The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Summer Fashion in 2018

Say goodbye to Spring! Summer’s officially here, which means you can now dip into a new wardrobe. And that can be hard to achieve. But fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our ultimate guide to men's summer fashion that’ll keep you looking fresh, no matter the temperature outside.


Tonal Matching

Sure opposites attract, but tonal matching looks just as good. And it works for every summer occasion. Off to a summer wedding? Pack a tonally-matched suite. Beach party? Try layering tonal pastels on top of one another? Even sporting at a volleyball game

An excellent place to start is with more variant colors like blue or grey. But you don’t have to limit yourself there. Oranges and yellows, purples and reds also lend themselves well to tonal matching. A bit strapped on cash? Tonal matching is also a great way to breathe life into an old wardrobe. You can layer and mix-and-match your closet to make new looks from old clothes.

Always remember: Three is the magic number for the number of tonal items you should be wearing in one outfit.

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Denim shorts

Men's fashion has to be able to tackle extremes. Wearing distressed denim shorts is one of the easiest ways is one of creating a durable, but fashionable look. Regardless if it’s stressed or distressed, blue or black, adding denim short to your summer wardrobe is a must-do.

When buying denim shorts, pay particular attention to the used materials. Traditional cotton is the most common fabric in all denim, but it can stretch and shrink quickly. However, denim variants can come in twill or poly-blends, which affect the wear, durability, and price of the piece you're looking to cop.

Also, repurpose denim jeans into wearable shorts. Repurposing old denim jeans is a great way to save some money, while also diversifying your wardrobe.

Checks and Checkered Patterns

When you think of checks and checkered patterns, outfits worn to Fall birthday parties and Holiday offices come to the front of your mind. But there’s still room for the design when the weather warms.

Your best bet is to start with larger pieces of outerwear. For this time of year, think checkered windbreakers and other light pieces. Consider using check patterns that contain warm reds, browns, and blues. Avoiding neons and pastels will save you future headaches, should you want to tonal match your checkered patterns.

Like most things in life, moderation is key. Layering too many checkered garments can leave you looking like a board game. Don’t play yourself, in that kind of way.

Topical Prints

Of course, we couldn’t put together a guide of summer fashion without touching on tropical prints. The hallmark of summertime fashion, tropical prints can add a splash of color and theme to any outfit, for any occasion. However, it’s easy to go overboard on them.

Opt to be subtle with your tropical prints, adhering to the “less is more” principle. Seek out designs that pair such prints on darker textiles. For example: a navy-blue button up with scattered small off-white dolphin embellishments is a win-win. However, stay clear of such things like yellow t-shirts with bright-red tropical prints. 

Your tropical prints should echo summertime vibes, not scream them.

Aviator Sunglasses

An ageless classic, aviator sunglasses should always have a place in your summer wardrobe. Their stylistic versatility makes them an easy addition to enhance any summertime outfit.

When buying a pair, look at them as an investment, not just a one-time buy. Cheaply made knock-offs tend to flex and break easily. More expensive, but better-respected brands produce high quality aviators that can last a lifetime. To avoid stressing the frame unnecessarily, choose to store them in a case, rather than on top of your head.

Always make sure that the lenses are capable of blocking both UVA and UVB lighting. Good vision is still in fashion.

Buzz Cuts

Having a big hair-do when it’s 90-plus degrees outside can be annoying, if not exhausting. Luckily, a quick shave with a number-one, -two, -three razors can help with that.

Buzz cuts have been making waves in recent years as a minimalist, but an equally stylistic option to the now famous fade. And there’s no better time to see how you’ll look with one than during the summer months.

Word to the wise: Because your hair is so short, a buzz cut will leave your scalp exposed to the sun more than a traditional haircut. When applying sunscreen on your body, don’t forget to dab some to your scalp. You can use it much the same way you would a regular hair product. But make sure to take extra time to massage it into the scalpel.

Switch up your flip flops and crocs

Flip flops and crocs are incredibly convenient, but they don’t always make the best fashion statement. Not to mention they both can leave some pretty exciting tan lines on your feet.

This summer, opt to wear a more in-style shoe. Day slips, boat shoes, and huaraches make for a fashionable substitute. And with each, they can be easily slipt on, so you’re not even sacrificing practically.

It's still best to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet, regardless of what above shoe you’re wearing. Each still has slightly open designs, which means your feet can even burn underneath the hot summer sun.

Soft Pastels

Summer is as good a time as any to pull out your soft pastels and wear them with abandon. Light purples, greens, blues, and yellows shorts and shirts can be mix-matched with brown accompaniments.

However, be wary of layering pastels. Salmon pink boat shorts and a frosted blue polo will work, but more neon-like soft pastels won't.

When matching soft pastels with any outfit, always be sure to do so under good lighting. Because their coloring is so faint, poor lighting can make them look like a different hue  than they are. When in doubt, always change by the light coming through a window. Natural light will always bring out the right hues of soft pastels.

Buffalo Hide Duffel Bags

With all the jet-setting summer entails, it’s a good time to think about upgrading your luggage, especially your duffel bags. This summer season, look into purchasing a buffalo hide duffel bag to revamp your airport look.

Even more robust and sturdy than cowhide, buffalo bags can take a beating. In fact, many bags available through reputable retailers offer lifetime warranties on them. And because they also repel moisture., you can put your wet swim shorts without worry. Buffalo hide is also a conventional antimicrobial, so even your post-gym clothes won’t smell it up.

As the years go by, buffalo hid duffel bags can be cleaned and polished with traditional leather polishes. For lighter browns, make sure the finish isn’t stained.

Nautical Watches

A good watch is always beautiful to have in your accessory drawer, but wearing a nautical watch during the summertime can complete an entire look. These watches are known for their robust natural and timeless style. Nautical watches aren't just trendy. They’re timeless.

Also, nautical watches are almost always waterproof. Mostly worn during boating and water sporting, manufacturers make them resistant to moisture. Many can even be submerged hundreds of feet below the surface and still function correctly.

If you want a leather band to go alongside your watch face, choose one that isn’t stained. When wet, a stained leather band can bleed its dye. Once the colored dye begins to flow, your wrist can be temporarily stained that color. For color bands, always choose silicon made ones, as they won’t lose their pigment when wetted.

Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripe is a  new menswear’s staple pattern. Vertical lines were seen on many seasonal garments during both New York and Paris fashion weeks, so there’s no denying that it vertical stripe season is year-round. Vertical stripes also have a slimming effect, as well.

Another key point to getting the best out of vertical stripes is to keep them simple. Stay clear of an. The best examples are straight, narrow and used to across short- and long-sleeved T-shirts and shorts.  When creating your looks, one vertically striped piece at a time is often enough – the double vertical stripe is an advanced style move that only the most confident of men can pull off.

The Bottom Line About Your Summer Fashion

Regardless of what the occasion calls for, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it. Looking good in whatever you wear is all about exuding confidence. Dress in a manner that makes you feel like you can take whatever exists ahead of you.

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