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Goddess Provisions is a monthly feminine spiritual practice subscription box. Each delivery contains 4 to 6 carefully selected teas, beauty supplies, superfood snacks, and spiritual growth tools. Members can expect to save approximately 50% compared to retail in addition to other various perks. Boxes are typically received between a day and a week of the ship date, depending on the delivery address.


Pricing & What’s Included

This box for fans of feminine spiritual empowerment can be purchased via monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual subscription plans.



1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


Subscription Details

The plans start at $33.00 per month, and all lengths of subscription are pre-paid. The company suggests that the products in each monthly box are valued at around $60.00 to $70.00 in total. 

Each curated subscription box contains 4 to 6 full-sized, vegan and cruelty-free items designed to promote feminine spirituality. These items can include:

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    Aromatherapy materials
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    Superfood snacks
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    Apothecary beauty products
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We appreciate the company’s wide range of products offered in each subscription box, and how none of the items offered seems out of place with their overall mission of spiritual practice.

We do hope that the company does eventually offer a price break with their three-month subscription box. Keeping its price the same as the monthly box offers no incentive to join for a longer term without having to jump into the bi-annual subscription box plan.

Other Options

The company also features an online shop featuring specially curated boxes that are set apart from the typical monthly subscription box. These special boxes contain several set products like what you may find in a subscription box, with the one difference being that you know what you will be receiving in the box. The online shop also features a handful of singular items, such as pins and facial rollers. Gift cards are also available in the online shop and can be purchased at a price range from $33.00 to $333.00.

Goddess Provisions Review

We have scoured the internet for feedback on the company and its subscription boxes, and have not been able to find any thus far. Please check back soon for updates to this section.

When Does it Ship?

According to the Goddess Provisions website, first time subscribers will have their initial subscription box shipped by the 20th of each month. If you already have a subscription, your subscription box will be shipped during the first week of the new month.

If you order a product or a gift shop box, you can expect those purchases to be shipped within five to seven business days of the purchase unless otherwise noted on the product’s webpage. These items are shipped one at a time, meaning that multiple orders may be received on multiple days.

All packages are shipped via United States Postal Service from Tempe, Arizona. Those residing in in Arizona or in the states surrounding Arizona should receive their boxes in about a day or two of the shipping date. Those living elsewhere in the United States should expect to get their subscription boxes no later than a week.

Shipping within the United States is included with the subscription box service. Those living in Canada will be charged a $15 shipping rate, and those living in other countries will be charged a $25 shipping rate.

Customer Service Information

You can contact the company’s customer service via e-mail. 

You can also find plenty of information on the company’s FAQ page.

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Beauty Heroes monthly subscription box service, you can easily cancel. 

The cancellation process is as follows:

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    Login to access your account page.
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    Click the blue Edit button, located under the account page’s “Your Subscription(s)” section.
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    Click the “Cancel Subscription” option located on the bottom left of the page.

The company also makes it easy for you to skip your next renewal if you just want to take a break from your subscription service. The process to skip a box is as follows:

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    Login to access your account page.
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    Click the blue Edit button, located under the account page’s “Your Subscription(s)” section.
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    Click the “Skip Next Renewal” option located on the top right of the page

You can cancel your service at any time prior to your subscription box’s renewal date. For instance, if you cancel your six-month service one month into your subscription, you will still receive the remaining boxes owed to you within the run of the subscription. Monthly subscriptions also auto renew on either the 27th or the 28th, depending on what time zone you reside. The company advises that if you wish to cancel your monthly subscription service, you do so by the 26th to avoid an automatic subscription renewal and, ultimately, an automatic subscription fee.

Company History

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, this company was co-founded by Jill Pyle in September 2015. The company was created to bring about connection within the feminine self; one that simultaneously grows a woman’s spiritual practice.

It is a connection that the company realizes isn't made through just one component. According to the company, it's made through a combination of simple pleasures and spiritual focus, which ultimately nourishes the link existing between mind, body, soul, and surroundings. These elements can be as basic as petting a kitten, writing out things that make one grateful or drinking green juice. They can also be complex, such as charging crystals under a full moon or participating in Reiki sessions. Whatever the approach, they lead to the same path. The company's subscription boxes aim to provide goods for that sacred journey.

There are plenty of clientele that is happy to join in that mission. This Youtube video acts as a walk-through for unpacking one of the subscription boxes. The video gives a solid demonstration of what Goddess Provisions provides their customers in their boxes, and in a way, what they try to achieve.

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