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Pet Treater is a pet subscription box that delivers treats and other pet products for cats and dogs. Each delivery contains between three and eight treats, toys, and accessories. While no specific value is advertised per box, you can expect to get deals well below retail value. Boxes ship around the 10th of every month.


How It Works

Since the company offers subscriptions for both cats and dogs, you can order a box for every furry friend. Dog boxes contain six to eight treats, toys, and other items, while cat boxes contain three to four of the same.

Prices vary between the two packages due to how many products they contain, so the first step in signing up is to click on either “TREAT YOUR DOG” or “TREAT YOUR CAT.”

For dogs, you’ll choose each pet’s size. Options are small (0-20 pounds), medium (21-50 pounds), and large (50+) pounds. Then you’ll enter your email address, billing address, and payment information.

Note that this screen also includes a Coupon Code space, where the company helpfully provides any applicable coupon codes- including one for $5 off your first box. Completing this page places your order and pushes the billing information through.

For cats, there are no sizing selections or other customization options. You’ll enter your email address, billing information, and select any applicable coupon codes. For example, the company suggests a coupon that gives new subscribers Half Off their first month. Completing the page places your order and charges your payment method.

The process is the same if you’re purchasing a gift subscription; you’ll just enter the gift recipient’s shipping information instead of your own before checking out. Then, you can manage the subscription via your online login for the duration.

What Makes Pet Treater Unique?

The most unique feature of this pet subscription box is that it’s not a service solely for dogs or cats- it’s for both. Therefore, you can get just one box for both pets and save some of your hard-earned money!

Dog subscription boxes vary based on your pet’s size, while cat boxes all include the same items. However, the cost is lower for the cat subscriptions, which by default include fewer items.

And while most of the items in the subscription box are specifically for pets, the company often includes other items for humans to use. Past boxes have included items like a water bottle for pet owners, a drawstring backpack, and pet-and-owner items like leashes with flashlights and other features.

What We Like

  • Boxes for both cats and dogs
  • Unlimited combinations of boxes for all your pets
  • Gift subscriptions available
  • check
    The company donates to animal shelters throughout the US
  • check
    Sometimes items are for humans rather than pets

What Could Be Better

  • Some items are limited-time-only so replacements can be difficult
  • No returns of received items (unless damaged)
  • No option for pets with allergies or other sensitivities

Pricing & What’s Included

As noted, there are two types of boxes to choose from with Pet Treater. Both are monthly-only boxes that automatically renew billing period.

Both cat and dog subscription boxes include treats, toys, and accessories that cover pet grooming and care. Occasionally, boxes will include items for the humans in the household, and sometimes they include items like dog bowls, collars, or other “care” type items.

Dog Subscription Boxes

  • $24.99 per month
  • Select dog size
  • Six to eight treats, toys, and accessories
  • check
    Free shipping

Cat Subscription Boxes

  • $12.99 per month
  • Three to four treats, toys, and accessories
  • Free shipping

Pet Treater Reviews

The Pet Treater box has a Great rating on Trustpilot with 131 reviews averaging four stars. About 63 percent are positive reviews while 11 percent are negative, with the remainder leaning toward “great” rather than “poor.”

Positive Pet Treater reviews highlight how much easier it is to order curated treats and toys than trying to select them at the store. In general, products are reportedly good quality, with pets showing excitement when their recurring boxes arrive each month.

Negative Pet Treater reviews mostly center on shipping concerns, for example, orders shipping later than expected or delays in receiving tracking information. While the website notes that if your initial order is after the 6th of the month, there may be a delay in receiving your second box, many reviewers note that delays lasted a month or more.

Overall, however, pets and their owners appear satisfied with the quality and range of the products in the boxes, if the Pet Treater reviews are any indication.

Here's a recent unboxing video from Conor O'brien: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about the company.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact customer service via email at 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel a subscription, you’ll need to call the company directly. Keep in mind that due to shipping dates, you may only have a short window in which to cancel your subscription without incurring additional charges.  

Can I Order Multiple Subscriptions For My Pets?

Yes, the company notes that you can order multiple Pet Treater boxes, including both cat and dog options, for a household full of pets. Each pet has his or her own profile that links to your overall account.

Can I Give Pet Treater As A Gift?

Yes, there are gift subscriptions available. To send a gift, fill out the order form with your billing information but your gift recipient’s shipping information. You can then manage the gift subscription via your online account, enabling you to make changes or cancel the subscription.

Can I Return An Item If My Pet Doesn’t Like It?

Unfortunately, the company does not accept returns or refunds on products that your pet simply doesn’t like. They do, however, provide a means of replacement for items that arrive damaged.

At the same time, some items are only available for a limited time in specific boxes, making identical replacement difficult. For the best results, you should contact customer service if you have an issue or question about an item in your shipment.

Company History

The Pet Treater box is the brainchild of co-founder and President Vantha Embry. Before founding Pet Treater in 2016, Vantha also co-founded Jammin’ Butter in Tennessee, worked in product development for a media company, and was a leasing specialist in Tennessee.

Vantha earned a degree in Marketing from Middle Tennessee State University in 2006, and the company was born in the same state. Its home base is in Johnson City, TN. While she’s listed as co-founder, there’s no other information about other contributors to the company.

Although it seems like Vantha isn’t too eager to hop into the spotlight, there are plenty of subscribers who are willing to give a glimpse into their monthly boxes.

Check out this video from the company that explains a little bit more about the service.

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