Kidbox Review - Children's Clothing Subscription Box (Worth It?)


KidBox is a subscription box service that offers fashionable clothing brands for parents who wish to dress their children and babies stylishly. The service delivers between six and seven personally styled outfits each month. Parents can potentially save $150 on average because you can return the clothes with no charge and size swaps are free. Once signed up, the box is sent out to customers 7 to 10 days after it ships from the warehouse.


How It Works

Becoming a subscriber through Kidbox means you have two options. You can opt for the "Try Before you Buy Box," or the "Build Your Own Box."

Try Before You Buy Box

First, you'll take a style quiz. That involves telling Kidbox about your child's size, likes, dislikes, style, and so on. There's a notes section where you can include any additional information you want stylists to know.

Next, it's time to place your order. After placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email. As soon as your package ships out, you'll receive tracking information in another email.

When you receive your package, you'll have a seven-day trial period for your child to try everything on and make decisions. You can decide which clothing items you want to keep, exchange, and return. If you don't return anything before the end of the trial, then Kidbox assumes you want to keep everything.

For every box you keep, you choose an organization you want Kidbox to donate clothing to after your box is confirmed. Just log into your account and make a selection.

Build Your Own Box

Here's an opportunity for you and your child to look through a list of stylist curated options. Then, you can decide which ones will be in your box. Each build-your-own-box is prepaid and, at checkout, your account will be charged.

You have thirty days to return items in your box. Each season, stylists will add new items to your list. That way, there's always something you and your child can select.

Signing up is a straightforward process and outlined on Kidbox's website in simple terms. You'll be asked to fill out a quiz asking questions about your child's gender, name, age, and sizes. Then, a series of multiple-choice questions will appear with several options you can "heart."

When you decide to keep everything in your box and Kidbox confirms this, that’s when it’s time to talk to your child about social responsibility. Kidbox is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with your child looking at the new clothes in subscription boxes and picking out a charity. The main reason is that, for every box you keep, Kidbox donates a new outfit to a charity you and your child picks.

Log into your account, check that your box has confirmation, and then talk to your child about which charity you want to pick.

What Makes KidBox Unique?

Two of the things that make Kidbox a unique business model are the company's mission to help bring families together and how they embrace social responsibility. Families come together for the "surprise element" each subscription box brings. Then, they can discuss social responsibility when choosing a charity Kidbox will send an outfit to following their order.

Every subscription box also includes surprises. The boxes are designed to be colored, so children will find a set of crayons. They’ll also find high-quality merchandise include sippy cups, backpacks, small toys, and more.

What We Like

  • The customer service is excellent.
  • There's never any charge for returns.
  • Affordable clothing that is high-quality and durable.
  • check
    Unless you choose "Build Your Own Box," charges don't occur until after your child tries items.
  • check
    Children try items in the comfort of their own home.

What Could Be Better

  • If you have a picky child, there's no control unless you opt for the "Build Your Own Box."
  • You can't try on two sizes at the same time.
  • If you forget to edit your order, you're still on auto-shipment.

Pricing & What’s Included

Even though all Kidbox subscribers have access to the same options, their boxes may differ slightly. After deciding if you want to try before you buy of you want to build your own box, there’s another option for selecting a themed box.

Try Before You Buy Box

If you decide to opt for the "Try Before You Buy Box," then the charge for that is $98. You won't see a multi-box or membership discount. Instead, savings are passed directly to the consumer. When you receive your box, it includes a packing list detailing what each clothing item retails for and what Kidbox charges. So, you can see the savings you're incurring.

There's also a "Baby" Try Before You Buy Box. You'll receive between four and five items in this Kidbox subscription. The cost is $68 if you decide to keep everything in the box. (Plus tax.) The average price per item is between $14 and $16.

Don't worry if there are items your child doesn't like in the box. There's a prepaid shipping envelope included in your box. You only have to pay for the things you're keeping.

