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Surprise Ride Boxes deliver curated activities each month with hands-on kits for both kids and adults. Each box includes activities that cover STEM, history, geography, and art topics. The kit includes everything you or your child needs to complete the outlined activity, a booklet with lessons and directions, and a book on related subjects. Boxes ship within one week of order if you order within the first half of the month.


Pricing & What’s Included

Surprise Ride monthly kits fit with a specific theme and include activities and materials. Most activities are geared toward kids, but many kits are versatile for adult use too.

Subscription Type


Shipping Cost



$3.95 shipping

6 Months


$3.95 shipping

12 Months


$3.95 shipping

Kids Kits

Each introductory kit comes with experiment materials, a book, and a welcome snack. Themes vary, but the first shipment is an Experiment with Mars kit regardless of when you subscribe. Other past kits are posted on the website, so you can see some examples of what they offer each month.

Kits include craft items such as paints, textile materials, disposable items, a book, and follow-up activities and booklets. Each box requires a shipping fee that’s separate from the per-box price.

Daily deals and discount codes are also available for both new and returning customers.

Other Options

The Surprise Shop carries kits from past subscription boxes and activities that are intended to help kids disconnect from technology and engage in crafts and hands-on learning. Bundles are also available, so you can have multiple kits on hand rather than waiting for monthly deliveries.

There are kits for grandparents, gift givers, and bundles that follow themes and cater to younger children from ages 3 to 5. These kits are not monthly delivery or surprise options, so consumers know what they’re going to receive before they order.

Shipping charges also apply to orders from the Surprise Shop, but the total depends on what items you order. 

Gift subscriptions are also available. These require that you pay upfront for each level of subscription. You can also choose to receive the first kit yourself, and then send subsequent kits in the subscription to a gift recipient. Printable greeting cards are also available on the website so that you can inform the gift recipient of the impending arrival of their box, or you can include a gift note with the item.

Surprise Ride Review

Although Surprise Ride gained notoriety from the founders’ appearance on Shark Tank, there are currently no reviews available online. However, many users upload reviews to YouTube and other social media outlets, which give you an idea of what to expect in your monthly kits.

The company also utilizes an affiliate program, so they work with bloggers and reviewers who share their opinions on the products in exchange for free items and commission. 

Stay tuned for updates in this section.

When Does It Ship?

Shipping dates depend on when you make your first subscription order. Orders placed in the first half of the month ship within two to three business days. Orders placed later will not ship until around the 6th of the following month. 

For non-subscription items from the website’s store, orders ship within one to two business days. Tracking emails accompany each order and all packages arrive via USPS or DHL.

Currently, the company only ships orders to the United States and AOP addresses. They do note that if you require international shipping, that you contact them via email. There is no information on international shipping costs on the product pages.

Customer Service Information

An extensive FAQ page offers customer service information, but there are means of contacting the company for specific inquiries. Phone and email contact information is below. Email addresses cater to informational, feedback, and product support needs.

How Do I Cancel?

To avoid being charged for your next subscription, you must cancel prior to the 15th of the month. All subscriptions automatically renew, and no refunds are issued for shipments. Currently, the only way to cancel is via email.

Include your email address and name in your email to the company at

Alternatively, you can also choose to pause your subscription for up to three months. You can avoid billing charges during this time frame. Simply email the company at and include your account details. 

Company History

Sisters Donna and Rosy Khalife started Surprise Ride out of a desire to encourage today’s kids to enjoy the simple pursuits they turned to as children. The girls admit that they did not have a wealthy upbringing, but that their father created DIY activities for them to enjoy rather than buying toys.

Donna, the CEO, began her career on Wall Street, but she later decided to go into business with her sister to make a positive impact on the world through helping kids get creative. Rosy, the COO, oversees operations and advertising.

The sisters first appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank seeking investment for their project. However, the only offer they received was from an investor who wanted 25 percent ownership of the company. The sisters passed on the offer and walked away from Shark Tank empty-handed.

But following the show, the sisters continued on with their business model and surpassed a million dollars in profits without investor backing. Then Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank followed up with them and made them an offer that they did not refuse.

With Kevin’s guidance, the Khalife sisters continued expanding their business and later passed 4 million in sales. They hope to have their kits in the hands of kids and adults who are looking for a break from technology and a return to hands-on crafts.

See the video below from the company for a demonstration of their Experient with Mars introductory kit. The video showcases the contents of the box and goes through the experiments that are included. Surprise Ride subscriptions all start with this kit, so it gives subscribers a glimpse into what each project is like.

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