PupJoy Review - Monthly Dog Treats, Toys & Food Subscription Box


PupJoy is a dog subscription box that customizes treat and toy packages for its canine audience (and their pet parents). Each monthly delivery contains treats, artisan-quality toys, and a chew toy, with an upgrade option with additional items. Subscribers can expect to save half of the retail value of these items. Initial boxes ship within one business day and subsequent orders arrive on the anniversary date each month after that.


How It Works

This animal subscription box is for dogs only, unlike other companies that offer multiple types of pet treats and toys. But in addition to focusing on dogs only, the brand customizes each subscriber’s deliveries to their pet’s needs and preferences.

You can custom-tailor your subscription contents as well as your delivery schedule. You’ll receive limited-ingredient treats, artisan-quality toys, and an all-natural chew with each delivery. Additional options include more treats and chews, or you can opt for a toy-only or allergy-friendly package.

To subscribe, click on “GET STARTED” on the homepage of the company’s website. Then, select a box type from the dropdown menu, either PupJoy Box or Power Chewers Box.

The standard box contains toys, treats, and chews in two size options. The Power Chewers option includes heartier options, including ultra-durable toys, that your super chewer will have a harder time destroying.

Once you choose the box type, click on “BUILD YOUR BOX” to continue to subscribe. Follow the same process for gift subscriptions, too; you can select “This is a gift” at checkout and enter the recipient’s information.

On the following page, you have multiple customization options , including:

Regular Options

  • Contents: Treats, Toys, & Chews, Toys Only, Treats & Chews
  • Type of treats: All-Natural, Organic, Grain Free, or Protein Sensitive
  • Type of toys: Variety or Plush
  • check
    Size of box: Uno (five items) or Grande (seven items)
  • check
    Dog size: Tea Cup, Small, Medium, Large, or Huuuge
  • check
    Delivery option: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
  • check
    Number of boxes: 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months

Power Chewer Options

  • Contents: Treats & Toys, Toys Only (or treats-only)
  • Type of treats: All-Natural, Organic, Grain Free, or Protein Sensitive
  • Dog size: Tea Cup, Small, Medium, Large, or Huuuge
  • check
    Delivery option: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
  • check
    Number of boxes: 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months

Once you enter your preferences for each section, click “CONTINUE” to proceed. This takes you to another page where you can add the names, ages, and genders of your dog(s). Continue to add as many pets as you like, then click “CONTINUE” to navigate to the final page.

This final screen displays your order summary and requests your shipping information, and billing information. If you are ordering a gift, be sure to check the “This is a gift” box below the shipping information field.

Once you are finished, click “Checkout” to complete your subscription. Your order will ship within the next business day!

What Makes PupJoy Unique?

PupJoy is ideal for pets with allergies or super chewing abilities. The company’s product review process highlights how many options are available with this company, no matter the size, age, chewing ability, or food sensitivities of your pet.

The fact that they offer no-hassle guarantees is also helpful; whether your dog does not like a particular treat, ruined a toy immediately, or something arrived defective, the company will handle it free of charge. Subscribers don’t even pay return shipping to exchange or replace items.

What We Like

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Customization for allergies and preferences
  • PupPoints rewards program
  • check
    Can text message customer service
  • check
    Free shipping within the US

What Could Be Better

  • Shipping to Canada is $5
  • Some standard box items are smaller than average

Pricing & What’s Included

PupJoy caters to all dogs, no matter their age, size, chewing ability, or food sensitivity or allergy. Plus, the company allows pet owners to customize their delivery schedules for convenience. You can also save money by subscribing for multiple months at one time. 

Standard Box

Standard boxes have two tiers: Uno and Grande. Uno boxes contain five items customized to your preference, whether a selection of treats and chews, toys only, or a combination of treats, toys, and chews.

You can opt for either a variety of toys or strictly plush ones, plus select the allergy status of your pet to customize the treat ingredients.

The Uno option costs $29 and the Grande option costs $39.

Power Chewers

This box is for dogs with a tendency to destroy regular toys and chew more than usual. Each Power Chewer box contains five items, either treats and toys, toys only, or treats only.

You can customize the allergy-friendly status of the box, enter your pet’s size, and customize delivery timing and the subscription length.

This option can be purchased for $39. 

PupJoy Reviews

Overall, PupJoy reviews on Trustpilot give the company a rating of “excellent.” There are under 30 reviews at the moment, but most were exceedingly positive.

Consumers appreciate the timeliness of the initial order, the variety in each dog subscription box, and the quality of the items. Many reviews also touched on the high responsiveness of the customer service personnel, along with the ease of customizing each order for their pup’s needs.

A handful of less-than-five-star PupJoy review responses note that many of the standard toys were not as durable as they’d hoped. However, there is a power chewer option the consumer may not have been aware of.

In general, subscribers appear to be supremely satisfied with their boxes.

PupJoy currently has a 4.9 out of 5 rating via verified Stamped reviews. There is no review that is less than 4 stars. The general feedback is similar to what is found on Trustpilot; the customers love this box!

If you head over to the reviews section of their website you will see every review that a customer has left regarding their boxes.  

Here's a cool unboxing review of a recent delivery by Crazy Erin! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the company.

When Does It Ship?

Initial orders ship within one business day, and subsequent orders arrive on the “anniversary” of your order date each month. However, you can also adjust your shipping schedule from your account dashboard or by contacting customer service.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, just log in to your account dashboard to make your desired subscription changes.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach the company’s customer service via email at support@pupjoy.com.

What Are My Options If My Dog Has Allergies?

The company has an exceptional range of options for dogs with allergies. You can choose from a toy-only option, organic treats, all-natural treats, grain free foods, or protein sensitive edibles.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like An Item?

If your dog doesn’t like a treat from the box, you can contact the company and they’ll come up with a solution. This is part of the brand’s 100% Satisfaction policy, which also includes replacing items that are defective at no cost to the consumer.

Company History

Co-founder and CEO of the company Dustin McAdams is an Illinois native that makes pet ownership the center of everything he does. He has an MBA from Bradley University and has worked with many marketing and technology companies, plus notable brands, but now focuses on pet ownership in his career.

Co-founder Bill Wilkins also participates in the day-to-day running of the company, even answering customer inquiries and assisting with customer service. The duo wanted to give pups the same joy they give their owners, and thus the company was born.

Each purchase helps support a good cause, and the Chicago-based business aims to make an immediate impact in its community.

PupJoy is a business that prides itself on offering something for every dog. Check out the video below for a video from the brand themselves that showcases some of their products (and pets!).

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