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Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a monthly supply of adorable kawaii items from Japan and Korea. Each month, subscribers receive cute things like toys, stuffed animals, writing tools and accessories, candy, snacks and more. Since many of the items included in each box come from Japan or Korea and aren’t available in the US, this box is a great opportunity to buy fun kawaii items that you can’t get anywhere else. Subscription boxes ship at the end of each month, and due to the fact they’re shipping from Japan, it can take two or three weeks to receive your box each month.


Pricing & What’s Included

There are a few different subscription options offered to fit the different needs of subscribers.

One Month

Six Months

Twelve Months

$19.90 / month

$18.90 / month

$18.20 / month

As you can see, subscribing for a longer term gets you a lower price each month. If you subscribe for a year, it’s like getting one box for free.

Each box contains between eight and ten adorable kawaii items each month that you’d have a hard time finding stateside. Here’s an idea of the things that have been included in recent boxes:

September 2017

  • Hello Kitty Tin Pencil Case
  • Disney Ufufu Plushie
  • Uranaikko Colored Pencils
  • Fairy Tale Hair Pins
  • Happy Nikukyu Cat Paw Gummies
  • Kawaii Hand Sanitizer Bottle
  • Korean Diary Deco Stickers
  • Little Animals Stationery Set
  • Unicorn Squishy Charm
  • Washi Masking Tape Set

August 2017

  • Outshine The Sun Bottle
  • Sanrio Plush Pencil Bag
  • Kanahei Plushie
  • Sumikko Gurashi Stickers
  • Pompompurin Pudding Gummies
  • Milky Color Ink Pen
  • Sweet Kiss Cherry Lip Gloss
  • Sparkle Rainbow Slinky
  • Cute Stamp Highlighter
  • Kawaii Tofu Squishy

Other Options 

The Kawaii Box is powered by Blippo. Blippo is practically a one-stop shop for all things kawaii. So, if you’re looking to purchase some cute items you won’t be able to find elsewhere but aren’t sure if the subscription box is for you, you might want to take a closer look at Blippo. On their site, you’ll find everything from candy and snacks to stationary, pens, pencils, stuffed animals, magazines, home decor items and more. Blippo ships worldwide, and shipping is always free no matter where you’re located.

Kawaii Box Review

When it comes to reviews, they all seem to be pretty unanimous: People LOVE Kawaii Box. They have a trust score of 8.3 on Trustpilot, and every review they have is five stars.

Many reviewers have sung their praises, claiming that this is the absolute best box for kawaii items. Considering that there are more than a few different kawaii boxes available, that’s some pretty impressive praise. Several other reviewers have made comments about how amazed they are with the quality of the items and the value they’re receiving.

Reviewers from other countries seem particularly appreciative of the value they’re receiving since shipping is free worldwide. Most other subscription boxes charge as much as $20 in addition to the cost of the box for the price of international shipping.

In fact, we were unable to find a single negative review about this service, which is fairly uncommon for subscription services. Usually, at least a few customers are unhappy with the terms or auto-renewal policy of the service. That isn’t the case with this company. So, it seems that you can rest assured that this box is a great option for anyone looking for adorable kawaii accessories.

When Does It Ship?

Boxes ship towards the end of each month. Depending on where you live, delivery can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Certain countries, like Canada, Central America, and South America, for example, may take even longer for delivery.

One of the coolest features of this box is that they ship worldwide and shipping is free no matter where you are. We have no idea how they’re able to offer free worldwide shipping, but we’re not complaining.

Keep in mind that your first box can take longer to reach you, depending on when you’ve subscribed. According to their website, if you place an order in September, the first box you’ll receive will be the October edition. If you place an order in November, your first box will be the December edition and so on.

Customer Service Information

You can reach the customer service department through many different methods.

  • Email: hello@kawaiibox.com
  • Text (WhatsApp): +852 5487 3996
  • Facebook Messenger

All messages are answered by the customer service department within one business day.

In addition to these methods, you’ll also find answers to many popular questions on the site’s FAQ page.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel your membership to this service quickly and easily. Just log into your account on their website, and you’ll be able to cancel or modify your account at any time.

Keep in mind that boxes are billed and shipped towards the end of the month, so you’ll want to submit your cancellation request before then to ensure that it’s received before you’re billed for the next month’s box. If you log into your account and already see a tracking number for the next month’s box, it’s too late to cancel for that month, and your request won’t take effect until the following month’s box.

Unlike many other subscription services which offer longer terms, Kawaii Box does not automatically renew your subscription when it expires. So, if you subscribed to a longer term, you won’t have to worry about them charging your card again at the end of the term. By the same token, if you’re interested in continuing your subscription after your initial term has ended, you’ll need to be sure to go into your account and renew your subscription manually to ensure you’ll continue to receive your boxes without interruption.

Company History

This subscription service is operated by Blippo, one of the largest online retailers of kawaii culture and gifts. Kawaii Box got started in 2014, and they’ve been delighting subscribers ever since with their adorable subscription box. 

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