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PawPack is a curated monthly box of dog treats, chews, toys, and accessories. Each delivery contains unique, organic toys and treats for dogs, locally sourced within the United States and frequently created by small businesses. Subscribers can tailor their PawPack to suit their dogs' needs, and members can be expected to save 28% compared to customers who purchase PawPack items individually.


Pricing & What’s Included

This customizable box for dog-lovers can be purchased monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

Purchasing a single box costs $30. A three-month subscription is $28 / box, and a year-long subscription is $25 per box. 

Starting at $25 per month, each PawPack includes a variety of doggie-approved products which can be customized based on your dog’s needs. These products include:

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    Tug-of-war rope toys
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    Hard chew toys for puppies
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    Soft chew toys for older dogs
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    Squeaky stuffed animals
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    Rubber balls
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    Up to three varieties of healthy, meat-based treats
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    Gourmet “dessert” treats

PawPack can be customized to suit large or small dogs, and can also be curated for puppies, young adult dogs, or old dogs. Customers can also choose to support a dog-related charity with the  portion of their PawPacks subscriptions.

PawPack Review

The Better Business Bureau gives PawPack a failing grade; they give the company an “F” for failing to resolve three complaints filed by customers in the past two years. There are no positive or negative customer reviews for PawPack on TrustPilot, the BBB website, HighYa, or Consumer Affairs. 

The complaints allege that PawPack continued to charge customers fees after the customers canceled their subscriptions, and complainants were unable to get a refund. Nor were customers able to get a response from PawPack after repeated emails and attempts to contact the company via Facebook. 

 We will keep consumers updated if the complaints ever get resolved or if any reviews of the PawPack boxes themselves get posted.

When Does It Ship?

PawPack ships in the middle of the month. If an order is placed any day before the 25th of the month, that month’s PawPack will be shipped within 2 to 5 days. Subscriptions placed after the 25th will begin with the following month’s box, which will be shipped during the third week of the month. 

Customer Service Information

Customer Service can be reached by going to the website That page answered many common questions.

 If your question isn’t answered, the top of the page has three purple, rectangular buttons, the leftmost of which reads “Contact Us.” Clicking that button directs you to the customer service form. 

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel a subscription, first, log in to your account by going to Then, go to the “Subscriptions” tab in the left-side menu. Click on the subscription you’d like to cancel and select “cancel.” The website will ask you why you want to cancel, so fill out that box. Then click “Confirm.” 

PawPack is produced by The Gift Box, and they offer the option to switch to a differently themed subscription rather than cancel your order if you’re interested.  

Company History

PawPack is a service offered by The Gift Box, a company created by John Ratzenberger. Ratzenberger is an actor, director, writer, and producer, and he’s starred in over 150 films to date. 

Ratzenberger came up with the idea for in 2016 and immediately partnered with entrepreneur David Polinsky to get it off the ground. Back in 2005, Ratzenberger hosted a show called Made in America, a documentary series exploring manufacturing in America. He discovered that there were a ton of Americans who invented and created great things, things that he could see a lot of people wanting to buy all across the country.

But, these small-town entrepreneurs didn’t have the means to get their products and inventions in front of customers-- no big box store contracts or notability that could get their stuff to go viral. So, part of why Ratzenberg decided to create The Gift Box was the desire to get these neat, locally-made products-- whether they were food, toys, games, tools, or anything else-- spread across the country. 

By creating boxes with a variety of samples sent to customers with specific interests, Ratzenberg encourages the creative spirit in small towns and gets customers fun products they might not otherwise know about. 

Here’s John Ratzenberg being interviewed about on Fox & Friends.
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