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Kiwi Crate is a subscription service, especially for kids. Each month, subscribers receive an age-appropriate new toy that they can build themselves. With this service, parents save time at the toy store, while kids enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with receiving a new package each month. Each month, a new box ships within a few days after your anniversary date, and arrives 5-8 business days later.


Pricing & What’s Included

There are several different options designed to fit the needs of children of different ages.


1 Month

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Cricket Crate (Ages 2-3)

$19.95 / mo

$19.95 / mo

$18.50 / mo

$16.95 / mo

Koala Crate (Ages 3-4)

$19.95 / mo

$19.95 / mo

$18.50 / mo

$16.95 / mo

Kiwi Crate    (Ages 5-8)

$19.95 / mo

$19.95 / mo

$18.50 / mo

$16.95 / mo

Doodle Crate (Ages 9-16+)

$19.95 / mo

$19.95 / mo

$18.50 / mo

$16.95 / mo

Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+)

$19.95 / mo

$19.95 / mo

$18.50 / mo

$16.95 / mo

As you can see, pricing for the crates is identical whether you’re looking for a subscription crate for a toddler, or a teenager. What’s included in each crate will differ widely, depending on the age of the child.

Cricket Crate

This option is designed for 2-3-year-olds and includes a toy designed to promote exploration and discovery.

Koala Crate

This crate is intended for 3-4-year-olds. The contents of this box are designed to promote play and learning activities.

Kiwi Crate

This option is intended for older children, between 5-8 years old. Each box includes an educational toy designed to facilitate learning science, math, art and more.

Doodle Crate

The Doodle Crate is designed for kids 9-16+. It’s designed to teach and reinforce art and design techniques.

Tinker Crate

This crate is intended for the same ages as the Doodle Crate. However, it focuses on science and engineering skills instead of art and design.

Other Options

Beyond these crates, the company is currently developing a crate offering for newborns as well, which we become available in the coming months. In addition to the subscription crates that are available, there are a few more ways to shop with this company.

Deluxe Crate

For an additional 9.95/mo, you can upgrade your child’s crate to the deluxe offering. The deluxe crate includes a book that’s designed to supplement the toy that was included in that month’s crate. For example, the deluxe crate may include a building crane toy as well as a book about how construction workers use cranes to help them create buildings.

Online Store

Beyond their subscription services, there’s also a full eCommerce store, as well. The store features many crates intended for children of different ages, as well as books and party favours. Each item available in the store includes the recommended age range for the particular toy. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $50

Kiwi Crate Review

Unfortunately, it seems that it’s difficult to find reliable reviews about this company. We’ve scoured different popular and reputable review sites on the internet and have not been able to find any at this time. You’ll want to check back on this section in the future, as we’ll be looking to update it as soon as more information becomes available.

One thing worth noting is that while no reviews have been posted, there have been a handful of complaints about this service with the Better Business Bureau, and they haven’t seemed to be very responsive to them, which has led to a D rating with the BBB. That said, these are not reviews, and it wouldn’t be fair to pass judgement on the service based on these few complaints.

When Does It Ship?

Your first box will ship within 1-2 business days of your order being received. After that, future boxes will ship around your anniversary date, and you’ll receive one each month.

Currently, they ship to the United States (including APO addresses) as well as Canada. Shipping is free for US addresses, and Canadian orders ship for an additional $6.95 each month. The company does plan to expand their shipping capabilities in the future and they have a mailing list you can sign up for on their website that will alert you when international shipping is available.

Customer Service Information

You can contact Kiwi Crate’s customer service department through a variety of different methods.

  • Phone: 1-800-714-4828
  • Email:

Customer service reps are available by phone from 6a-6p PST from Monday through Friday. According to the company, all emails are answered within two business days, and sometimes messages are answered sooner. There is also live chat available, but only to assist customers through the checkout process.

How Do I Cancel?

Cancelling your subscription is easy and painless, just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to the ‘subscriptions’ menu underneath your name
  • Click ‘manage subscriptions’
  • Click ‘cancel’

You can cancel your subscription until 11:59p PST the day before your next subscription box is set to bill to your credit card.

For 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions, you are unable to cancel in the middle of the subscription. However, you can go into your account and disable the auto-renew feature so that your subscription will cancel itself at the end of your term, instead of renewing for another term.

Company History

Kiwi Crate was founded by Sandra Oh Lin, Yu Pan, and Yael Pasternak Valek in January of 2011. One founder, Sandra Oh Lin is the current CEO of the company and oversees operations. She graduated Harvard Business School with her MBA and had worked for many premier technology companies including eBay and PayPal prior to starting the company.

Oh Lin was inspired to create the company after she learned how difficult it was to pursue a career while also making time to find fun, exciting and educational activities for her two children. From there, Kiwi Crate was born and continues to grow as the premiere subscription box for children.

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