The Ultimate Guide To Women's Summer Fashion

There’s more to summer than just sundresses and wide-brimmed hats. Now that summer’s officially here you can now show off a different side of your style. But that can be hard to achieve. But fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our ultimate guide to women's summer fashion that’ll keep you looking magazine-cover ready, no matter the moisture level outside.


Pastel Colours

Just like the ice cream, you’ll be enjoying this summer, those same hues of yellow, purple, green, and pink can make an outfit pop. Whether it’s an accessory or full dress, adding pastels to your wardrobe is a great idea. Soft pastel shoes are also a great addition to your regular footwear.

When shopping for pastel clothing and accessories, be aware of what your current clothing options. Baby blues and pale pinks can easily be worked into most people’s wardrobes. Brighter yellow and darker oranges can be tricky to match with common browns and greys.

It’s also important to always try on pastels in good lighting. Because of their color pallets, bad lighting can make them look a different color. Natural lighting will always be best, but a well-lit bathroom or fitting room will do just fine.

Cut out Dresses

A spin on the traditional dress, these dresses purposely have stylized parts of them cut out.  From circular patterns to more sharp angled ones, a cutout dress is a unique way to show off your summer fashion. They can also show off a glowing tan, so that’s a plus.

If you’re wearing them out to an outdoor event like a mid-day pool party, be sure to apply sunscreen. Because cutout dresses expose specific areas of the skin, this can lead to unwanted sunburn marks. To avoid such a fashion mistake, spread an SPF sunscreen over the at-risk areas.

Sheer Tops

The almost clear clothing choice has been gaining population in recent years. And it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Both American and European designers are have styled many of their summer get-ups

For best results, match sheer tops with a solid pant or low-cut short.  Because of the nature of the fabric, your bra will show. For that reason, wear one you’d be proud of to show off.

Also, it’s not ideal to wear black sheer on warmer days. While the fabric is breathable, it does absorb the sun’s rays. That added layer of warmth can make you sweat more than you’d please.

Puff-Ball Sleeves

While shoulders pads are not back, puffy sleeves are. And no article of summer fashion says that more than a puff-ball sleeved blouse, dress, or shirt. They also work well with vertical stripes, making arms look longer and slimmer.

Most puff-ball sleeves will stop at the elbow. If you want one that goes all the way to your wrist, be mindful that it can make your arm look unusually large. Also, wearers of them seem to report accidental staining. The extra puff down the forearm can find its way into dips and drinks.

Puff-Ball sleeves are best matched with a form-fitting bottom and snatched belt. Blacks and darker colors tend to complement the oversized sleeves more than paler pastels. Aside from vertical and horizontal stripes, avoid patterns on such sleeves.


Checks are often associates as only being strictly winter thing, but they’re making a comeback in summer prints. Checks can make even the drabbest browns and greys interesting. Because the pattern has away of complimenting any color, they make a versatile addition to your summer wardrobe.

When shopping for checks is best to heed the following: keep it simple, don’t go for neons, and avoid embellishments. It’s also a good idea to look in your current wardrobe and see what patterns you already wear. By doing so, you can gauge how many check patterns you’ll need to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

It’s worth mentioning that check patterns tend to fade in the wash. Treat any check patterned clothing as delicates.

Palm Prints

During this year’s fashion show cycles, we couldn't ignore one summer print: palm. Whether it’s a bikini bottom or flouncy sundress, the plant print is a must for this summer season. Palm prints also look good in monochromes.

When shopping for palm prints, color blocking helps. By doing so, you’ll help bring attention to the summertime feel of the print. Bright colors also tend to fair well with palm prints. In fact, a vibrant red palm backdrop against an almost highlighter yellow is an eye-catching, popular look.

Floral Prints

A summertime staple, floral prints can be implemented through to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a flowing sundress or a shading beach rob, they’re welcomed to almost any occasion this time of year. Floral-themed accessories, like watch bands and necklaces, can help highlight your elegant look even more.

Even though they flora prints might seem like an obvious, be bold in your choices. Choose geometric, monochromatic, and also embellished patterns to make the print stick out even more.

But don’t forget about the garments you’ll be wearing underneath that palm-printed T-shirt! Subscribe to the MeUndies Box to make sure your underwear is just as fashionable as your floral get-ups are.

Oversized Bags

You won’t have any problem fitting all your beach needs inside this summer trend. Oversized bags are back in fashion. Whether they’re made up of leather, cloth, or even clear plastic, they make a statement anywhere you take them.

For an oversized bag, choose ones made from darker colors. They’ll hide the wear and tear of hauling them around better than those boasting lighter whites and browns. It’s also a good idea to avoid placing them on hot concrete or asphalt, as that can stress the leather or plastic. Bags made from clothes can be hung and slung without worry.

Waist Bags

Waist bags are just fashionable fanny packs. And they’re back in fashion, just in time for you to store your vacation paraphilia inside. Made from leather to plastic, cotton to neoprene they make for a great alternative to backpacks. If you’re only carrying a few things, you can even leave your purse behind and use them instead.

Because of how they wrap on your waits, make sure the belting is breathable. Neoprenes and meshes breathe well and won’t make you have an awkward sweating. Avoid leather and plastics. Those two will leave you sweating more than you’d like.

Big Sunglasses

Protect your corneas in style this summer by wearing large, wide-lense sunglasses. Those that have thin, metal frames can make your larger-than-life sunglasses pop. Make sure that the material around the nose bridge and temples is sturdy.

Big sunglasses can also help in protecting not only your eyes but the skin around them too. Skin cancers found around the eye area are common. Regularly wearing these large sunglasses can decrease your risk of becoming one of the millions of newly diagnosed skin cancer patients diagnosed each year.

Spiral and Wavy Earrings

Taking inspiration from the ocean tides, spiral and wavy earrings are one of this summer’s hottest trends. Popularly made from copper, steel, and oxidized metals, they compliment neutral-toned outfits. They can also be mix and matched with other accessories to create a themed outfit.

If you’re trying to save for your next vacation and can’t splurge too much on new earrings, look into plastic ones. But avoid buying those that are trying to emulate real metals. Instead, choose shades of white and black when shopping for plastic spiral or wavy earrings.

Patterned and Clear Plastic Trench Coats

To keep you both dry and stylish during those summer rainy days, add a patterned trench coat to your summer wardrobe this year. Favorite patterns include checks, vertical stripes, and other geometric prints. Avoid flowery, and beach themed prints on your trench coat. By sticking to more universal patterns, you can comfortably wear your new trench coat year round.

Clear plastic trench coats are also in-trend this summer. Be aware that they can show scratches and appear to tear more easily than those made from other more traditional materials. On the flipside, they won’t absorb any moisture.

The Bottom Line About Your Summer Fashion

At the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it. Fashion is all about looking confident, so dress in a way that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

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