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le tote review

Le Tote is a women’s fashion subscription service that allows women to rent fashionable pieces for as long, or as short as they would like. Depending on the plan you choose, each box will include several different apparel pieces, and maybe accessories as well. This service may be a great way to try out different fashionable pieces without having to worry about breaking the bank on a new wardrobe. Each tote ships with expedited shipping, so you can expect to receive it within 2-3 business days after your order is shipped.


How It Works

Le Tote is a monthly subscription service charging a flat fee for women's fashions. However, unlike other subscription services, you can rent the clothing and accessories. There's an option for receiving either one or two boxes monthly. It all depends on your plan.

Here's a break down of how it works:

  • You input information in your style profile, and the company creates your "tote." If you want to change items and decide what will ship, you can do that before you receive anything.
  • Le Tote will send your tote at no cost. It takes between two and 3 business days to arrive.If you're on the plan for one tote monthly, you can choose items for your next shipment once you return everything.
  • Those who are on the two totes monthly plan can begin styling their next one as soon as the company receives a USPS return scan.
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    If you want to keep anything, you'll receive up to 50% off retail pricing.

Filling out your style profile involves looking through a series of options and putting a "heart" over the ones you like the best. Select as many as you desire in the tops, sweaters, jackets, pants, dresses, and jewelry options. Then, you see a section for the brands you prefer and sizing. There's a section for getting into more detail about sizing later in the process.

The style profile also gets into detail about if you're looking for formal, casual, or business attire. Then, you select the plan you want, how many items you want in your box, and how often you want to receive shipments.

What Makes Le Tote Unique?

Le Tote sends you boxes of apparel and accessories according to your taste and size. You can keep your selections for as long as you would like or need to wear them. Then, when you're ready to return them, return them, and receive another box.

What We Like

  • There are endless options for customization.
  • You don’t have to pay for dry cleaning!
  • There are more opportunities for trying new styles.
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    If you have an upcoming event, you have an outfit.
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    The company has maternity options.

What Could Be Better

  • You have to look through racks of apparel and make decisions.
  • There's an extra fee for insurance.

Pricing & What’s Included

Classic plans have a structure according to how many pieces you select and if you want one or two totes:

One Tote Monthly

  • $79.00: five pieces of clothing and three accessories
  • $99.00: 7 pieces of clothing and three accessories
  • $119.00: 10 pieces of clothing and five accessories
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    $69.00: five articles of clothing and no accessories
  • check
    $89.00: 8 items of clothing and no accessories
  • $109.00: 10 pieces of clothing and no accessories

Two Totes Monthly

  • $79.00: three articles of clothing and two accessories
  • $89.00: four items of clothing and no accessories

Maternity plans also have pricing options for one or two totes each month.

One Tote Monthly

  • $89.00: five pieces of clothing and three accessories
  • $109.00: 7 pieces of clothing and three accessories
  • $129.00: 10 pieces of clothing and five accessories
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    $79.00: five articles of clothing and no accessories
  • check
    $99.00: 8 items of clothing and no accessories
  • $119.00: 10 pieces of clothing and no accessories.

Two Totes Monthly

  • $89.00: three pieces of clothing and two accessories
  • $99.00: four articles of clothing and no accessories

Le Tote Reviews

The company has a 4-star review on Trustpilot from 300 reviews. However, on Yelp, it's score is a 2.5 from 169 reviews. When you look at the reviews from both sites, you'll see there's a steady mix of 5-star and one-star reviews, along with other reviews skewing the results.

On Trustpilot, subscribers report that they're experience is positive overall. They enjoy the variety, designs, and trends.

Those who post one-star reviews report dissatisfaction with shipping delays, dirty apparel, and wrinkling during shipping. However, a customer service representative responded to every comment with an apology and resolution attempts.

Yelp reviewers rave about how convenient the service is, that there's an endless number of brand names available, and how the fast customer service. Subscribers with negative experiences generally describe the company not addressing returns correctly and subscriptions being challenging to cancel.

Overall, subscribers reviewing on both sites like that the company rents clothing, would prefer using this option than shopping in a store, and think the customer service is superior.

Here is an unboxing video from Elizabeth Martinez: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions subscribers commonly ask about Le Tote.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your monthly subscription, you can do so by filling out the company's contact form. You can also reach one of Le Tote's customer service representatives Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST by calling 1-844-8683.

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach Le Tote via email at hi@letote.com

When do subscription boxes ship?

After finalizing the items in your tote, the company starts preparing them for shipment immediately. Le Tote offers between two and 3 day USPS priority shipping with one day for handling. That way, your items have time for styling and preparation.

What kinds of accessories, brands, and clothing can I rent?

The company offers women's clothing and accessories--think bags, belts, and jewelry, but no shoes--for rent. You'll find on-trend and classing styles including for the weekend, workday, parties, and everything else you can imagine. If you're expecting, there's also a maternity section. Brands include BCBGeneration, Calvin Klein, Free People, Halston, Kenneth Cole, and more.

How do I give feedback regarding styling and sizes?

If the company misses the mark, the best option is to rate your tote. Each time you do this, your ratings save into your profile. Then, Le Tote references them each time they style your future totes. Then, as time passes, your recommendations will help stylists create better totes for you. Go into your account and select “My Totes.” Then, click on “Rate it.” Rate each of your totes for fit and style.

Company History

Featuring a subscription box model, Le Tote is a United States women's clothing rental service. Brett Northart, who is now the company's president, founded it with the current company CEO, Rakesh Tondon, in 2012. In 2019, the company made a massive acquisition by purchasing Lord & Taylor.

Le Tote's focus is on showcasing everyday wear for women to rent compared to other rental companies that focus on high-end fashions and event wear.

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