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Pura Vida Bracelets is a monthly subscription for fashion accessory enthusiasts who are interested in helping provide sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide while raising awareness for charities with products that give back. Each Monthly Club package includes three exclusive, artisan-crafted bracelets. Club Members are promised a $50 value with savings of 40% to up to 75% off retail prices. Packages arrive at members’ homes around the 15th of each month.


Pricing & What’s Included

Pura Vida Bracelets Box Monthly Club is available as a monthly subscription and payable either monthly or on an annual basis. Shipping is free with all U.S. orders. $5 per month for international shipping.

Subscription Type




$14.95 / month



$150.00 / year

2 Months Free

How are the bracelets selected?

Each month the Pura Vida Bracelets Box team of Instagram influencers and fashion stylists pick out the top trading designs and styles. The idea is to keep Monthly Club members stay ahead of the trends and mix it up with a new pack that will surprise subscribers each month.

Why Charities?

Pura Vida Bracelets is a unique and growing collection of bracelets, rings anklets and other personal fashion accessories. As a Monthly Club member your purchases of products from Pura Vida Bracelets, help support over 200 individual artisans with full-time work while also sponsoring specific charities like Cancer Awareness, Enviro-Causes, Memorials, Service and Military causes which are designed into many of the products.

Pura Vida Bracelets Review

Most members have positive comments about their experience with Pura Vida Bracelets Box the quality of their various products. 

Some of the reviewers mentioned concerns that certain bracket styles or colors were not favored. These can be seen as a personal preference issue. And those sorts of complaints that ring true with any product that is worn, especially an accessory item.

Also, some members mentioned were occasional complications with returns and follow-up communications. 

But overall members seem to enjoy the experience Pura Vida Bracelets Box provides. One commented that the club is like having Christmas every month.Another member shared her story by saying her grandmother passed away from leukemia two years ago, and how she loved being able to wear a Pura Vida bracelet in honor of her.

Other comments reflected on how members were amazed on the quality of the product for such a low price. 

Reviews mention there is also a fair amount of exchanges between members and others. Comments like this were not uncommon, I got one from a friend in May---loved it so much, she gave me another last week! So, I decided to return the favor & send this one to her.

Even other reviewers said their Pura Vida products have taken the dishwater, showers, dog baths & gardening very well!

When Does It Ship?

Your initial order will ship out within 4-5 days of joining the Pura Vida Bracelets Box Monthly Cub. After that, expect the package to arrive around the 15th of each month.

The customer support team at Pura Vida Bracelets Box with members via email. And service question or request can be made here.

How Do I Cancel?

Members may cancel anytime. Pura Vida Bracelets Box promises no questions asked. Just use this link to make your cancellation request. Put Cancellation Request in the subject line and include your account information in the email.

Company History

Started after a trip to Costa Rica where two Southern California friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman began to understand and appreciate the simple lifestyle of the people they encountered.

Griffin and Paul crossed paths with two bracelet artisans named and the beauty and uniqueness of the colorful handmade bracelets. They also couldn’t help but notice the poverty, so many of these skilled craftspeople lived in. They slept with their family in a single, cramped room with three beds. 

On a whim, Griffin and Paul asked two artisans to make 400 bracelets to take home with them. Upon returning home to San Diego, California, Griffin, and Paul placed the bracelets in a bowl at a local boutique. Within days the bracelets sold out, and everyone was asking for more. 

Griffin and Paul soon recognized the significance of these simple string bracelets and partnered with several local Costa Rican artisans. Today, the bracelets are worn by millions of people around the world and their artisan community has expanded from Costa Rica to El Salvador, India, and more. 

Now 200+ artisans can depend on steady income in positive working environments, thanks to the support of Pura Vida Bracelets customers. The bracelets continue to serve as a tangible reminder to slow down and live in the moment.

“Pura Vida” means “pure life” in Spanish, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Slowing things down, celebrating good fortune, and refusing to take anything for granted embodies this laid-back lifestyle. “Pura Vida” means living life to the fullest. It’s more than just a saying... it’s a lifestyle.

Artisans around the world carefully handcraft every Pura Vida product. The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work. The artisan’s dedication to the “Pura Vida” way of life is demonstrated in the seemingly endless color combinations and innovative styles. Each bracelet is as unique as the person wearing it, in hopes of spreading the “Pura Vida” spirit with others.

Since its inception, Pura Vida Bracelets has contributed to 174 different charities around the world with overall donations exceeding $1,440,822 to those causes.

This video tells about Pura Vida’s mission-driven business to help small artisans create global sales to sustain and better their lives.

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