Target Beauty Box Review – Beauty Sample Monthly Subscription Service

target beauty box review

Target Beauty Box is a themed box that delivers beauty and grooming samples. Each delivery features four to eight beauty and grooming products in sample and travel sizes. Customers can expect to save up to 60 percent off retail costs. Boxes do not ship every month; each delivery goes out when the customer orders.


How It Works

Although it’s called a beauty box, this option is not exactly a beauty subscription. It is a low-cost, recurring beauty product box, but there is no long-term subscription option or even a month-to-month “plan.” However, shoppers can subscribe to email notifications to find out when the next month’s box launches so that they can order right away.

One of the perks of the box is that before ordering, you can see everything that is included. Boxes feature anywhere from four to eight items, depending on the box type and the size of the products, and most selections are either travel- or sample-size.

To order a box, navigate to the beauty box section of the company’s website. Click on the box you would like to order to see a list of its components. Then, click on “add to cart” and navigate to the checkout page to complete your order. You can also purchase other items at the same time as your beauty box; there may be additional shipping charges for other products, however, unless you meet the minimums for free shipping with the rest of the order.

The rate that you see is the rate you pay; there are no additional fees or shipping costs.

To ensure you keep up with future releases, click on “Sign up” under the “Stay in the know” section of the beauty box page. You will receive notification each month when that month’s box releases. Then, you can revisit the website to purchase one.

What Makes Target Beauty Box Unique?

Target Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box that doesn’t require a subscription or a membership. Unlike other beauty subscription boxes, you don’t have to commit to anything; just put the product you want in your cart, check out, and wait to receive your beauty and grooming items.

Each month, the company announces its beauty subscription box (including a full list of what’s inside), and customers order their box for a flat rate. Shipping is included, and the only thing that’s not is a recurring charge to your credit card.

With its unique model and the availability of all the products in full-size versions on its website and online, the retailer is addressing the needs of consumers without requiring them to make a long-term commitment to their beauty products.

Another difference between this box and other subscription options is that Target has an expansive return policy. Unlike other beauty subscription services, if you are dissatisfied with this beauty box purchase, you can return it via return shipping or in-store for a refund or replacement.

What We Like

  • You know exactly what’s in the box before buying
  • Full-size products are available for purchase via Target online or in-store
  • Options for men plus more “luxurious” upgraded boxes
  • check
    Not a recurring subscription; pay as you go
  • check
    Free returns either in-store or online

What Could Be Better

  • No subscription or long-term option
  • Must visit the website each time to make an order
  • Some beauty subscription boxes are no longer available for shipping

Pricing & What’s Included

The monthly beauty box has a flat rate and comes in only one option. Previous month boxes are often available on the website as well, along with other special edition offerings. However, the special edition boxes are not always available and are sometimes only on store shelves, not online.

Monthly Beauty Box

  • Costs $7
  • Shipping is free
  • Features four to eight beauty and grooming items
  • check
    New boxes curated monthly

Special Edition Beauty Boxes

  • Costs $15
  • Often unavailable for online ordering
  • Number of items varies
  • Men’s options available

Past boxes have included products such as:

  • SheaMoisture Silicone Free Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment
  • Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Que Bella Professional Selfie Ready Sheet Mask
  • check
    Pantene Airspray Hairspray
  • Love Beauty & Planet Citrus Peel Dry Shampoo

Target Beauty Box Reviews

It is difficult to find a Target Beauty Box Review from a reputable website because the beauty bundles are one small part of what the retailer offers. While plenty of social media endorsements exist for the beauty box option, companies such as Trustpilot and Highya do not have separate pages for the grooming and beauty collections.

Although there are plenty of subscription box reviews for the retailer on Trustpilot, there is not a single specific Target Beauty Box Review. In general, however, customers are quite dissatisfied with the retailer, giving it an average of one star out of five on the review site.

Customers report everything from having difficulty with delivery tracking and order fulfillment to issues with the accuracy of the website with inventory updates.

Take a look at a recent "unboxing" from thingsbytheberk: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about this beauty box option.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

This box is unconventional in that it does not ship on a set date each month. Instead, the customer must make a separate order each month. Rather than follow a subscription or delivery schedule, Target makes its boxes available for purchase on its website alongside other curated box and gift options.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via phone at 1 (800) 591-3869. We did not find an email address for their customer service department. 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

There is no traditional subscription option with this box: instead, customers only order the item they want to receive, and it ships for free. Nothing is automated and customers will not see a bill for any subsequent deliveries.

Can I Return My Box?

Yes, you can return a box (for free) in-person in the store or via return shipping. Returns follow the same policy as other in-store and online purchases in that returns must be sent back or returned within 365 days of the original ship date for a refund or replacement.

Can I Buy Past Boxes?

Some boxes sell out right away, while others remain available long after the season has ended. Many offerings depend on your geographical location, as there may be in-store bundles not available for shipping.

In general, there are at least the current and previous months’ boxes available online, though in stock amounts may vary, especially if one month’s box is particularly popular.

Company History

In contrast with other big-name retailers, Target Corporation didn’t branch out with a subscription model for their beauty subscription box. Instead, they made the box an offering on their existing website, with a special signup for customers to receive updates via email. Of course, things could change, but for now, the retailer only offers its boxes as a bundle of retail products to regular shoppers rather than recurring subscribers.

The retail company itself has humble origins, despite having locations all over the world these days. It started as Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902 but became Target in 1962. The founder of the original store was George Dayton, but today’s Chairman and CEO is Brian C. Cornell.

In addition to its beauty bundle offerings, the corporation also has its own private label products that span everything from grocery items to beauty products to clothing and textiles. The website, as customers know it today, emerged in 2000, but the company now offers a shopping app as well.

For a customer unboxing of the Target Beauty Subscription Box and a Target Beauty Box Review from a consumer, see the video below.

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