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Olfactif is a monthly collection of three fragrances curated according to your personal preferences. Every monthly box comes with three fragrances in a deluxe-sample size for at least 15-20 promised applications. Samples come in sizes not available in stores and members also get savings on featured scents, scents in the store, and all samples. Boxes ship around the first week of each month and sign-up for that month’s box must occur by the 15th.


Pricing & What’s Included  

This box for men or women delivers three deluxe sample of perfumes and colognes from around the world or niche perfume websites. In a world of box brands, every box from this monthly subscription comes with three deluxe-sized samples that are not available in stores.

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    Every women’s box comes with three deluxe samples with scents for women and adventurous men.
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    Every men’s box comes with three deluxe samples with scents that are traditionally masculine.

Pricing for subscriptions is extremely straight-forward:

Subscription Duration




3 - Month


6 - Month


12 - Month


Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. but fixed-term subscriptions cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged. It is possible to transfer the gifting of a three-, six-, or twelve- month subscription to another person. 

When you’re a subscriber, you get discounts on perfume or cologne purchases with percentages depending on the product you buy.


The monthly cut-off for cancellation is the 19th of the month. If your cancellation occurs after the 19th, you get one more perfume collection before the subscription ends. There is no penalty for canceling a month-to-month subscription. 

The brand does auto-renew the subscription box unless you cancel in your online account with the “manage subscriptions” button.

3-Month Plan

The 3-month plan costs $57 upfront, which equals $19 a month. Fixed-term subscriptions cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged but they can be transferred.

6-Month Plan

The 6-month plan costs $102 upfront, which equals $17 a month. Fixed-term subscriptions cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged but they can be transferred.

12-Month Plan

The 12-month plan costs $180 upfront, which equals $15 a month. Fixed-term subscriptions cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged but they can be transferred.

The Online Shop 

Items featured in that month’s subscription get added to the shop. Products are sold in the store for subscribers that want to buy a full-size or get an additional one of his or her favorite products. 

Sample packs are sold in the online store for people looking for themed gifts like samples for the “adventurous” or “classic” woman.

Olfactif Review 

The brand has a strong reputation in the business world because it has no open online claims with the Better Business Bureau. It has been mentioned or featured in Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Glamour, and Men’s Health Magazine. Every month comes with a theme like “Into the Mountains” or “Highway.”

In general, online reviews are positive among male and female subscribers. They focus on niche fragrances and encourage purchases through a robust discount system. For example, in a recent month they sent a 20% off coupon for a full bottle of perfumes, purchases often come with samples, and all subscribers get specific set discounts. 

Some online reviewers and users report that the experience should be more customizable. For example, other boxes offer selections based on a user’s profile, previous feedback from customers, pre-release information while Olfactif only comes in a box for men or women.

When Does It Ship? 

According to the company, the subscription boxes ship during the first week of the month. Their selected shipping service is the United States Postal Service. Subscribers get a tracking number in their email on a monthly basis after shipping. 

Shipping is free on all subscription boxes but is only available in the United States.

Customer Service Information 

For customer service, there are two ways to reach out to Olfactif. Your options are:

How Do I Cancel?

Customers fall into two categories – monthly subscribers or one-time payment subscribers. Those making a payment for subscriptions of three to twelve months are making a payment in advance. Subscriptions get paid in advance and cannot be canceled.  

Monthly subscribers agree to an auto-renew of their subscription with the cut-off date for cancellation being the 19th. When handled before or on the 19th of the month, cancellation takes effect right away.

Company History

Tara Swords is the founder of Olfactif, which boasts to “bridge the gap between consumers and niche perfumers by sending subscribers unique, hard-to-find fragrances from top perfumers all over the world.” She started the company on January 1, 2013, and it currently employs less than then people. 

Tara realized that all fragrances on the market were made by mass-market brands focused on appealing to all people. She discovered niche perfume and realized there are potent scents to apply throughout a lifetime. Just like a woman or man would wear different outfits or makeup, he or she would use perfume situationally. 

Olfactif inspires people to a love fragrance, teaches a bit about scents, and helps develop the olfactory system. With the informational cards included in every subscription box, Tara has made it easy to convert from a casual fragrance enthusiast to a bit of a connoisseur. Connect to scents made by artisans and curated to everyone.

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