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PetBox is a mini-subscription box for cats and dogs that contains a handful of goodies delivered monthly. Each shipment contains treats, chews (dogs only), and toys for either cats or dogs. Subscribers can expect to save up to 75 percent off the retail cost of each box. Orders ship around the 15th of every month while initial “Welcome Boxes” arrive within one week of ordering.


How It Works

If you want to pamper your dog or cat but don’t want to subscribe to more expensive boxes, this mini option has you covered. It contains fun products that span treats and toys for dogs or cats, plus chews for dogs only.

Dogs will enjoy everything from plush toys to extra durable ones while cats receive toys such as balls, catnip products, feathery chasers, and more.

To subscribe, click on “SUBSCRIBE” or “GIVE A GIFT” from the top of the website’s homepage. You’ll fill out a pet profile with your pet’s information. Then, you’ll choose a subscription length, whether annual, month-to-month or one-time.

You can also select “This is a Gift” to send the box to someone else. At checkout, make sure you enter the appropriate shipping address and billing information before confirming your subscription.

What Makes PetBox Unique?

PetBox is one selection out of many subscription boxes offered by The Gift Box brand. Therefore, many of their subscriptions are interchangeable. This depends on the price point of your subscription, but if you decide you no longer want pet products, you can switch out that box for a different theme.

Like other monthly pet subscription boxes, this one offers lower costs if you subscribe for a longer period. They also offer free shipping with each order.

What We Like

  • Free shipping
  • Swap out a box or pause your subscription anytime
  • Can earn reward points toward future purchases
  • check
    The company supports charities that help animals and others
  • check
    Can purchase past boxes in the online store

What Could Be Better

  • Confusing sign-up process given they offer so many subscription choices

Pricing & What’s Included

Each box includes specially curated pet products that are intended to help keep pets healthy and happy. No specifics are given on the total number of products per box, but monthly deliveries will include both toys and treats for your dog or cat.

Box Contents

  • A combination of treats and toys that can be customized for either dogs or cats
  • Chews for dogs only
  • Not many customization options without contacting customer service directly


  • One-time box for $17.99
  • check
    12 Month subscription for $9.99 per month

PetBox Reviews

Because of the many options offered by the parent company, TheGiftBox, and the generic name of the service, it is difficult to discern which reviews are specifically about this particular subscription.  We will update this section as soon as clear reviews about the service are available. 

In the meantime, check out this recent "unboxing" video from Crazy Erin's Reviews: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Pet Box company.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach customer service via email at 

When Does It Ship?

If you’re a first-time subscriber, you can expect your initial Welcome box to ship within one week. After that, orders ship out around the 15th of each month.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

You can pause or cancel your subscription any time. Per the company’s website, they do not use long term contracts or require commitments. You can contact them via email or log in to your subscription account to edit, pause, or cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can switch out the type of box for another option the brand offers.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel a subscription, log into your account dashboard. Click on Subscriptions on the left-hand menu. Click on the desired subscription, select a reason for canceling, and click “Confirm.”

What’s The Difference Between This And The PetGiftBox?

The Pet Box option is a lower-cost and smaller monthly subscription that lets pet parents pamper their pets without paying premium prices. With the longest subscription term, subscribers can expect to save up to 75 percent off retail costs thanks to boxes that are worth $40 or more but only cost $9.99 per month. Therefore, this is the lowest-priced pet box the company offers.

Company History

PetBox is part of a larger brand, The Gift Box. The company offers pet and several other types of monthly subscriptions.

As noted, the fact that their website offers multiple subscription types can make the signup process confusing. However, overall, this means more options and flexibility for pet parent subscribers who may want to change things up without finding another subscription company to join.

The founders of the company are David Polinsky and Miriam Gitelman, though actor John Ratzenberger is also noted as a contributor in interviews on the topic of brand origins. John is now the company’s Chief Strategy Officer while David is Chairman and Miriam is the Chief Executive Officer.

As the brand is quite tight-lipped about how many and what type of products come in the lowest-level monthly subscription, take a look at the PetBox review video below for an unboxing from a subscriber. As she notes, this is the cheapest subscription option the brand offers.

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