Sun Basket Review: Is This Meal Plan Subscription Worth the Price?

sun basket review

Sun Basket is a weekly meal plan subscription service. Each delivery includes pre-portioned ingredients and recipes based on the specific meal plan you chose. Sun Baskets meals cost between $12.99 and $10.99 per serving. Baskets are delivered weekly; you can schedule deliveries for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.


How It Works

Meal plan delivery services are designed for people who want to cut down on time at the grocery store while still preparing full meals at home. Sun Basket features a wide variety of healthy options based on current USDA guidelines. There are eleven different meal plan options to choose from, some of which include:

  • Chef’s Choice
  • Paleo
  • Lean & Clean
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  • Pescatarian

Boxes are delivered weekly with pre-measured ingredients and recipes based on your selected plan. There are subscription options that include two, three, or four recipes per week, and two or four servings per meal. All told, you could sign up for as few as four servings per week, or as many as 16.

To sign up for Sun Basket, click the Build Your Basket button on the home screen of the website. First, you will register an account using either your email address or Facebook profile. From there, you will fill out a single form where you will choose all the details of your subscription. These include:

  • Servings per meal
  • Recipes per week
  • Meal plan
  • First delivery date
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    Shipping address

Next, you will enter your payment information and complete your profile. Your order will arrive on your selected delivery date.

What Makes Sun Basket Unique?

Sun Basket has a particularly diverse array of meal plans and recipes. The eleven different plans include a variety of options to account for both taste and dietary restrictions. Sun Basket creates the latter recipes in collaboration with certified dieticians.

Sun Basket strives to create healthy meals for every meal plan. Each portion is typically between 500-800 calories and features minimal sugars or processed foods. Instead, meals have a balance of whole grains, protein, produce, and healthy unsaturated fats.

In addition to dinner, Sun Basket now features breakfast, lunch, and snack meal plan options as well.


  • Wide variety of meal-plan options
  • Inclusive to those with dietary restrictions
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Each meal designed by an award-winning executive chef in collaboration with certified dietitians
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    Emphasis on healthy eating


  • Costs are closer to meals you would get while eating out than those you buy at a grocery store
  • Strict cancellation policy

Pricing & What’s Included

There are two main payment options available through Sun Basket

Classic Plan

The Classic Plan is the most common and features the most variety. It includes all eleven meal plans at either two or four portions per meal. You can order two, three, or four recipes per week, at the following prices:

  • Two recipes per week: $12.99 per serving. $51.96 total for two-serving meals; $103.92 total for four-serving meals
  • Three recipes per week: $11.99 per serving. $71.94 total for two-serving meals; $143.88 total for four-serving meals
  • Three recipes per week: $11.99 per serving. $71.94 total for two-serving meals; $143.88 total for four-serving meals

Family Plan

The family plan features less variety but more bang for your buck. Only the Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian meal plans are available. These recipes are all designed to be kid-friendly, and all feature four servings per meal. Each family plan meal is valued at $10.99 per serving, no matter how many deliveries you order per week.

  • Two recipes per week: $87.92 total
  • Three recipes per week: $131.88 total
  • Four recipes per week: $175.84 total

Sun Basket Reviews

Sun Basket has an average rating of four out of five stars based on nearly 3,000 reviews on TrustPilot. Sun Basket received relatively few negative reviews, as 91% of the ratings were three stars or above.

Most positive ratings express overwhelming satisfaction with the quality of the recipes and ingredients. Reviewers with dietary restrictions noted that they have a wider variety of options than they tend to get elsewhere.

Produce is reported to be consistently, but not universally fresh. Occasional reviews note that produce was delivered unripe, or worse, spoiled. But most indicate that they received quality, fresh produce.

Most negative reviews are focused primarily on the administrative side. Sun Basket has a strict rule that any changes or cancellations must be made by the Wednesday before your delivery, and reviewers expressed frustration with the inflexibility of this policy. Multiple reviews also noted that changes in address were not properly processed, and deliveries went to their previous home following a move.

Some reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with Sun Basket’s customer service, but others asserted that representatives were easy to contact and to accomodate.

As a whole, the reviews paint a picture of a quality product paired with well-intentioned but inconsistent service.

Here's a video review from Sutton Stops: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions potential subscribers have about Sun Basket:

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Sun Basket offers the ability to pause your subscription if you don’t want to receive deliveries for a temporary period of time. But if you would still like to cancel your subscription, you can do so online through your account on the Sun Basket website. Navigate to the Manage My Subscription page and click Cancel My Subscription.

You will be prompted first with alternative subscription options, and then with a page where you will be asked to provide the reason you decided to cancel. Once you navigate through these pages, you will be asked to click one more time to confirm your cancellation. After this process is complete, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, contact customer service.

Keep in mind all orders must be canceled by noon Wednesday the week before delivery.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach Sun Basket customer service by phone at (855) 204-7597, by text at (408) 669-4101, or through an online chat on their website.

When Does It Ship?

Sun Basket delivers weekly, on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Customers select which day of the week is most convenient for them.

Certain days of the week are not available in all areas of the country.

I Have Food Allergies, is Sun Basket Safe For Me?

Sun Basket recipes are packed in a facility that handles all major food allergens, as well as gluten. Those with food allergies or Celiac disease should not order from Sun Basket.

How Long Will Sun Basket Ingredients Last?

Sun Basket boxes are shipped cold, but recipes should be moved to the refrigerator as soon as they are received.

Some recipes will store longer than others. Seafood recipes should be cooked within three days of delivery. Other meat-based recipes should be cooked within five days of delivery. Vegetarian recipes can last longer, but it’s crucial to check the freshness of your produce intermittently.

Company History

Sun Basket was founded in 2014 in San Francisco by executive chef Justine Kelly and entrepreneur Adam Zbar. Chef Kelly has nearly 30 years of experience as a chef. She has worked at James Beard-award winning restaurants and even appeared on Iron Chef America. She still designs each meal at Sun Basket.

Sun Basket is Zbar’s second startup, having previously designed and founded a successful social analytics platform called Tap11.

Sun Basket strives to promote healthy eating and sustainability and to fight hunger. Each week they donate approximately 1,000 lbs. of food to charities across the country.

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