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Our Home Subscription Box directory will have you feeling cozy whether you live in an apartment, house, or have a roommate setup. Items like kitchen tools, technology, textiles, and even fresh flowers feature in this category.

Wherever and however you live, there’s a subscription box here that will make you feel at home.

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What Are Home Subscription Boxes?

Home subscription boxes aim to create a cozy home environment for subscribers. Boxes come from big brands like Breo Box and Bouqs and feature high-end products that will boost your mood (and your home’s ambiance).

Bouqs, for example, sends you fresh-cut flowers in gorgeous bouquets as frequently as once a week. PINCHme offers free samples for your home without costing a dime. Other home boxes prepare exclusive surprises for subscribers each shipping period, and you never know exactly what will be inside the box. The beauty of Home boxes is you can choose whether you want a surprise or a recurring delivery of your favorite blooms, tools, and more.

Which Box Is Right For Me?

There’s no shortage of excellent Home subscription boxes to suit your lifestyle.

  • Breo Box caters to both men and women and all lifestyles with curated home gadgets, fitness tools, and household goods that offer a thrilling surprise every three months.
  • Bouqs delivers farm-fresh flowers complete with care instructions and flower food so you can enjoy great-smelling blooms as often as every week.
  • PINCHme sends consumers free samples in exchange for your opinions on products. Monthly samples release to members, and exclusive products come up periodically, too.

Are Home Boxes Worth The Money?

Buying home goods can be a struggle, especially when you aren’t sure what to pick. Choosing Home subscription boxes puts the decision-making in an expert’s hands, and they deliver. Pricing is far below retail value for each box, and brands’ guarantees mean you don’t have to worry about paying for something that falls short.