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Pretty Litter is a cat litter delivery company that offers only health-indicating kitty litter in each shipment. Subscribers receive enough litter to cover all their cats for an entire month. Subscribers with multiple cats can expect to save up to sixty percent off retail cat litter costs each month. Shipments arrive according to your subscription preference each month.


How It Works

This subscription box involves monthly deliveries of cat litter to your door. It’s for cat owners with one or multiple cats who want an easier and healthier way to take care of their pets’ litter boxes. Each four-pound bag of cat litter lasts one month in a single cat box, tiding you over until the next month’s shipment.

To sign up, click on “GET STARTED” anywhere on the website. First, you’ll choose how many cats you have: one cat, two cats, or three or more cats. If you have more than three cats, select the three cat option, then click below where it notes “More than Four Cats? Click here.” and select how many cats you have on the dropdown menu.

The following screen will summarize your order and require you to confirm that you’re ready to check out.

Click on “I’M READY TO CHECK OUT” to navigate to the next screen, where you’ll enter your shipping information. Then, select “Continue” to move on to the payment page to complete your order.

What Makes Pretty Litter Unique?

PrettyLitter is not your typical animal subscription box. It may only include a bag of kitty litter, but every monthly delivery has the potential to help your cat’s health and make pet ownership more convenient and enjoyable. It claims to be low-dust, clump-free, and low odor so that you can spend more time enjoying your cats and less time taking care of their potty boxes.

The cat litter the company created can also detect potential illnesses in your cats. For example, the litter will turn blue or green if your cat has a high urinary pH, which may mean a certain type of urinary infection. The litter’s color can also indicate the presence of blood or acid, both of which can signal that your cat needs to see a vet.

And if you don’t like it? There’s a 30 day guarantee, so if you’re dissatisfied, the company will try to make things right.

What We Like

  • Indicates potential infection in cats
  • One bag lasts an entire month
  • No extra shipping charges in the contiguous US
  • check
    Sourced from naturally occurring minerals
  • check
    No added fragrances
  • check
    30-day guarantee

What Could Be Better

  • International shipping is extra
  • Additional shipping charges in Hawaii and Alaska
  • Cat litter only, no treats or accessories

Pricing & What’s Included

Because the company only offers cat litter deliveries, the subscription terms are fairly straightforward. Based on your selection of one, two, or more cats, the order page will populate your options.

One Cat

  • Single 4lb Bag of Cat Litter
  • $21.00 Per Month

Two Cats

  • Two 4lb Bags of Cat Litter
  • $39.00 Per Month

Three+ Cats

  • Three 4lb Bags of Cat Litter
  • Fourth Bag is Free
  • $68.00 Per Month

If you have more than four cats, there is an option to select how many cats in your household via a dropdown menu. Note that this option is only available via the “Three or more cats” subscription screen.

You can include up to “Eleven or more” cats for bulk ordering, rescues, fosters, and shelters as necessary. Further discounts do apply for larger orders.

Pretty Litter Reviews

When it comes to a comprehensive Pretty Litter review, there are almost no negative elements to the brand or the subscription process. On Highya, the company earns nearly an average score of 4.5 out of five stars thanks to over 230 consumer reviews.

The majority of the review comments appreciate the ease of use with the product, including the lack of odor even after kitties are in the cat box doing their business. Also, some users report effective color-changing indication that helped them get their pets to the vet sooner than they would have otherwise.

A few PrettyLitter reviews note that their shipments included surprise toys or other items for their cats. This is an added perk since officially, the company only provides cat litter subscriptions, not toys or treats.

The few negative comments from subscribers are in regard to the dust the litter creates, although the company claims it’s a low-dust option. Some subscribers were also unhappy with the odor prevention of this litter and noted that they had to change their cats’ boxes sooner than they had with other types of litter.

Since the litter is very lightweight, many reviewers noted that it created more mess thanks to the formula sticking to their cats’ paws. In general, however, the other benefits of the product seemed to outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Here's a recent video review from Gaby The Tabby:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the company.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach the company  via email at 

When Does It Ship?

You can customize your shipping preferences to suit your schedule, but initial shipments as soon as you place your order. 

Is This Cat Litter Safe?

According to the company, its formula was created by a team of veterinarians and scientists. It contains ingredients that help detect possible illness in our cats and it also does not pose any risk to cats who may nibble on it.

What Ingredients Are Used in PrettyLitter?

The ingredients in this litter are silica gel plus a formulation of indicators to trigger chemical reactions that make the litter change colors. The silica gels contain sodium silicate that the company sources from select minerals while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

What Does Normal PrettyLitter Look Like?

Some variation in color in the product is normal. New, unopened product may be light yellow or even tinged green upon the first use. When cats are using the litter in their boxes, normal urine will produce a dark yellow to olive green color in the crystals.

Company History

Pretty Litter was originally created due to one of the co-founder’s cats passing away from an unexpected illness. Co-founder and CEO Daniel Rotman lost his cat, Gingi, after she fell ill but he didn’t realize until it was too late.

Along with Product Advisor Carly Martinetti and Veterinarian in Chief Dr. Geoff DeWire, Daniel created a cat litter that would help notify pet owners to potential illnesses in their cats. After all, most felines won’t reveal to their owners that anything is wrong until they’re too sick or in too much pain to hide it anymore.

The chemical-detecting cat litter can tell pet owners when their cats may be harboring an illness, meaning they’ll get to the vet sooner than if pet parents used another type of kitty litter.

See the video below for a demonstration from Daniel Rotman himself. He shows how to fill your cat’s litter box properly and explains the cleaning and maintenance process.

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