MeUndies Review: Comfy Underwear Subscription Box Delivered Right to Your Door

meundies review

MeUndies is a monthly clothing subscription box that includes a variety of different underwear for both men and women. You will receive a new pair of undergarments with each month's delivery. Members have reported a savings of up to 33% compared to retail prices. Shipments are sent 1-3 days after you first subscribe and once a month after that.


How It Works

A subscription to MeUndies is for anyone who enjoys getting comfortable, stylish underwear without having to do all the shopping. Why visit a store when you can have it delivered straight to your door. They even offer matching sets for you and your significant other.

Your box will consist of whatever items you want to receive each month. It starts with just one pair of underwear. You get to decide if you prefer safe, solid colors, exclusive patterns not available anywhere else, or something out of this world.

The signup process is simple. Click on “Learn More” under “The Membership” section. Now, you’ll click “Pick Your Pair.” Make your selection: men’s or women’s underwear, or socks. You can add all if you prefer, but you’ll have to repeat the steps you are now doing. Click on your preferred item category.

Now you pick the style, size, and design. You can change your design preference at any time, without cost. Once you’ve made your selection, click review membership. Now you'll see your delivery date, as well as the price you’ll pay. Click “Join the Membership.”

Finally, you’ll create an account, provide all your details, and click “Complete My Purchase.” Now sit back and wait for your comfy underwear to arrive.

What Makes MeUndies Unique?

MeUndies makes its products using Lenzing MicroModal fiber. This material is harvested from beechwood trees and is guaranteed to be super soft and comfy. And MeUndies provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of underwear, even if you purchased one of the packs, which contain multiple pairs of undies.

You can request a refund without having to return the first pair. It’s yours to do with as you please. You only have to return any additional products if you want your money back. And who doesn’t love free shipping? MeUndies doesn’t require you to pay anything to receive or return your underwear. As if you aren’t already saving a bunch of money on your underwear!

You can alter your plan to receive different designs at any time for zero costs. And you can even reserve exclusive prints, meaning underwear only offered to members. You can also skip a month or cancel your membership for free.

What We Like

  • Made with super soft fabric from beechwood trees
  • Low prices
  • Mystery packs make it fun to get new products
  • check
    100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • check
    Free shipping

What Could Be Better

  • Sizes could be more uniform so that customers do not get stuck with underwear that doesn’t fit
  • Some products are a bit on the expensive side
  • Not enough of a selection for things besides underwear, like lingerie

Pricing & What’s Included

MeUndies lets users choose from three plans. Each MeUndies plan sets itself apart by featuring a different color pattern or design.

For your convenience, we’ve listed them below:

  • Classic - neutral solid colors
  • Bold - bold solid colors
  • Adventurous - unique patterns

Each box comes with one pair of underwear. The look will depend on which plan you chose. The pricing for each box will vary based on what you have ordered. If you are only receiving one pair of underwear a month, it breaks down like this:

  • Men’s underwear - $16
  • Women’s underwear - $14
  • Socks - $8

You have the option to include more than one product in your box, which will make your cost go up. You can also purchase single items, without them being part of the monthly box, while still saving money because you have a membership.

Or you could choose to pick a pack of underwear, from a three-pack to ten. Prices range from around $45 to $170 depending on the gender. Men’s underwear is more expensive. You can pick from assorted colors or be brave and select the mystery packs. If you prefer to mix and match your style of undies, they also have a build a package, which starts at $57.

Socks start at $8 a pair or $33 for a three-pack, $60 for a six-pack, or $70 for 10. The shirts are $20 apiece.

MeUndies Reviews

MeUndies received a 3.8-star review on Trustpilot, based on just five reviews. 60% of the customers rated the company as “Excellent.” 20% rated it as “Great.” And 20% of customers have rated it as bad.

MeUndies has a four-star rating on Consumer Affairs, based on 31 ratings. Customers praised the company for soft, comfortable underwear, with a variety of themes and styles. Reviewers also appreciated excellent customer service.

Complaints about the company include difficulty returning products if you live outside the United States, as there may be issues in Customs. And some customers claimed there were difficulties with reserving particular pairs of underwear. Sizing was also a common complaint, as their sizes are not always the same as you would typically select for your underwear.

Here's an unboxing from Ronan Hutchinson: 

Frequently Asked Questions

When using a new company, you always have a few questions. Let us answer some for you.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your membership, log into your account. Select the “Manage Your Pair” option. If you have more than one item, you’ll have to repeat this process for each one. In the top right corner, select more options. Then you’ll be given a choice to “Skip this Month” or “End Membership.” Make your selection and click “Save Changes.”

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Customer service is available Monday through Sunday from 7 am to 5 pm PST. You can call or text (888) 552-6775. Or you can reach them via live chat on the MeUndies website, Twitter at @helpmeundies, or Facebook at MeUndies. You can also send an email to

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Your product ships the day after the company receives your payment. You will be billed on the same day each month. The date will be the day you place your first order (Example: if you placed an order on the 27th, you would be billed every month on the 27th).

What Materials are Used to Make the Products?

You get to enjoy super soft products made out of Lenzing MicroModal fiber. This material comes from beechwood trees, rather than cotton.

What Is the Return Policy?

Your first pair of undies comes with a full refund guarantee within 90 days of purchase. You are not required to send the item back. 

If you need to return future products, you have 90 days from receiving the item. The product cannot have been tried on, worn, or washed.

Company History

Jonathan Shokrian founded MeUndies in 2011 intending to create the “world’s most comfortable undies.” Shokrian wanted a product that would be carbon-neutral and sustainably harvested. The idea for MeUndies happened when Shokrian was traveling with Jonathan Neman, who is the co-founder of Sweetgreen.

Shokrian hated the idea of having to shop in stores for underwear. Neman encouraged him to do something about it. It took eight years and nine million pairs of MeUndies to get to where he is today. In addition to having his successful online store, Shokrian is working towards having his products sold in multiple malls throughout the country.

Current company plans include a retail location at the Los Angeles Tony Westfield City Mall, as well as pop-ups in Plano Texas, at Legacy West, and the Mall of America.

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