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The Kidpik box is a monthly subscription box that contains girls’ clothing in customized premium outfits based on budget and preferred style. Every Kidpik box includes 8 items of the highest quality, including apparel, shoes, and accessories that make up complete and fashionable outfits. You are only charged for what you decide to keep, and prices range from just below retail to up to 30% off. Kidpik boxes typically ship within 3 weeks of an order being completed and subscribers can choose how often they would like to receive a box.


Pricing & What’s Included

Kidpik boxes offer subscribers a choice between 3 different frequencies for their subscription. The frequency can be changed at any time by logging into your account on the Kidpik website and choosing another frequency option.

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    One pik box per season (4 boxes per year)
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    Two piks box per season (8 boxes per year)
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    One pik box per month (12 boxes per year)

With each of the Kidpik boxes comes 2-3 full outfits and you can choose what items to keep and what items you’d like to return. Subscribers are only charged for the items they keep and should you decide to return all of them you will not be charged.  

In order to not be charged, you must complete the “check out” process on the Kidpik website where you log into your account and make note of what you would like to return. If you decide to keep all of the items there is no need to check out, and your card will be charged in 7 days.

Included in the boxes is several items in the size of your choice, with an available range of sizes between 4 and 14. A Kidpik stylist will curate a collection of items based on individual style preferences and the overall budget. New subscribers take a short quiz to determine what kind of items they like.

All of the apparel, shoes, and accessories are part of the Kidpik brand which is designed and produced by the company itself. This level of oversight allows them to deliver quality items, with reliable fits, at a great value to the customer.

Shipping and returns are always free with Kidpik boxes, and they offer free exchanges with a 2-3-week processing time. The envelope for exchanges is included in the Kidpik box.  

Should you choose to keep the entire Kidpik box you receive a 30% discount, even if you have to exchange items included in your box. Items can only be exchanged once per order, and item.

Kidpik Box Review

Kidpik boxes are generally well received by the community it serves with a 4.37 out of 5 stars on the site Influenster where a total of 953 reviews have been posted. Recipients report enjoying the items, however, the price of the collection of items can vary which can lead to confusion on the total price at times.

Each box comes with an information card that lists the prices of the items individually, and the price with the 30% discount should you decide to keep the entire box. The price point and quality of the items are what appears most often in reviews, and the boxes come personalized with the child's name.  

Parents rave about the information card that comes with the box which is also personalized and gives more information about how Kidpik works and provides a list of all of the items. Pictures, recommendations, and other information are also included inside the box which parents report finding very helpful.

Another bonus mentioned on the site My Shopping Addiction is the occasional free item that shows up in select boxes. There is also a complimentary coloring sheet.

Should you decide to keep all of the items, you are eligible for a 30% discount which is the rough equivalent of getting one or two items for free. With that in mind, Kidpik allows subscribers the option to donate an unworn item through their charity partnership and includes a card that subscribers can sign and attach to the item. They also include a bag for shipping.

When Does It Ship?

Once you finalize your order from Kidpik you can expect to receive an email with an arrival date for your box within the next 3 weeks.  The boxes that follow will arrive based on the frequency that you choose to receive them (4,8, or 12 times per year), and you can change the frequency at any time.

Kidpik boxes ship via FedEx SmartPost before being transferred to the US Postal Service for delivery. This means that your Kidpik box will come alongside your regular mail.

Kidpik does not ship internationally and currently only ships to the continental US.  They do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii at this time.

Customer Service Information

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The company is available to contact Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST

How Do I Cancel?

Subscribers may choose to pause or cancel their subscription by emailing Kidpik customer service at Cancelling the account does not refund any prepaid boxes or stop any charges that may be pending.

Company History

Kidpik was founded in 2016 by the NYC fashion entrepreneur, Ezra Dabah who serves as the CEO and previously led the executive and creative groups behind the brand of children's clothing called The Children's Place. 

The Children’s Place started to grow in the 1990’s and they soon acquired Disney stores. In 2012 they united with Nina footwear, and in 2013 launched Ruum American Kid’s Wear for both boys and girls.

With a hefty amount of past experience and technical knowledge needed for creating amazing kids clothing, Ezra understood that there was a market for clothing young girls as parents were frustrated at the challenges of bringing young children into stores.

With Kidpik, Ezra’s goal is to “remove all the difficulty, time and guesswork from your shopping experience” through the use of proprietary algorithms, and well-trained stylists.  Every item that Kidpik sells is curated and designed in their NYC studio specifically for girls ages 4-12 years old.

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