MeowBox Review - Monthly Cat Subscription Box Delivery (Toys & Treats)


MeowBox is a monthly cat subscription box that features hand-selected toys and treats for felines. Each box includes at least four items that span toys and edible items. Subscribers can expect to save around 50 percent off retail pricing. Initial shipments go out within one business day of ordering while subsequent boxes ship around the 15th of each month.


How It Works

Each month, the company curates a box of four or more items for your cat. You’ll receive a selection of both toys and treats unless you select the toy-only option. Each month is a different theme, which means items won’t repeat.

You’re guaranteed to receive four or more items each month, but you won’t know beforehand what those items will be. But past boxes, for example, have included freeze-dried meat treats, felt toys, catnip-inside felt toys and a battery-powered chase toy. 

To sign up, click on “Get started” at the top of the website’s home page. Alternatively, you can select “Give as a gift” to sign up for a gift subscription.

For the signup page, you’ll have the option of either a monthly or every other month subscription plan. Pricing is the same per box, so the choice is whether to receive a box each month or every other month. Either way, billing is automatic so your account will renew each month unless you cancel before the renewal date.

After choosing a subscription term, you’ll need to enter your email address and select an email notification preference. Then click “Next.” Now, it’s time to enter the name and gender of your cat(s). The company notes that boxes are suitable for one or more cats, but that will depend on their age and interest in the boxes!

To personalize your subscription, you can check the box for “Replace edible items with toys” for picky eaters or cats with allergies. They also ask for your cat’s birthday month, because each year, they’ll include a special birthday gift with one of your boxes.

Then, enter your shipping information and click “Next” to move to the next screen. After this, you’ll enter your billing information and finish signing up. Be sure to follow the directions on each screen to ensure that you complete your order.

What Makes MeowBox Unique?

MeowBox is a pet toy box that concentrates on customizing your cat’s subscription experience. Of course, human subscribers are important too, but the company focuses on including innovative and exciting toys and treats in each monthly delivery.

They also customize boxes for cats with allergies (you can select toys-only during checkout), but their treats are either made with all-natural ingredients, are grain-free, organic, or locally made. The company also hand-packs every box, signing and labeling them by hand.

Some subscribers report that their cats seem to love the box itself even more than the treats inside (and who can blame them), but the company thinks it might be because your cat smells the other cat people who touched the box. Either way, most cats appreciate both the treats and an empty box to play in after the unboxing.

What We Like

  • Customization option for cats with allergies
  • Company donates to charity
  • Free shipping
  • check
    Kitty birthday gift each year
  • check
    Toy-only option

What Could Be Better

  • Only ships to Canada and the US

Pricing & What’s Included

This brand only has one tier of subscription box, and you can choose from either monthly or every other month delivery. Each box costs $22.95 per month regardless of the subscription plan you choose. 

Each delivery contains four to six items that include both toys and treats. Items are full-size and come from brands that are sourced and researched by the company. All treat and edible items come from Canada or the US.

MeowBox Reviews

On Facebook, MeowBox reviews total over 300 opinions for an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. Therefore, the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Subscribers cite the variety and durability of toys as a top priority for choosing this box.

Consumers also enjoyed the varying themes for each box and many customers explained that their cats learned to recognize each monthly box and were eager to open them and start playing.

One negative review centered on the fact that the reviewer felt their cat was receiving too many toys and that they were all similar. However, other reviews note that there’s a variety in each box due to the rotating themes.

This recent unboxing video from the Guillory Family will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the subscription service: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Meow Box company.

When Does It Ship?

Initial orders will ship within one business day after signup. After that, orders ship around the 15th of each month.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach the company email at 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you’ll need to reach out to the company directly via email or phone.

Does The Company Donate To Charity?

The company runs its own program, One Box Can, to donate food and other items to cat shelters, rescues, sanctuaries, adoption centers, and foster programs. Subscribers can also submit a shelter or rescue for nomination to the donation program.

What If My Cat Has Allergies?

Although regular subscriptions contain treat items, during signup, you can select a toys-only option to avoid potential allergens.

Company History

MeowBox has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon, and they claim that the company is run by people who love cats (and own many themselves). And though it has a similar name, the company is not affiliated with BarkBox.

The website notes that the co-founders are Olivia Canlas and Francois Deschenes. The pair began the company in 2013. Currently, Olivia serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Francois is the Technical Advisor.

Before partnering with Francois to start their feline box brand, Olivia worked in customer service, which she still does at Vancouver International Airport. She attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations as well.

In addition to collaborating on the cat box brand, Francois also co-founded a company called myBestHelper and worked for Hootsuite.

The team has remained small since the company’s inception, and the website notes that employees personally handle and sign each package. Subscriber reviews have also commented on the fact that their cats receive a handwritten note with every delivery.

They also focus on charity and community, holding a feline festival (Meowfest) over summer 2018. The event sold out, raising over $10,000 for animal charities. There were even “internet cat celebrities” on site and plenty of workshops for cat parents to learn how to build their cats’ social media accounts and more.

See the below video for a few examples of unboxing (performed by cats themselves) of past deliveries.

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