Scentbird vs Scentbox: Which is the Better Perfume Subscription?

So, you’ve decided to find your signature scent by exploring the world of perfume subscription boxes? That’s a great decision. However, you still need to choose a service. If you’re like many, your decision will come down to Scentbird vs Scentbox. 

It’s not an easy choice, we know. These two brands have both worked hard to disrupt the fragrance market and offer an adventurous fragrance-testing experience that is unlike anything else.    

Use the information we’ve provided to get the facts about these two perfume subscription boxes. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be able to easily choose the box that fits your unique needs.

scentbird vs scentbox

About Scentbird

Scentbird was hailed as a visionary cologne and perfume subscription service when it came on the scene several years ago striving (in some people’s words) to be the “Netflix of fragrance.” 

Those may have been lofty ambitions, but the company was a hit with fragrance fanatics. They leaned into serving these eager consumers by providing other tools for finding fragrances and interacting with a community. Reviews, forums and other features quickly followed.

The perfume subscription service now ships out samples from top brands like Burberry, Cartier, Glossier, Prada, Versace, and Bulgari. It has strong competitors, but it has managed to stand out with a professional polish and a commitment to sourcing niche fragrances.

Scentbird has a companion service for men’s cologne that features top picks from the previously listed brands as well as dozens of others. 

What's Included (in the $14.95 per month subscription)

Subscriptions include:

  • 8mL of your chosen scent (1/mo)
  • Free refillable bottle with your first order
  • (for cologne orders) a matte-black cologne case with the first month


  • Niche Fragrances: Scentbird got started by catering to some of the fragrance market’s most experimental customers. They keep that tradition alive today by focusing on an interesting stock of niche fragrances.
  • Internal reviews: Want to learn what other people thought of each scent? When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see hundreds of reviews for the most popular fragrances by real members of the community.


  • Fewer fragrances: Though competitor Scentbox doesn’t make claims about providing niche scents, they do claim to provide a larger variety of fragrances than Scentbird.

About Scentbox

Scentbox was founded by two brothers who were passionate about connecting fans to diverse and high-quality fragrance. The two of them set about building one of the largest collections of scents available from any perfume subscription box service.

The perfume subscription service is known for its 850+ scents to choose from, though some of those designer choices are only available with a premium subscription. Even when it comes to the basic service, priced at $14.95 per month, Scentbox offers still advertises a larger selection of fragrances to choose from (550). 

The two founders of Scentbox take a very active role in managing the service’s experience.  Each brother posts tips on how to choose and use fragrances. Each month, they pick a top men’s and women’s scent.

What's Included (in the $14.95 per month subscription)

This comparison is based on the main service provided by each company. However, it’s important to note that Scentbox has two tiers of service if you want to be able to access all the scents. 

The cheaper tier is the same cost as the standard Scentbird service; $14.95 per month. However, Scentbox also offers a premium tier where you’ll get access to the larger collection of designer fragrances for a cost of $19.95 per month. If you choose that tier, you’ll have nearly 900 fragrances to choose from, overall.

The standards service comes complete with the following:

  • 8mL of your chosen fragrance (1/mo)
  • An attractive travel spray bottle & keepsake box (with first order)


  • The most fragrances overall: If you know you’re going to experiment with a lot of fragrances, Scentbox has the largest pool. You have years of different scents to explore.
  • Complex scent notes and tags: A large collection requires the tools to sort through it. Scentbox provides detailed notes on the parts that make up each fragrance. This allows you to more effectively find the ones you like best.


  • Restricted selections: If you want all the fragrances that are available on Scentbox, you’ll need to pay for the service first.

Pricing Comparison

The competition over price seems to be a major factor in the fight between Scentbird and Scent box. While both have settled on the same price for their standard service, there are many ways for fragrance fanatics to save big.

First, both services offer discounts to first time users. If you’re eligible, you’ll get your first month of Scentbird for $11.21. Scentbox is currently offering a deal where first-time users only pay $9.72 for the first month.  

Both services have premium tiers, but there’s an important difference. Premium Scentbird subscription tiers allow you to access more and more deliveries every month. Premium Scentbox tiers are necessary to access the full list of products.

The advantage goes to neither. This one really comes down to a tie. While Scentbox offers some small savings over Scentbird for the first month, both services charge the same fee over the following months for the standard service.

Quality Comparison

Both services score well when it comes to quality. The fragrances are sourced from some awesome brands, and both services deliver new fragrances in sturdy, attractive little application bottles. 

It’s important to note that your experience may come down to your prior expertise. If you know what brands/fragrances you’re looking for, you can send some of the best selections in the world to your door. Scentbox has a bit of an advantage here because the premium service has some top brand scents that aren’t carried by Scentbird at all. 

However, both services are at least a little guilty of padding their numbers with fragrances that don’t belong in a well-built list. You could end up living through a month of boring or annoying scents if you aren’t careful what you pick. 

The advantage goes to Scentbox. If you want the highest quality scents, Scentbox can help. It loses a few points for putting these scents behind a premium tier, but it is the only option between the two companies if you want to access them at all.  

Overall Experience Comparison

Both services offer a polished experience that starts with the website. Each website features an attractive layout that makes it easy to find more information. 

Making your first order isn’t a problem for either service. You’ll find the order button right near the top of the page in either case. With Scentbird, you take a quiz to find favorites or make a list. After you make a list of your favorite fragrances, and that becomes the order that new fragrances are sent to you. 

With Scentbox, your order process starts with the choice of the tier. After that (depending on your choice), you can browse from either the general or the premium list of fragrances. 

As we covered in earlier sections, both companies score top marks when it comes to selection. Scentbird has those niche and indie fragrances, but Scentbox has the top-shelf choices for the extra price.

When the items were ordered on the same day, Scentbox’s box arrived first by a few days. This may point to a faster shipping process, but it may also depend on where you live.

Both customer service departments were prompt when emailed with a few basic questions about the order. Scentbird replied the same day, while Scentbox sent a response the following day. 

The advantage goes to neither. The monthly shipping model is a fairly simple process and both of these companies have figured out how to do it without putting frustrating obstacles in the way of their customers.

Scentbird vs Scentbox: Which is Better?

Who is the winner? Who takes the crown in the fight between Scentbird vs Scentbox? It’s just not clear that there’s a reason for someone—in all cases—to choose one over the other. Instead, the following four cases make one or the other a superior choice. 

If you’re a beginner, choose Scentbird. The world of fragrances is huge, and Scentbird’s quizzes and reviews will help you make smarter first choices.

If you want indie fragrances, choose Scentbird: This service’s special relationship with boutique and experimental fragrance houses is well-known. They are an excellent source for fragrances that aren’t from top brands, but are in-demand or trendy.  

If you’re serious about your scent, choose Scentbox. The detailed notes that Scentbox provides for each fragrance is a powerful tool for someone who has a real nose for luxury scents.

If you need premium designer scents, choose Scentbox. If you want the most high-end designer fragrances that arrive by mail, this is it. If you demand luxury, you’re probably also used to paying the extra that this service charges for that tier.  

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