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plated review

Plated is a weekly meal kit service that allows you to choose from a selection of recipes and even includes an option for dessert. Each kit includes hand-packed, pre-portioned ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipe complete with a picture of the finished meal. Plans start at $9.95 per serving depending on the number of servings per night, and there are discounts for new subscribers. Boxes are delivered by 8 pm on your scheduled delivery day, and they are insulated to keep your food fresh until midnight.


How It Works

If you’re looking to mix up your meals without heading to a restaurant, Plated is a great option with many meal choices, decent pricing, and excellent ingredients. Though you may not want to make a habit of spending $10 to $12 per person per meal, it’s cheaper and more intimate than a night out. With meals like Smoked Salmon Pizza or Steak and Kimchi Quesadillas, you’ll look and feel like a professional chef in the comfort of your own home!

To get started, you’ll need to create an account with your email, a password, and your zip code. Next, you’ll be asked to choose the type of meal you’d like (different meats, fish, or vegetarian) along with how many servings and how many nights per week. Finally, you pick your delivery date and checkout.

There are there different choices for serving size – two, three, or four per night. You can purchase two, three, or four meals per week. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you can even add on a dessert.

When your box arrives, it will include the recipe with complete, step-by-step instructions and all of the ingredients you’ll need. Recipes contain estimated prep time and nutritional information. All of the ingredients are pre-portioned to match what you need to prepare the meal. The only items not included are oils, salt, pepper, and cookware. 

What Makes Plated Unique?

This meal kit service stands out from the rest because of the dessert option. You don’t have to add on a dessert, but wouldn’t you love some Apple Upside-Down Cake with Honey Caramel after a special dinner? More than that, you can add on side dishes, appetizers, or brunch to round out your meal kit for the week. You can mix and match your meals for thousands of combinations.

When selecting meals for the week, you can filter options to help narrow down your choices. Filters include things like “stovetop only” and “low carb.” You can then view available meal selections to see descriptions of each dish, estimated prep time, nutritional information, the ingredients included in the kit, ingredients you’ll need to provide (usually oils, salt, and pepper), and the cookware required. Recipes are also labeled with skill levels, so beginners can avoid complicated dishes and more experienced cooks can select more challenging meals.

Quality meals require more than a good recipe. You’ll get ingredients that are fresh and seasonal, organic whenever possible, and sustainably sourced. The poultry and pork are raised without antibiotics and cows raised without added hormones.

If you’re looking for a meal kit service with multiple options, this may be the best. Aside from having more menu choices, they offer more variations in serving sizes and delivery dates.


  • Desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth
  • Many options including fish and vegetarian-based dishes
  • Add-ons include appetizers, side dishes, and brunch options
  • check
    Quality ingredients
  • check
    Flexible scheduling including the option to skip weeks


  • Instructions aren’t always easy for newbie cooks
  • Listing expiration dates on the ingredients would be beneficial
  • Suggestions for wine pairings would be nice

Pricing & What’s Included

This meal kit is perfect for busy foodies who love to cook but lack time to commit to planning, shopping, and prepping. Plated gives you the opportunity to play chef and enjoy a gourmet meal without setting foot outside. You can even cook and eat in your pajamas if you like! Consider this a fun alternative for date night, an opportunity to experiment, or a more straightforward way to cook and eat well without the hassle.

Each box includes the ingredients in the exact amounts you’ll need. You’ll also receive a recipe card with step-by-step instructions, photographs of individual steps, and a photograph of the finished meal. You can also retrieve recipes by logging into your account.

2 Servings

  • The price per serving is $11.95, with the weekly pricing starting at $47.80.

3 Servings

  • Price per serving is $9.95, and weekly pricing starts at $59.70.

4 Servings

  • Per serving pricing is also $9.95, so the weekly price starts at $79.60.

Plated Reviews

On Yelp, Plated averaged a 2.5 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews. The primary complaint was the delivery of rotten produce and missing ingredients. Favorable reviewers on Yelp noted that it’s a better option than other services because of the portion sizes and number of choices available.

The meal kits fared better on TrustPilot and Influenster with an average of 4 stars out of 5. There were far more positive reviews, many from long-time subscribers who comment on the ease of preparation, quality of ingredients, and tastiness of meals. Many reviewers comment on the variety, ability to customize your deliveries, and the helpfulness of the Plated app.

Most of the unfavorable reviews noted problems with spoiled food. Other complaints were directed toward the expense in comparison to other options, especially for families. Some reviewers commented on the number of dishes needed to prepare a meal.

Here's a video review from The Knotty Thyme: 

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you’ve still got questions, we’ve got answers to some of the most common ones.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription via your Account page.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach them online through the chat on their website, email them at, or call 855-525-2399. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 am Eastern Standard Time (EST).

When Does it Ship?

Meal boxes ship on the days you choose and set to arrive by 8 pm.

Where Can I Find Nutritional Information and Ingredients for a Recipe?

Go to the menu section of the website and click on the meal. All nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens are listed.

Can I Give Plated as a Gift?

You can purchase gift cards for new or current customers in dollar amounts similar to the cost of meal plan options.

Company History

Founded in 2012 by Nick Taranto and Josh Hix, Plated got a bump from an appearance on Shark Tank in May 2014. Though their deal with Mark Cuban fell apart, Taranto and Hix were seen in a follow-up on Beyond the Tank where they scored an investment from Kevin O’Leary.

The appearance on Shark Tank was just what Plated need to get off the ground. In September 2017, Albertsons Companies purchased the meal kit service for $300 million. Taranto stayed on as chief strategy officer, Hix remained as CEO, and Elana Karp (who joined them in January 2013) stayed on to lead the culinary efforts.

Nick Taranto left the company in October 2018, and Josh Hix left in January 2019. Pat Brown, VP of strategic business initiatives, stepped up to lead the team.

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