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TacPack is a monthly subscription box filled with tactical and survival gear. Each monthly box comes with three to seven premium items of survival, tactical, everyday carry gear, tools, and accessories. The company states each box contains roughly $80 to $100 worth of gear, saving you 50% or more off the regular retail price. Though there’s no set shipping date, boxes ship in the middle of each month around the 15th or 16th.


How It Works

This professional-quality tactical and survival gear box contains the newest equipment from the top tactical, everyday carry, and gun-related brands in the industry.

The boxes commonly include:

  • Splatter Targets
  • Range Wipes
  • Gun Cleaning Kits
  • check
    Tactical Knives
  • Survival Tools
  • Gloves
  • Tee Shirts
  • check
    Stickers and Decals

The boxes are created with hunters, outdoorsman, shooters, and survivalists in mind. The goal is to introduce you to new products from established brands and new up-and-coming brands alike.

Upgrade from the regular box to the “Legacy” box for even more premium tactical and survival gear.

Getting started with this monthly subscription box is simple and straightforward.

To sign up, you simply click the “Subscribe” or “Subscribe Now” button. Next, select the regular box and click on the “Sign Up” button.

You’ll then click “Proceed to Checkout” and enter your payment details. This includes entering your shirt size and glove size. This step also creates your subscriber account.

 You can log back into your subscriber account at any time to change the details of your subscription.

What Makes TacPack Unique?

According to the company, “you can be Pro-2A and intelligent.”

Their monthly tactical subscription box reflects this. It’s a no-frills box that doesn’t dumb its contents down.

Unlike some competitors that design their tactical and survival boxes for the everyday person with a passing interest in the field, these boxes are designed with die-hards and experts in mind.

Every aspect of the company and their subscription box reflects this: from the simple website to the top-quality gear to their special offers.

These special offers range from additional discounts on tactical and survival gear from the top manufacturers to the chance to purchase the latest releases before anyone else.

 The company also maintains a well-stocked online store if there are certain items you prefer to buy separately.

What We Like

  • Premium Quality Gear
  • Both Top Brand & New Manufacturers
  • Quality Packaging
  • check
    Info Card For All Items
  • check
    Special Discounts For Online Store

What Could Be Better

  • Website Difficult To Navigate
  • No Multi-Month Option
  • Customer Service Hard to Reach

Pricing & What's Included

TacPack currently offers two levels of their monthly subscription box.

The first, or regular box, is automatically added to your cart when you click “Subscribe.”

Upgrade to the “Legacy” box for even more premium tactical, survival, and everyday carry gear and equipment.

Here’s more about what’s included in each monthly package:

  • 4 to 7 Premium Quality Items
  • Extra Goodies (Tee Shirts, Stickers, etc.)
  • Info Card
  • check
    Special Offers & Discounts For Online Store
  • check
    $80 to $100 Total Value

The Legacy box contains even more premium-quality gear as well as the same number of extra goodies and special discounts.

Unlike other subscription boxes, there is currently only a monthly option for payments. You can’t buy a multiple-month subscription upfront.

Here’s the cost of the two boxes:

  • Regular Monthly Cost: $49.95
  • Legacy Monthly Cost: $96.00

You also have the option to purchase boxes from past months, depending on availability, for the same monthly cost.

TacPack Reviews

We searched all of the common review websites such as TrustPilot, Google Reviews, Yelp, and BBB, but did not find any existing reviews for the company. We will continue to look around to get an idea of public perception and will update this section when we find something to share. 

Here is a video review from The Wound Channel:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about TacPack.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Contact the customer service team at info@tackpack.com.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

All orders ship out in the middle of the month.

Though there’s no set date, boxes are typically shipped on the 15th or the 16th of each month.

Place new orders before the last day of the current month to receive the following month’s subscription box in the mail.

When Will I Be Charged Each Month?

You are charged for your first month’s box immediately after ordering.

From here on out, charges take place on the 20th of each following month.

Your card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis unless you cancel your account.

Can I Order Last Months Box? 

The company sends out a newsletter and creates a post on their website about what comes inside their box each month.

If you sign up too late to receive the current month’s box, there’s sometimes the option to buy that box separately from your subscription.

Buying the last month’s box depends on its availability. If there are extra boxes after all subscriptions ship, the company allows customers to buy them separately.

The same goes for previous months boxes. The company places any unsold monthly boxes for sale until they are all claimed.

Leftover legacy boxes are also for sale, based on availability.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Buying one of these tactical and survival boxes automatically signs you up for a monthly subscription.

Your card will be charged each month before that month’s box is sent. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Just log into your subscriber account and click “cancel.” Your account will be canceled right away. Unlike other monthly box services, you will not be charged “one last time.”

Another option is to contact the company directly at info@tackpack.com.

They strive to make the overall customer experience as smooth as possible. According to the company, one of the ways they do this is with their “no fees, no wait, no one more charge before you’re done BS.”

Company History

The company was founded by Bob Brayer in 2014 with the intention of creating a monthly box “packed full of hand-selected tactical, survival, and EDC gear sent to your door.”

Brayer has long been a pro-2A advocate and gun enthusiast as well as a competitive long range and precision shooter.

He recognized the need for a tactical and survival subscription box geared towards avid outdoorsmen, shooters, hunters, and survivalists.

So, he set about to create a service that utilizes premium products from well-recognized and reputable brands that will stand up to the rigors of heavy use.

Knowing the excitement that comes with being the first to try out new gear, Brayer made it a point to negotiate deals so that his subscribers are among the first to try out the latest and greatest tactical and survival equipment.

He also made the conscious decision to eliminate fluff items. From the beginning, the company has only included useful, top-quality items in each box.

According to Brayer, despite the company’s growth and success, they still maintain a small, tight-knit team of less than a dozen team members.

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