Mystery Tackle Box June 2019 Review

Our June 2019 delivery from Mystery Tackle Box was awesome!

This diverse shipment included:

  • Westin - Salty The Shrimp RNR
  • Gamechanger Lures - Eeliminator
  • Smartbaits - Swimming Jesse
  • Daiichi - PowerCam J Bait Perma-Steel Hook
  • Lunker City - Freaky Fish

Each of these products is reviewed in detail below. 

Mystery Tackle Box June 2019

Mystery Tackle Box starts at $16.99 for a monthly delivery of fishing tackle, bait, and lures.

We subscribe to their "Regular" plan for Inshore Saltwater fish species. There are several other plans available at different price points for different species. The contents of those boxes will be different from what you see here. 

To learn more about what the company offers, check out our comprehensive review

Let's take a look at what’s inside the June 2019 Mystery Tackle Box.

Westin - Salty The Shrimp RNR

Westin Salty The Shrimp RNR

The first item out of the box was the “Salty The Shrimp R'n R” life-like lure from Westin Fishing.

Made to look like a Pearl Shrimp, it features a heavy jig head in the front with a weighted soft plastic rear.  The company actually took a digital scan of a real shrimp to develop the bait. 

This Japanese-style sea fishing hook features:

  • Glass and steel rattle stick
  • Natural Whiskers
  • Multi-jointed body
  • Internal Mesh for durability
  • Hand-painted detail
  • Hook size: Single #1 9g - #1/0 18g

The multi-jointed body allows the individual parts of the body to move independently, simulating a real Pearl Shrimp! 

It's a perfect lure for your preferred inshore flat. 

Check it out in action below: 

Gamechanger Lures - Eeliminator

Gamechanger Lures Eeliminator

The next item in the box was the Eeliminator, and we were happy to see them because they are hard to find due to their popularity. 

This particular bait has a beautifully seductive action and was designed specifically for a Carolina rig. This bait has gained popularity because it is known to be very versatile. It’s best when you are topwater fishing and over grass. If you decide on doing some deepwater fishing, then it is best used as a trailer. 

It’s important to note that you don’t want to use weighted hooks because that decreases the side to side action you typically see when fishing this bait.

Smartbaits - Swimming Jesse

Smartbaits Swimming Jesse

The third item included in our Mystery Tackle Box June 2019 review is the ‘Swimming Jesse’ from Smartbaits. This lure changes color according to water temperature and often undergoes multiple color changes as you go through different depths of water.  

It is known to work best when fishing in:

  • Lily Pads
  • Hydrilla Beds
  • Milfoil Mats
  • Laying Logs

This bait allows you to cover vast amounts of water if you fish while fan casting with a slow retrieve.

Daiichi - PowerCam J Bait Perma-Steel Hook

Daiichi PowercaCam J Perma-Steel Hooks

The next item we received was a five pack of these Perma-Steel hooks from Daiichi. If you are targeting big fish, then these well-balanced hooks with a sticky sharp hook tip help to keep the fish hooked.

Lunker City - Freaky Fish

Lunker City Freaky Fish

The final item included in our Mystery Tackle Box June 2019 Review is the newly designed fork tail lure by Lunker City. This soft jerkbait has a more substantial body so you can get a farther reach on your cast. 

It’s meant to be fished just under the surface to mimic a darting action while giving you the ability to make it appear as if it is a panicked minnow jumping through the surface of the water.

Our Mystery Tackle Box June 2019 Review

Overall this was an excellent delivery of fishing products that will be useful when we are out on the water. 

Although we would always love to get more products, we can always wait for next month’s shipment. 

Did you get the same subscription box as us this month? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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