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home chef review

Home Chef is a meal subscription service that delivers healthy, fresh ingredients to your door. Each delivery contains the ingredients you need to make meals you pre-select. Meal kits often seem high compared to grocery stores, but you are paying for the convenience factor, which makes their high cost relative. Members receive weekly deliveries of their favorite meals.


How It Works

Home Chef is a wonderful option for all types of people, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have a family to feed.

The type of person that gravitates toward this meal kit is someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to meal prep or go to the grocery store. It’s someone who loves cooking and wants a food subscription service to make the process more relaxed while still allowing them to prepare the food.

And that’s exactly what Home Chef does. You select the meals you want to eat for the week online. The subscription service then includes all the ingredients needed to make those meals, which are carefully packaged and labeled before delivery. There are also options to receive smoothies and fresh fruit, though pantry basics like salt, pepper, and oil are not included.

To sign up, enter your email to create an account on the website or the app. Then browse the meals available and choose the ones you’d like to eat from the 38 recipes that change weekly. Enter your credit card information, and get ready to receive your first order, which comes to you in an insulated box.

What Makes Home Chef Unique?

Meal kit subscriptions are nothing new, so why should you choose Home Chef over the others? What makes this company unique?

What this meal kit service does differently than others is that they focus on using only high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally, when possible. Their emphasis is on working with partners who practice sustainability to lower the environmental impact of the service, which makes them a standout in this industry. 

And while all food subscriptions are great for busy individuals who have little time to cook, they do vary in the amount of preparation required to get the meals on the table. Home Chef requires you to do some preparation and some cooking, which is perfect for people who love to cook but don’t have time to meal prep or go grocery shopping.

Plus, the meals are an excellent blend of traditional choices with dishes that stand out in some way—but not too much.

What We Like

  • All dinners can be prepared within just 30 minutes
  • Food requires some preparation and cooking, so if you enjoy that, you’ll love this service
  • Vegetarian and meat options available
  • check
    Easy-to-follow recipes that include helpful tips to read before you begin
  • check
    Lots of choices available
  • check
    Oven-ready options available if you need some easier choices

What Could Be Better

  • Delivery does not include Hawaii or Alaska
  • Foods require some preparation and cooking. We did list that as a pro, but it could be a con for some people who want to get dinner ready as fast as possible

Pricing & What’s Included

With Home Chef, you pay per serving, and the meals come in either two or four servings. There are four categories of meals you can choose from, and you pick the number of meals you want to receive in your box.


  • Two servings for $19.90
  • Four servings for $39.80

5-Minute Lunch

  • Two servings for $15.98
  • Four servings for $31.96


  • Two servings for $9.90
  • Four servings for $19.80

Premium Meal

  • Special Menu Items
  • Market Price

If your order is more than $49, delivery is free. For orders less than $49, shipping costs $10, so it’s worth ordering a bit more to get the free delivery.

Home Chef Reviews

What do real customers say about their experience with Home Chef?

The company has a 5-star rating on TrustPilot based on 1,746 reviews and a 9.1 out of 10 TrustScore. Their TrustPilot profile reveals that the brand has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Customers repeatedly mention how easy the meals are to prepare, the high quality of the food delivered to them, and the variety of options available. The recipe cards are also a big hit because they make the service incredibly user-friendly. Users are also pleased with customer service’s response in the case of missing or damaged foods.

Negative comments were few and far between, and the negative feedback was typical of a meal kit service. Most complaints were regarding the high price of meals and occasional issues with late deliveries or wilted food. Again, even in these instances, customers mentioned that customer service helped resolved the issue promptly.

Here's a recent unboxing video from SimpliSimple: 

Frequently Asked Questions

To help round out this Home Chef review, here are some frequently asked questions about the service.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Home Chef makes canceling your subscription easy. All you have to do is log in to your account, click “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard, and then go to the “Account Information” tab. Scroll to the “Delivery Details” section and click on “Pause Your Subscription.” 

You’ll be asked the reason why you’re stopping your subscription and then directed to a page confirming cancellation.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

There are two ways to reach customer service. You can message them on their website or call at (872)-225-2433. The phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm CT and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm CT.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Boxes ship weekly from Monday through Friday. You can log in to your account to select the day of the week that you prefer to receive deliveries, though your choice of delivery day will vary depending on your location.

How Long Is Home Chef Good for?

How long the food will last and knowing which meals to cook first is a prime concern with any meal kit subscription. You can find this information on the recipe card that comes with each order, which tells you how many days you have to cook the meal after receiving the delivery. In general, fish and seafood should be cooked first.

Does Home Chef Have Diabetic Meals?

Home Chef doesn’t have diabetic meals per se, but this service is excellent for those with diabetes. Nutritional information is easy to find and understand, allowing people with diabetes an easy way to watch their sugar intake. It can also help in maintaining a diabetic meal plan, as the macro-nutrients in each meal are clearly labeled.  

Company History

The last part of this Home Chef review is a brief history of the company. Pat Vihtelic founded Home Chef in 2013, and the company is based in Chicago. Mr. Vihtelic’s passion for fresh food and bringing Midwestern flavors to those who crave it was the driving idea behind starting a meal-kit delivery service. 

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mr. Vihtelic’s interests have always been the intersection of business and technology, and his meal-kit idea took off rapidly. In 2017, Wal-Mart began carrying Home Chef products, and Kroger acquired the company in 2018. It has facilities in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Bernardino, California, and shows no signs of slowing down.

You can hear Mr. Vihtelic talk about the company in the video below.

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