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Lucky Tackle Box is a monthly subscription box filled with bait, lures, tackle and other fishing equipment. They offer three main box sizes that include between five and sixteen premium fishing items as well as several accessories. The value of each box varies depending on size, type of fish, and the specific month, but you can expect to save you between 25% and 40% off retail value. All boxes ship on the 10th of each month.


How It Works

This fishing tackle and gear subscription box is designed to help you catch the type of fish you enjoy fishing.

In addition to three box size options, and multiple different subscription plans, each box is also tailored to the species you plan to go after.

These specialized fishing subscription boxes are broken into multiple categories, including trout, fly fishing, catfish, and inshore saltwater, so you can always count on getting the gear you need for the type of fishing you prefer.

The company also offers a more generalized “multi-species” box for those that don’t have a specific preference or prefer fishing for everything.

Signing up for the subscription service is simple. All you have to do is click the “See Boxes” button on the website’s homepage.

The three size options are Regular, XL, and Tournament.

You’ll then select the species/type of box you’d like to receive.

Though the options vary slightly depending on box size, they typically include Bass, Crappie/Panfish/Trout, Catfish, Inshore Saltwater, Walleye, Fly Fishing, and Multi-Species.

After you select box size and box type, it will be time to select your preferred length of subscription.

Plan options are one month, three months, six months, or 12 months.

Note that the more months you pay for at the beginning, the cheaper the plan and the better the overall value.

 You’ll then enter your payment details and create your subscriber account.

What Makes Lucky Tackle Box Unique?

There are a lot of different fishing subscription boxes available on the market – but LTB Fishing Box manages to stick out from the competition.

In addition to their standing as one of the original (and most popular) monthly tackle boxes, they’re also notable for their customizable options.

Not only do you select your preferred box size and plan length, but you also tell the company exactly what type of fish species you enjoy fishing.

New subscribers typically receive a free gift with their new subscription. For example, those subscribing to the 3-month XL box currently receive a free pair of fly fishing sunglasses.

Free gifts and other special offers vary depending on when you sign up for the service.

In addition to their subscription boxes and special offers, the company maintains an extensive online store.

 The store enables you to buy more of your favorite tackle outside of your monthly box. It also carries fishing rods, fishing accessories, and apparel curated from the top brands.

What We Like

  • Multiple box sizes
  • Various plans
  • Customized by preference
  • check
    Monthly magazine
  • check
    Special gifts and offers

What Could Be Better

  • Not easy to switch box or fish type
  • Can be difficult to contact customer service

Pricing & What's Included

LTB Fishing Box is notable for offering a large variety of box sizes, subscription tiers, and other customizable options.

The three main box sizes are “regular,” “XL,” and “tournament.”

Here’s more about what’s included in each of these boxes:


  • 5 high-quality baits
  • Monthly magazine
  • Stickers, coupons, and more
  • check
    $26 Value
  • check
    Bass, Crappie, Panfish, Trout, and Catfish options

Regular Pricing

  • Monthly - $15.99 per box
  • 3 Months - $45.00 total
  • 6 Months - $90.00 total
  • check
    12 Months - $180.00 total


  • 7 high-quality baits
  • Monthly magazine
  • check
    Stickers, coupons, and more
  • check
    $40 Value
  • check
    Bass, Inshore Saltwater, Walleye, Fly Fishing, and Mutli-Species options

XL Pricing

  • Monthly - $25.99 per month
  • 3 Months - $75.00 total
  • 6 Months - $150.00 total
  • check
    12 Months - $300.00 total


  • 13 to 16 high-quality baits
  • Monthly magazine
  • Stickers, coupons, and more
  • check
    Free bonus gift
  • check
    $85 Value
  • check
    Bass and Multi-Species options

Tournament Pricing

  • Monthly - $46.00 per month
  • 3 Months - $138.00 total
  • 6 Months - $276.00 total
  • check
    12 Months - $552.00 total

Lucky Tackle Box Reviews

Lucky Tackle Box currently maintains a 5-star, or “excellent,” rating on Trustpilot with just over 750 total reviews.

Most online reviewers appreciate the great overall value of this fishing tackle box as well as the ability to customize it to your fishing preferences.

Other subscribers note that all of the products included are premium quality. Many go on to state that the variety of items in each box, as well as from month to month, ensures you always have something new to try out.

The only real customer complaints relate to minor problems with shipping, payments, and broken items.

The majority of negative reviews were resolved by the company’s customer service team.

Here is a recent unboxing video review from Nance: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about LTB Fishing Box.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact the company’s customer service team by emailing them at

When Does It Ship Every Month?

All orders ship out on the 10th of each month.

Most customers in the United States receive orders within seven business days while Canadian customers should allow up to 2.5 weeks for delivery.

Can I Get International Shipping?

The company currently only offers shipping to the United States and Canada.

Can I Switch My Subscription Type?

It’s easy to switch your subscription type, even in the middle of a subscription plan.

You just have to log into your account to switch the fish type/species box you want to receive in the next month’s shipment.

You can’t change box size or plan length in the middle of the plan.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your monthly fishing box subscription at any time by logging into your subscriber account.

Alternatively, you can contact the company’s customer service team at to walk you through the cancellation process.

The company also gives you the option to “pause” your account so that you can start up monthly service again at a later date.

Company History

Lucky Tackle Box is based out of Los Angeles, California.

The company was founded in 2009 by Rick Patri. Richard Marks is the current CEO and President.

The business grew out of Rick’s frustration with current fishing subscription boxes – namely, the fact that they contained a general array of gear rather than specialized gear.

Rick wanted to do something different. He wanted to create a monthly fishing box focused on customizability and versatility. From the start, his service focused on filling each monthly box with gear that subscribers actually want to use.

According to the company, one of their main goals is still to include the same items in each monthly box that professional anglers use to catch big fish.

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