Sprezza Box Review

SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription box for men who like to dress to impress. An in house expert stylist handpicks men’s fashion and lifestyle accessories every month and they are delivered to your doorstep.


Pricing & What’s Included

This box is for men who want to look their best but don’t want the cost of paying full price for the products to get you the look you want. You will get a $100 retail value in every monthly subscription box and receive 5-6 products. 


1 Month

12 Month







All monthly subscription boxes auto renew every month but can be canceled at any time. If you choose the 12 month option, there is a one time payment for the full amount and will not renew automatically. 

Each box is guaranteed to never have the same item you have previously received so there are never duplicates. However, you will eventually receive the same type of item but in a different pattern or style.

A sample of items included and what you can expect in a box includes:

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    Patterned Tie​​​​
  • check
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    Watch Strap
  • check
    Lapel Pin
  • check
    Funky Socks
  • check
    Simple Brown Leather Wallet

Other Options:

In addition to their monthly subscription boxes, SprezzaBox also has the option to shop their online store to complement your box. The store contains a wide variety of products that also give you a discount like they do in their box. Some of the items you can find in the store as well as their pricing are listed below:


Price Range

Pocket Squares

$12 - $29

Lapel Pins

$10 - $15

Ties & Bowties

$25 - $78

Tie Clips

$18 - $25




$10 - $30

Other Accessories

$5 - $40

If you decide to purchase items through the online store to complement your monthly box, all shipping costs are based on the overall weight of your order and are calculated upon checkout. 

SprezzaBox also has a unique service in their groomsman shop. This includes customized pricing, boxes, and advice for wedding parties of 4 or more.

SprezzaBox Review

SprezzaBox has a 4 out of 5 star rating on ask men. The average 5 star reviews they get are in the quality of products and retail value category.

It appears that the recommendations for the company focus on a variety of topics. A lot of users like the fact that the items are hand selected by stylists every month. Another bonus that customers like is the upfront value for the amount of items you receive. Users also enjoy the fact that they get a lot of coupon codes and offers emailed to them from the company when they are a subscriber.

The reviews also focus on the fact that although the items shipped were standard for men’s boxes, SprezzaBox had a few touches that they added to differentiate themselves from the others. Subscribers enjoyed the lapel pin and geometric tie clips that came with their boxes and the items had a fresh and youthful feel to them.

Some of the negative reviews seemed to focus on the coupons being too limited to just one or two brands as well as the items have a feeling of similarity. There were no negative reviews of anything being wrong with the boxes or items in the box, but if there are, the company has a very strong customer service department that will take care of all of your needs. 

When Does It Ship?

According to the company, all orders will be fulfilled within 1 to 3 business days. The box will typically take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at your doorstep if you are located in the US. Most international packages take 8 to 13 business days but may take longer depending on your country.

Shipping is always free in the US. Canadian customers will be required to pay a $6 dollar shipping fee while all other international customers will be charged $8 to one of the 28 other countries they ship to.

SprezzaBox does not offer any refunds or exchanges on their products at this time. 

What Is The Contact Information for SprezzaBox?

There are two ways to contact customer service:

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    Phone: 855-777-4594
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    Email: support@sprezzabox.com

You can also find this plus more information on the FAQ page of their website. 

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide you no longer what to receive your Sprezzabox, you can easily cancel. There are currently 3 ways you cancel your membership:

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    Through the portal link provided when you subscribed
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    Through the company support desk
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    Through direct email: support@sprezzabox.com

If you forgot your portal link that was provided to you, you can click here to have it sent to you again. 

Company History

SprezzaBox was founded by Philip Sblendorio in May 2014 and have their headquarters based out of New York, NY.. He is a Stony Brook University Alumni with a degree in business. Philip is known to be dedicated, hard working, and incredibly driven. He currently has 2 instagram accounts which account for over 430,000 total followers (@menstailoredfit and @sprezzabox).

Philip created this company by making a decision post mens related content every day to his account and it began to gain traction with his online audience. He liked the idea of being a style aid and is quoted saying that “customers shouldn’t expect anything too daring, since you don’t get to pick and choose”.

SprezzaBox was created to provide an affordable and time saving alternative to traditional shopping. They take the work out of you selecting accessories by allowing their stylists to curate everything for you at a discounted price. 

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