, don’t fret. Simply navigate to the “Manage Goody Boxes” screen and select your current order. From this page, you will be able to print a new return label at home.

Company History

ThredUp was founded in 2009 by CEO James Reinhart, CTO Chris Homer, and CCO Oliver Lubin. Today, it focuses on women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, but it actually began as a simple men’s shirt swapping company. ThredUp has since grown into the largest second-hand clothing dealer in the world.

ThredUp’s mission is to develop a new way to shop, allowing users to purchase clothing from their own home while reducing textile waste. Fashion has a heavier impact on the environment than any other industry except for oil. By creating a large, global marketplace for second-hand fashion, ThredUphopes to reduce this footprint.

Ten years on, the ThredUp leadership team still consists of the three original co-founders plus COO John Voris and CMO Anthony Marino.

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