Hiker Crate Review: Monthly Hiking Gear and Snacks Subscription Box

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Hiker Crate is a monthly hiking subscription box for outdoor adventurers. You can expect to receive 2 to 3 hiking tools or gear items as well as 3 to 6 healthy hiking snacks each month. Each box costs $35. The company doesn’t state the exact value received because the items inside are sourced from new providers on a monthly basis. All boxes are shipped between the 17th and 19th of each month.


How It Works

This premium outdoor adventure subscription box is specifically curated with hikers of all skill levels in mind.

The goal of the Hiker Crate Box is to “fuel your outdoor adventures every month” by supplying you with some of the best trail mixes, trail bars, camping meals, and other tasty treats in addition to new hiking gear.

Each box contains 2 to 3 premium gear items in addition to 3 to 4 healthy snacks. Some of the food items you can expect include:

  • Trail Mix
  • Trail Bars
  • Beef Jerky
  • check
    Dehydrated Meals
  • check
    Fruit Leather

Because the company consistently partners with new suppliers, you will likely be introduced to new outdoor brands. 

Get started with this monthly hiking subscription box by clicking the “Get Started” or “Subscribe” button on their website.

From here, you will select from the four plan options before entering your billing info to create your new account!

What Makes Hiker Crate Unique?

Hiker Crate sets itself apart from the competition by consistently sourcing its items from the new manufacturers. 

Rather than relying on the same manufacturers every month, the curation team constantly explores new brands by including ever-changing items in each box.

These hiking and outdoor items are sourced both from the top outdoor brands as well as new up-and-coming companies that have not yet become mainstream.

In addition to hiking snacks and hiking meals, each monthly subscription box includes two to three premium gear items, such as water bottles, hammocks, emergency whistles, camping knives, and clothing. It's perfect for any backpacker! 

All of the included items are specifically curated to your personal preferences, including your gender, shirt size, shoe size, and more. 

What We Like

  • A wide variety of snacks and outdoor items
  • Items from top brands and up-and-coming companies
  • Tailored to your preferences and clothing sizes
  • check
    A good introduction to new outdoor brands
  • check
    Great packaging and presentation

What Could Be Better

  • Not able to customize snacks or meals
  • Some food items are small
  • Not able to request certain items for food allergies

Pricing & What’s Included

Hiker Crate Box currently offers only one option for their subscription box.

It comes with: 2 to 3 premium gear items and 3 to 6 healthy snacks! 

A subscription to this service also earns you discounts with many of the most highly-rated outdoor companies.

Although only one type of box is offered, you have four different plan options that dictate the length of the plan and the cost of the monthly payment.

These plan options are: 

  • 1-Month - $35.00 per month
  • 3-Months - $43.00 per month
  • 6-Months - $32.33 per month
  • check
    12-Months - $30.00 per month

Even though you don’t get to directly choose what snacks, meals, gear, tools, and other items that you receive, the company makes sure that you get a wide variety of items in each box.

Furthermore, it’s rare to receive repeat items from month to month, even if you sign up for a full year 12-month subscription. 

The company is constantly experimenting with new brands and suppliers. This constant experimentation is reflected in the variety of items in their monthly boxes.

Hiker Crate Reviews

We took a look at the reviews for this company provided on Cratejoy.  

Out of just 10 total customer reviews, the majority are overwhelming positive while a handful are mixed reviews that note positive and negative aspects of the experience.

The company maintains a 4.4 rating out of 5 total stars with 70% 5-star reviews and 30% 3-star reviews.

The positive online reviewers state that they are happy with the quality and variety of the items included in each monthly box.

These subscribers also mention that they are impressed with the reliability of the boxes, both in terms of shipping, overall presentation and packaging, and the items included.

Many positive reviewers claim that not only is the box a great way to add new hiking items to their outdoor collection, but it also serves as a solid method of learning about new brands.

A few of the mixed reviews point out what seems to be the main negative experience with this hiking subscription box: that you can’t select your preferred items.

It seems that some reviewers would prefer more flexibility, such as the ability to customize their boxes with their favorite snacks, meals, and other items. 

Here's a quick video review from Victoria Moffat-Dixon that shows what was included in a recent delivery:  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Hiker Crate Box.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

There’s no “contact” or “customer service” page readily available on the company’s website. 

In fact, tracking down the customer service contact information is difficult. Your best bet is to contact them directly on one of their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. 

When Does It Ship Every Month?

All orders are typically shipped around the 17th to 19th of each month. You are billed on the 28th of the previous month. All items are shipped with USPS priority mail.

Can I Return Items If I’m Not Happy?

The company doesn’t allow you to return individual items. 

However, they do accept full returns even though they don’t accept partial returns. You must return all of the items for the return.

All of the items must be unopened and returned within five days of receiving the box. You must cover all shipping costs associated with the return yourself. 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

It’s easy to cancel your subscription at any time. 

Just log into your account, click “cancel”, and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service team for more help.

Remember to cancel before the 28th of the month. This is when the next month’s box is billed out.

You must cancel at least 5 days before the 28th of the month to prevent being charged for the next month’s subscription box.

Note that when you cancel multiple-month subscriptions early, you are simply ensuring that the subscription does not automatically renew itself. You will continue receiving the hiking boxes until the end of the plan.

Can I Get International Shipping?

International shipping isn’t currently offered for this hiking subscription box. The company only ships to customers in the United States. 

Company History

Hiker Crate is a monthly subscription service created for hikers by hikers. 

Davis, the company’s founder, decided to start the monthly hiking subscription box because he noticed the vast variety of gear, products, and snacks available – and how often they were overlooked by the average hiker.

The goal was to develop a service that made it easier for hikers and outdoor adventurers to learn about new products and brands without going out of their way.

Since it was founded, the company has grown widely with customers all across the United States, yet the team remains small and tight-knit.

According to the company, their mission is still the same, to “explore new outdoors companies, we you can explore the outdoors.”

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