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Pupjoy is a subscription box service that pet lovers can customize for their dogs. Boxes feature plenty of wag-worthy goodies, such as dog treats, chews, and toys for dogs of varying sizes. Members who purchase a subscription box can expect savings of $20 or more in comparison to retail prices. The company ships your box within one business day of placing your order, which means you do not have to wait a month like you would with other subscription box companies.


Pricing & What’s Included

The company offers different options when it comes to selecting your subscription box. For the standard PupJoy Box and Puppy Chewers Box, you can expect the following prices:

Number of Boxes




1 Box

$39 per box (renewal every month)

$39 per box (renewal every other month)

$39 per box (renewal every quarter)

2 Boxes

(Not available)

(Not available)

$37 per box for a total of $74.00 (renewal every 6 months)

3 Boxes

$37 per box for a total of $111.00 (renewal every 3 months)

$37 per box for a total of $111.00 (renewal every 6 months)

(Not available)

4 Boxes

(Not available)

(Not available)

$35 per box for a total of $140.00 (renewal every 12 months)

6 Boxes

$35 per box for a total of $210.00 (renewal every 6 months)

$35 per box for a total cost of $210.00 (renewal every 12 months)

(Not available)

12 Boxes

$33 per box for a total of $396.00 (renewal every 12 months)

(Not available)

(Not available)

With a standard box, you have different options, too. For instance, you can choose if you want treats, toys, or treats and toys. You may also select the kind of treats you prefer, which includes:

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    Protein sensitive

Pet lovers can also customize the type of toys they prefer with two options, including variety and plush. You will have different sizing options, including Uno and Grande. The Uno size includes 4 to 5 items, and is perfect for one dog. If you have two dogs, you may prefer the Grande box, which has 5-7 items. You must also select the size of your dog, which ranges from teacup (under 10 lbs) to “Huuuge” (over 100 lbs).

Although the PuppyJoy and Puppy Chewers Boxes are both the same price, they both have different options. With the Puppy Chewers Box, you do not have the option of picking your preferred toys, but you can still select your treat preferences. Also, there is no Uno and Grande size. Finally, The Puppy Chewers Box comes with treats and toys or toys only. There is no treats only option.

We really like that dog lovers have so many options to choose what they feel is best for their dog. We also enjoy that there are different subscription options for people working with different budgets.

Other Options

Sometimes it is better to give gifts to others rather than to receive. The company gives you the option of gifting others with subscription box plans, holiday boxes, or even items from the shop. Gift options include:

  • check
    Holiday box - Contains 8 of the company’s most popular holiday-themed treats ($55)
  • check
    Holiday box with leash - Contains 9 holiday-themed items, which includes the Perfect Leash from Atlas Pet Co. (Currently Sold Out)
  • check
    PupJoy box(es) - Different boxes for dogs of varying sizes, which includes 5-7 handpicked treats and chews (starts at $29)
  • check
    Power Chewers Box(es) - Different boxes for dogs who love to chew, which includes 5-7 handpicked powerful dog toys and treats (starts at $39)

If you would rather not purchase a box, but you see an individual item you like, you can always purchase it through the shop. The shop offers everything from treats to toys for your pup to enjoy.

PupJoy Review

PupJoy currently has a rating of 9.0 out of 10 on TrustPilot. On a 5-star rating scale, the company boasts five stars based on twenty-eight customer reviews.

The majority of online reviews seem filled with customer satisfaction and recommendations for others to sign up. Customers appear to prefer the company’s quick and easy ordering, fast shipping, and the quality of their products.

Many customers reported on the high quality of the chews, treats, and toys found in the box. Even the packaging of the box seemed a nice surprise for many of the reviewers, and at a price they felt was affordable.

Overall, the company cares about their customers as they are quick to respond to any concerns or questions customers have. Customers enjoy the service, as do the many dogs who have come to recognize the delivery of their box of treats.

We like to address any negative reviews, or reviews with low ratings, too. Although the number of negative reviews and low ratings were limited, those that did appear seemed to question the size and quality of the products, though PupJoy appeared to respond to customer concerns in an attempt to correct any problems that existed.

When Does it Ship?

PupJoy ships the first box you order within one business day, which is great news for customers wanting to test the quality of their subscription. They offer risk-free, no strings attached ordering, which means customers can skip their next renewal if they prefer. 

The company ships boxes within the U.S. and Canada. As an added bonus, residents of the U.S. and all foreign and military service men and women receive free shipping. Residents of Canada pay a flat rate of $5 for shipping charges.

Customer Service Information

Customers with questions, concerns, or suggestions can reach out to customer service can reach out via phone, text, email, or even by writing a letter:

  • check
    Phone (for calls or texts): 844-4PUPJOY (844-478-7569)
  • check
    Email: support@pupjoy.com
  • check
    Address: PupJoy 1035 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL 60607

Make sure you also check out their FAQ page for answers to any questions you might have.

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide the subscription boxes are no longer right for you, you can cancel using the company’s risk-free cancellation option.

The cancellation process is as follows:

  • check
    Login to your account and go to your account page (found in the upper right hand corner of the page)
  • check
    Edit or cancel your subscription using the cancel or skip next renewal option

If you already paid the full amount of a subscription term and you cancel before the term ends, you will still receive your boxes for that term. Once the subscription term ends, you will stop receiving boxes as per the cancellation request.

Company History

Located in Chicago, IL, PupJoy is the brainchild of Dustin McAdams and Bill Wilkins. They launched the company with the visualization of providing products for busy dog owner wanting to provide their furry four-legged family members with healthy treats and quality, long-lasting toys.

The goal of their company is to eliminate the need for busy pet owners to run to the store and scour through the shelves for that perfect treat or toy for their dog. All good dog parents want the best for their pets, which means searching through product reviews to find just the right item or treat.

Thanks to carefully selected products that are natural and deemed safe for your pup, it takes the legwork out of those harrowing shopping experiences. Every box contains carefully selected items specifically for your dog based on size and behavior (average pup or intense chewer).

Both Dustin and Bill partner with various manufacturers to keep costs low while maintaining the quality of the products they choose. They also use part of the money received from box orders to fund a charitable donation, BISSELL Pet Foundation, geared toward helping shelters and rescues.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of the kind of products PupJoy provides for your beloved pet.

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