Eco-Friendly Subscription Box Directory

Eco-Friendly subscription boxes feature delicious and sustainable food options, household products, makeup items, and other cruelty-free goods for personal care and beyond.

From vegan to non-toxic products, it’s all here. You can find an Eco-Friendly gift for yourself or others with these environmentally conscious subscription boxes.

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What Are Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes?

Eco-Friendly subscription boxes span food, household goods, beauty, and more. Brands like Love Goodly offer up a range of ladies’ products that are carefully curated to be vegan, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Conscious brands like Purple Carrot and HungryRoot offer subscribers fresh food choices that are as sustainable as they are delicious.  

Each Eco-Friendly box comes with a dose of eco-conscious environmentalism, and, of course, tons of goodies for your medicine drawer, cleaning cabinet, and pantry. Plus, brands like Causebox support charities, so your subscription does more good than helping a business stay in business.

Which Box Is Right For Me?

Whatever your motivation for buying an Eco-Friendly subscription, there’s a package that’s perfect for you.

  • Causebox sends out hand-picked beauty and homeware items that help support charities and artisans all over the globe.
  • Petit Vour sources vegan beauty items according to your customized beauty profile—for gorgeous good looks that don’t hurt bunnies (or any other animal).
  • Purple Carrot goes eco-conscious by sticking to plant-based meals with kits that include pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards—eating well does the earth good, too.
  • Grove Collaborative delivers popular all-natural home products plus beauty and personal care items—and everything is sustainable and cruelty-free. Plus, there’s no monthly minimum or subscription requirement—just reorder whenever you need a refill.

Are Eco-Friendly Boxes Worth The Money?

Shopping for Eco-Friendly goods can get pricey, fast. Fortunately, products that are sustainable, plant-based, and even vegan are now affordable thanks to these Eco-Friendly subscription options.