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JackedPack is a monthly subscription box that delivers samples of the latest and greatest in personal supplements to your front door. Each delivery includes 5-10 samples selected for you based on your custom profile. Samples don’t typically have retail value. Instead, the value here is in acquiring new products and/or products from new and upcoming brands that you might not have otherwise heard of as well as having samples show up directly on your doorstep, as sometimes these can be difficult to acquire. Your first box ships fairly quickly; if you join by the 23rd of the month, your first box will ship by the end of the month.


Pricing & What’s Included 

This box for fitness enthusiasts offers four tiers to choose from. Before receiving their first box, members fill out a profile. The company recommends that you be as detailed in this profile as possible, so they can send you the most relevant products. For example, some samples are just for women or are based on a specific flavor preference of fitness goal. 

Members have received supplements from a variety of brands, including top sports nutrition brands such as BSN, MusclePharm, and Cellucor. 

Members can purchase a month-to-month membership, a six-month membership, or an annual membership. All prices include shipping, which is very helpful to the cost-conscious consumer.





Total Billed








The six month membership is a great deal and offers one free box. The annual option offers an even better value by providing three free boxes total. 

Each box contains 5-10 samples. The first box also contains double samples and a shaker cup.

The company bills for month-to-month plans on the 10th of every month, and auto-renews the six-month and annual plans for the seventh and thirteenth months, respectively. 

Other Options: 

You can also purchase a JackedPack to give someone as a gift. The company offers a single, six-month, or annual gift option and provides a letter you can print and put in an envelope. This could be a great option for somebody in your life who loves trying new fitness practices and especially enjoys hearing about new supplements before everyone else does. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to call the company later to cancel your gift, so it does not auto-renew and charge you again. 

The company also has a shop on its website that includes many of the products it samples and includes over six thousand reviews from its members, who have tried the products as samples. This huge amount of reviews can be especially helpful, as supplements can quickly add up in price, and most people appreciate knowing the product has worked for many others before purchasing. 

JackedPack Review 

We have scoured the internet, but outside of the company’s own website and reviews, we have not been able to find any reputable reviews. Please check back soon for updates to this section.

When Does It Ship? 

The subscription box for muscle builders and fitness nuts ships between the 13th-16th each month. New customers who order between the 10th-23rd will be shipped their first pack by the 30th or will see their pack ship by the 16th if they order before the 10th of the month. 

Shipping is currently only available in the United States. However the company’s website states it is working to expand international options. 

Customer Service Information 

To reach this company for customer support questions or issues, you may contact them via email or telephone at the numbers listed below:

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    Email: help@jackedpack.com
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    Phone: 800-756-7662 (available 24 hours a day 7 days a week)

How Do I Cancel? 

Canceling appears to be highly discouraged unless you have a monthly membership. If that’s the case, you can call the company to request that your account is canceled, stopping further auto-renewals and shipments. 

If you have purchased a six-month or annual membership, you may only cancel in the first month. Doing so enables you to opt out of auto-renewal billing and monthly package delivery and you will receive a refund for unused months (the company does not make clear whether the discount you save on those plans is prorated or removed altogether). 

However, after the first month, you are not able to receive any refunds for your six-month or annual plan. You may cancel further auto-renewals, but you will still receive your packages every month. There is no way to stop that. 

To cancel, there is one single step: calling the company via the telephone number listed above. Some might wish they could simply email or handle the account cancellation on the website, but the company is available to be reached 24/7 by phone.

Company History 

JackedPack was started by two former Harvard roommates, Zak Tanjeloff and Alex Lewis. The two enjoyed working out together and in 2012 partnered together to create a brand that would take advantage of the growing nutritional supplement market. 

Before starting their sports nutrition company, Lewis was team captain of the Harvard men’s track team. He went on to set a school record in the Heptathlon and won 2nd all-time in the Decathlon. Today, he is the cofounder of PrettyFit, a nutrition company aimed at women. 

Tanjeloff is an American entrepreneur and angel investor. Prior to starting his subscription supplement discovery service, he built and founded DLP Mobile, a software development company. In 2016, he went on to win the Audience and Grand Prize Awards at the Sundance Festival with The Birth of a Nation, a film he co-produced with director and actor Nate Parker. 

Tanjeloff and Lewis sold the firm to an e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington, in 2014. Ideoclick, the large firm that acquired Lewis and Tanjeloff’s brainchild and itself the product of two former Amazon employees, saw the acquisition as an opportunity to find a place in the rapidly growing sports nutrition industry and since then has aimed at improving efficiency and leveraging the larger firm’s infrastructure to improve service and profits. 

You can learn more about the initial JackedPack concept by watching this video: 

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