Gwynnie Bee Review: Everything You Need To Know About The Plus Size Clothing Subscription For Women

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Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service that allows you to rent gently used clothes for a flat fee. Unlike other clothing subscriptions, this one will enable you to choose the styles you love, which are included in your delivery. Savings vary depending on the subscription tier but can be anywhere from $552-$966. Members can expect to receive a box within 2-3 days of signing up.


How It Works

Gwynnie Bee is the perfect subscription box for women looking to discover fashion gems, try new trends, and expand their style with new brands. This fashion freedom is thanks to the fact that you’re borrowing clothes from Gwynnie Bee’s collection. Wear them as long as you like, and if you fall in love with something, you can even buy the piece outright.

To receive new items, all you have to do is send back the clothes you’ve borrowed. Shipping and returns are free, and so is cleaning. The price of your box includes a certain number of items that you can have “checked out” at a time, so you decide how many articles of clothing you’ll receive each time. You can rent as few as one article of clothing to up to ten pieces. 

To sign up, head over to the website, pop in your email address, and start browsing Gwynnie Bee’s collection of clothing. You have to add a minimum number of pieces you like to your virtual closet. After your virtual closet has been completed, you’ll receive your first shipment.

What Makes Gwynnie Bee Unique?

The concept of renting has been around for a long time. All we have to do is look around to see things we’ve rented, like cars, movies, and homes. Clothes never came to mind when thinking of things we rent, until Gwynnie Bee came along. This idea of “clothing as a service” has made us redefine the way we think of garments.

Mostly, Gwynnie Bee made us rethink whether owning our clothes was truly necessary. In the case of wardrobe basics, the answer is yes. But for women who want to try new trends or new styles, renting clothes may be the smarter option. It also allows them access to less affordable brands. Plus, renting clothes frees up prime real estate in women’s closets.

Sizing, however, is what makes this company stand out the most. Though sizes range from 0-32, Gwynnie Bee started as a plus-size service and still caters to that market. They won’t carry lines that don’t have plus-size options, thereby encouraging brands to diversify sizing to be more inclusive. The company provides exceptional variety and styles for plus size women.

What We Like

  • The service is an excellent way for people with small closets to have variety in their wardrobes
  • It's super easy to try new things risk-free
  • check
    Unlimited access to tons of wardrobe choices
  • check
    Expensive brands at affordable prices
  • Encourages inclusivity

What Could Be Better

  • Shipping is not fast in every state
  • Prices are a bit high for clothes you don’t keep
  • Too many dresses
  • check
    Quality may vary

Pricing & What’s Included

You can start with a free 30-day trial that allows you to have two items out at a time so you can see if you like the service. You need a credit card to sign up, but you won’t be charged until the trial is over. After that, there are several tiers for subscription plans.

  • 1 item for $49.00
  • 2 items for $69.00
  • check
    3 items for $95.00
  • check
    5 items for $139.00
  • 7 items for $179.00
  • 10 items for $199.00

Gwynnie Bee Reviews

This Gwynnie Bee review wouldn’t be complete without analyzing what actual customers have to say about the company. It has 222 consumer reviews on HighYa, with a 4 out of 5-star rating.

In general, customers like the ease of use, wide range of clothing options, and the fact that the service allows them to step outside their comfort zone and price range—an especially essential feature for women in the business world who need to look put together.

While most of the comments were positive, it’s vital to look at all the reviews, not just the favorable ones. Doing so allows you to get a complete picture of the company’s ethics and see if there’s anything you should know before signing up. In this case, none of the negative reviews raised any serious red flags about Gwynnie Bee.

The most common complaints were about the prices, which some considered high for clothing you don’t own, and shipping wait times. Another complaint was that there is no way to pause your account without losing all your clothing history.

Here's a video review from Pointe Boutique: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Gwynnie Bee’s subscription service.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

If you do not love the service, canceling is simple. Just log into your account, go to account settings, and click on the button to cancel.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach Gwynnie Bee via phone, at 1-855-499-6643, or via email at

When Does It Ship?

Once you’ve finished adding items to your virtual closet, your box will be shipped. There is a 2-3 day processing period, and once your order is ready, it is shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-4 business days.

All subsequent orders work a bit differently: once you return (or purchase) the items you’ve rented, expect to receive new ones within 2-3 days. There is a feature on the website to notify Gwynnie Bee that you are sending back the items so they can start to prepare your next box. Notifying them early speeds up the process.

Is Gwynnie Bee For Plus Size Only?

You may think of plus size garments when you think of Gwynnie Bee, and with good reason. When the brand started, they only carried sizes 10-32. While their focus is still on that size range, in January 2018 they decided to also include sizes 0 through 8.

This change was brought on by the company’s promise of inclusivity. They realized that the only way to be genuinely all-encompassing was to carry sizes for everyone. At the same time, as we mentioned before, they promote their goal of size inclusivity by requiring any brands that partner with Gwynnie Bee to produce plus size clothing.

Are Gwynnie Bee Clothes Clean?

When clothes are returned, they undergo a rigorous cleaning process before they can be sent to a new customer. Garments are inspected three times and are hand packed so that you receive only the best quality items.

Company History

To conclude this Gwynnie Bee review, here’s a little bit more about the company. Christine Hunsicker, co-founder and CEO, brought it to life in 2011 in Long Island City, NY. The premise of Gwynnie Bee was to allow women of all sizes to have access to clothing that made them feel confident and beautiful.

Ms. Hunsicker is a trailblazer in this industry. She has since created a platform called CaaStle (Clothing as a Service) that allows fashion companies to do the same thing as Gwynnie Bee—rent out part of their inventory for a flat fee.

You can hear Ms. Hunsicker speak about the company here.

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