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RescueBox is a monthly pet subscription box for cats and dogs. Each delivery contains toys, treats, and accessories. Subscribers can expect to save nearly 50 percent off retail value. Initial deliveries ship within a few days and regular monthly subscriptions arrive around the 21st of each month.


How It Works

RescueBox offers boxes for all sizes of dogs plus cats. Each box includes premium pet products, toys, and treats, and every month’s pet subscription box ensures a donation to shelter pets in need. Not only do you receive products for your pet, but your subscription is a direct donation to the company so that they can provide vaccinations and food for shelter animals.

Rather than the focus of the subscription being what’s in the box, the company concentrates on showing subscribers how their contributions make a difference. For example, each subscription option details how much food and vaccine assistance shelters will get thanks to your order.

Every first-time subscriber will receive a welcome box, but subsequent boxes vary in their contents. While the company notes that every box contains toys, treats, and accessories, they do not state how many items there in each box.

Often, boxes wind up including a gift for pet parents, too, but there’s no set standard for what will arrive.

 To sign up for a subscription, you’ll need to click “Get Started” from the top of any page on the website. Then, you’ll select the type of pet you have. There are four options for subscription boxes:
  • Small Dog (Under 20 Pounds)
  • Medium Dog (20 to 50 Pounds)
  • Large Dog (Over 50 Pounds)
  • check
    All Cats

Once you click on the type of box you need, you’ll see options for different subscription lengths. Choose a monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months subscription.

You can also order a gift subscription by selecting “Give a Gift” from the top of any page on the website. The same duration options apply for both regular and gift subscriptions.

After selecting a subscription length and verifying the details, you will click “Check Out” and complete your registration for the site. Once you create a login for the site, you’ll be able to enter your billing information and complete the order.

What Makes RescueBox Unique?

RescueBox is unique because of its focus on charitable acts. Unlike other for-profit companies that are selling toys, treats, and other pet products, this company is essentially selling a donation with additional perks.

The company does not disclose specifically what is in each monthly delivery, and there is no store option to purchase past boxes. Therefore, the focus remains on the amount of the subscription and its equivalent donation to shelters in need.

However, the company does source its treats and products carefully, only using US, Canada, and South American made products. They do not source any items from China, per their FAQ section.

What We Like

  • Every box donates to pets in need
  • All boxes cost the same regardless of pet size or type
  • Most items sourced from the US, Canada, and South America
  • check
    Free shipping
  • check
    Gift options available

What Could Be Better

  • No box customization options
  • No specific descriptions of what is in each box
  • Separate sales tax in certain states
  • check
    Gift subscriptions have a higher monthly cost than regular subscriptions

Pricing & What’s Included

There is only one type of subscription box available whether you have a large or small dog or a cat. Of course, the dog and cat boxes contain different items, but the pricing is the same for every option. Here are the available subscription options.

Regular Pricing

  • 1 Month: $29.95 per box
  • 3 Months: $27.95 per box 
  • 6 Months: $25.45 per box 
  • check
    12 Months:  $23.45 per box

Gift Pricing

  • 1 Month: $34.95 per box
  • 3 Months: $31.95 per box 
  • 6 Months: $28.95 per box 
  • check
    12 Months: $24.95 per box 

The company will donate between 2 and 24 vaccinations, as well as between 5lbs and 60lbs of food for each subscription purchased depending on the length chosen. 

RescueBox Reviews

Because the company has a Facebook page, RescueBox reviews are fairly easy to come by. Overall, they earn a 4.5 rating out of 5 thanks to 45 reviews.

Overall, subscribers rate the quality of each box’s items very highly. In addition to toys and treats that pets like, packages often include items for humans, too. While the same items arrive in each of the sized boxes, that’s to be expected, according to customers.

Many subscribers appreciate the fact that their purchases provide help for shelter animals, and many say that this as a key reason for choosing this company over other similar ones.

The few negative RescueBox reviews were related to disappointment over the quality of the items in the box and billing concerns. While many subscribers think the value of the box is great, others think it’s a bit expensive for what they receive.

Some complaints about billing arose, but that because the company auto-renews all subscriptions, a common practice for subscription boxes in general. Still, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive: both subscribers and their pets are happy with the items they received.

Here is a unboxing review video from the Subscription Sisters: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Rescue Box.

When Does It Ship?

For your first box, shipping occurs within a few days. For regular subscriptions, deliveries go out around the 16th of each month and can take around five to seven days to arrive at your door.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach customer service via a contact form on their website or by phone at 1-800-398-6081.

What Charities Does Rescue Box Support?

The company works with to help people, pets, and the planet through a long list of charity partners. The brand is part of the GreaterGood “umbrella” of charitable organizations.

For every month subscription, RescueBox donates five pounds of food and two vaccinations to shelter pets. Their assistance covers more than just cats and dogs, too, helping animals like horses and other pets.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

If you decide you no longer want to receive a subscription, you can log in to your account and cancel it. However, keep in mind that all subscriptions auto-renew, so you’ll need to cancel before the 12th of the month to avoid being billed for the renewal.

Can I Return An Item If My Pet Doesn’t Like It?

The company does not accept full or partial refunds, and they don’t accept returned items. However, you can contact them with concerns about damaged products or any related issues.

Company History

The New York-based subscription box service is part of the greater FamilyPet network, which is also based in New York. Along with RescueBox, they also operate E-commerce, media and publishing, and Lead Generation pet companies.

As mentioned, GreaterGood is the overall “umbrella” under which FamilyPet and its subsidiaries function. GreaterGood began in 1999 with the inspiration to help provide support for all kinds of worthy causes- not just pets!

However, the company places great importance on furry family members, along with helping to address world hunger, health concerns, and environmental programs. The Executive Director, Liz Baker, even reaches out to rescue organizations personally to try and save animals, among other humane acts.

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