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SinglesSwag is a unique subscription box service designed specifically with single women in mind. Boxes you receive features plenty of wow-worthy goodies, including organic beauty products, books, tasty snacks, fun, trendy fashion accessories, and more. Members can expect significant savings of $20 or more in comparison to retail prices, though the exact cost-value is unclear. There is no specific information highlighting when you will receive your box in comparison to when you start your subscription.


Pricing & What’s Included

The company offers you a few different options when it comes to choosing your preferred subscription. If you are interested in subscribing, you can expect to pay the following for your boxes:



3 Months

6 Months





SinglesSwag Petite




You do not get to pick the products inside your box, but the company believes that the element of surprise is half the fun. Instead, you get to choose between two different box sizes, which includes the standard SinglesSwag box and the SinglesSwag Petite.

The SinglesSwag box comes with five to seven full-size products, which may include books, booze, fashion accessories, beauty products, inspirational quotes, and other goodies that single women might like. The SinglesSwag Petite offers the same products, only instead of five to seven full-size products, you would receive three to four full-size products in each box.

We love the fact that you can choose to pay monthly so you can test out the box, or you can opt to save money for a better value by choosing a three or six month subscription plan. We also enjoy that the box comes with inspirational quotes that help to empower single women.

Other Options

Although receiving something for yourself is always nice, sometimes it is just as nice to give to others. Fortunately, you can do just that. When ordering a box subscription, simply include your recipient’s name and address at checkout. Box prices remain the same as if you were ordering a subscription for yourself.

SinglesSwag Review

SinglesSwag is a relatively new company, so the availability of ratings and reviews from trusted sources seemed somewhat limited. The Better Business Review yielded a rating of NR, which means “No Rating.” Therefore, the company has had neither negative or positive reports to the BBB.

That is not to say that no one is talking about the company and the boxes they offer. In fact, many customers appeared happy with their subscription. Many women reported loving the products they received. They also agreed that they were unable to find many of the products anywhere else.

There were also plenty of women who felt a motivational tug when unboxing their subscription box. The goodies inside and the uplifting quotes left many women feeling good about themselves and looking forward to their next unboxing.

Of course, we do not just focus on the positive. We also like to take a good look at any negative ratings and reviews tied trends in customer dissatisfaction. Although the majority of reviews seemed to praise the company and the contents of the box, there were some customers with complaints.

Some customers reported adverse reactions when using beauty products, especially those with sensitive skin. There were also customers not having the full amount of expected products inside their box, which lead to disappointment. Finally, there were a few reviewers who felt the subscription price was too much in comparison to other subscription box companies.

Fortunately, the company seems quick on their feet when responding to customers in a genuinely caring tone. They appear adamant when it comes to correcting any dissatisfaction by offering to replace products or find other ways to help assist the customer with questions and concerns.

When Does it Ship?

Unfortunately, the company does not offer specific information that highlights when the product ships initially. Based on reports from customers, it would appear they send the box out within a week of your initial subscription sign up. After that the company bills you and ships your subscription on the 15th calendar day of the month. Customers report packages reaching them within five to seven business days after shipping.

The company uses USPS and they do ship internationally. Keep in mind that international orders will take additional time to arrive. Additionally, orders delivered to an APO address will also take longer. When ordering your box, make sure account for additional delivery times if you are ordering from outside the United States.

Customer Service Information

The company welcomes customers with questions or concerns. If you would like to contact the company, you can reach out to them using the following information:

  • check

Currently, email is the only listed way to contact the company. However, the BBB does provide an address:

  • check
    Address: 4275 Thunderbird Lane Fairfield, OH 45014

Make sure you direct all questions and concerns via the email provided as there is no guarantee the company will receive or read inquiries sent via mail. Additionally, an email will provide you the fastest response. Many customers report hearing back from the company within twenty-four hours of sending an email.

How Do I Cancel?

Canceling your subscription with SinglesSwag is easy. To cancel your subscription, make sure you do the following:

  • check
    Contact the company via their customer support email (
  • check
    Make sure you cancel your subscription by the 15th calendar day, which is before your next scheduled delivery

If you do not cancel by the 15th calendar day, the company will stop cancel your next month’s subscription instead.

Company History

Information pertaining to company history seems rather limited. There is no mention of a founding date, though a business profile first appeared on the Better Business Bureau as of October 16, 2017. Based on available information, it appears the company is rather new in comparison to other subscription box companies.

The company prides itself on showing love to single women. They consider single women a unique demographic in need of empowerment, happiness, and plenty of fun products that will help them look and feel beautiful.

Rather than focus on the importance of a relationship, the company believes a woman’s attitude and outlook on life are what define her happiness. For that reason, company workers claim to pour their dedication and love for these women into each monthly package before delivering it to their doorstep.

If you would like to learn more about the types of items you might receive, check out the unboxing video below!

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