Build Your Own Box

If you opt for the "Build Your Own Box," those are prepaid and based on size:

  • Size 2T, 2 looks: $58 plus tax. You'll receive two looks and four items.
  • Size 2T, four looks: $98 plus tax. You'll receive four looks and eight items.
  • Infant to 24 months: sizes 0-3 months and 18-24 months, it's $68 for six looks.

Choose a Themed Box

You can also find themed Kidboxes, as well, as part of the company’s Disney collection. These boxes include a Minnie Kidbox, Mickey Kidbox, and Star Wars Kidbox. They're each $48 and include high-quality products, clothing, and surprises.

KidBox Reviews

Facebook and GooglePlay have a steady mix of positive reviews equally distributed across both sites for Kidbox. You’ll also see some consumers who have mixed opinions skewing these results.

When you visit the company's Facebook page, you'll see a variety of community posts ranging from those that include pictures and some that are contextual. Consumers generally talk about what they receive in their subscription boxes, how much they love the selection, and they're satisfied with the style.

Some of the posts include photographs of how excited children are to receive their boxes and consumer's experiences depicted in photos or video receiving their first box. You'll find comments asking questions that are either answered by the person making the post or Kidbox.

There's also a mix of consumers expressing dissatisfaction with their experience with shipping delays. Kidbox responded to that customer promptly with an email address and phone number the customer could use. Another customer reported having issues with their card not working on the site. However, that issue was immediately addressed by Kidbox.

The amount of user-generated content on the company’s Facebook community page is exciting, particularly to those who are new to Kidbox. It shows the level of commitment Kidbox has to customer service, and how much dedication they have to ensure children are happy.

For those who use the Kidbox ordering app through Google Play, you'll find a wide variety of reviews. Out of 534 total reviews, Kidbox receives an average 4.6-star rating. Consumers talk about how much they love the subscription service, quality of merchandise, and styles.

Consumers also remark about how they love the mix of styles they receive in each box, that the concept is incredible, and that their kids love all the extras they find in the box.

You'll find a mix of reviews talking about how the ordering app isn't working the way they thought it would. Some consumers also reported that they thought the clothing styles would be more exciting.

Overall, between both review sites, consumers agree that this is the best kids clothing subscription service. They're happy with the prices, brands, and that the company supports charities.

Here's a video review from Katie Can't Even:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions subscribers commonly ask about Kidbox.

How do I contact customer service?

If you experience any issues with your Kidbox subscriptions, there are three ways you can reach the company:

  • Visit the “Contact Us” page to fill out the contact form.
  • Send a direct email to
  • Call the customer care team at 1-(877)-413-3514.

When do subscription boxes ship?

A shipment typically takes at least three weeks at the beginning of each season. Stylists carefully curate every subscription box to ensure it suits your child's style. Throughout the season, from the time an order starts, expect it to take approximately two weeks for shipments to occur. Once your stylist completes your order and processing is complete at the warehouse, it should take between two and seven days to arrive at your location.

How do I exchange items for a different size?

You'll never be charged if you need to exchange items. Once you receive your box, log into your account. Provide information regarding the details of your exchange. That includes the size of your current items and the size you need for the exchange. There's a mailing pouch enclosed in your subscription box. Enclose the unworn items you want to exchange with the original tags. Affix the prepaid label and drop the pouch in the mail. It's only possible to swap sizes one time per item.

How do I use a gift card?

If you're a new customer, using a gift card isn't difficult at all. Take the Kidbox style quiz first. Then, when checking out for your Try Before You Buy Box, enter the gift card code into the section for promo codes.

Existing customers can also use gift cards. In the gift card section under "My Account," click on "Redeem Gift Card," and enter the gift card code. Then, when you're charged for your next Try Before You Buy Box, the balance will be applied.

Company History

Launched in 2015 by Haim Dabah, Kidbox initially carried thirty children's clothing brands as part of their monthly subscription service. Today, the company has expanded to include nearly two hundred brands for children ages newborn to fourteen. Some of the brands include Adidas, Diesel, DKNY, Jessica Simpson, Puma, and more.

The company doesn't disclose its financials or customer base. However, they do comment that their community is growing and reaches over a million "fans" and email subscribers.

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