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gobble review

Gobble is a meal kit delivery service that delivers recipes with no prep work. All the recipes can be made in 15 minutes. Servings start at $11.99 per serving and vary depending on the plan you choose. Each meal box comes with the ingredients peeled, chopped, and marinated so all you have to do is the cooking! Meals are delivered weekly right to your front door.


How It Works

Dinnerly is a meal kit subscription box that delivers easy recipes to your door weekly. Members receive a minimum of 2 meals (4-servings) per week and each serving is $11.99 for dinner. Members are able to choose if they want dinner or lunch from Gobble. The two are separate plans, so you can’t mix and match the type of meals you receive.

Gobble also enables members to skip a delivery or have meal kits delivered every two weeks. The company strives to be flexible to help suit their customer’s needs and busy lifestyles.

Signing up for Gobble is simple:

  • Click “get started” on the home page
  • Select your plan
  • Set your location
  • Review your delivery details
  • Insert your payment information
  • Choose your meals for the week

The lunch plan differs from the dinner plan slightly. Every week, Gobble will send 3 lunch kits (makes 6 lunches) that you make in 90 minutes on the weekend. The price per serving varies from $7.98 to 11.47, depending on the choices you make for protein, veggies, and starch. The lunch plan is a pre-paid monthly plan of 24 lunches and leftover lunches roll over to the next month. The subscription also auto-renews monthly. These meals also change weekly and are customizable, giving members a delicious lunch they will look forward to.

What Makes Gobble Unique?

Gobble takes meal kit delivery service to the next level because they cut out the prep work. All the ingredients are marinated, chopped, peeled, etc. so all members have to do is cook it. Because all the ingredients are prepped already, each recipe only takes 15 minutes and can be made in one pan. The one-pan meal helps reduce clean up times as well.

This weekly meal subscription box features recipes that change every week. Every week Gobble also has options that are friendly for different dietary restrictions. Gobble’s meal subscription also now has a lunch plan, making it an option for those who want to meal-prep on the weekends. These meals take about 90 minutes to prep for the whole week. They can be stored in Tupperware and reheated at work.


  • 15-minute recipes
  • New lunch plan available
  • Ingredients pre-prepped
  • Dietary restriction friendly
  • Kid-friendly recipes


  • $6.99 shipping
  • Price-per-serving

Pricing & What’s Included

Gobble’s meal subscriptions are available for 2 to 4 people. The price per serving is the same regardless of how many people your plan is for. Each box includes ice packs, all the ingredients prepped and ready to cook, and a recipe card. Every recipe card is simplified to make cooking as easy as possible.

Dinner Plan

  • 3 (2-person plan) meal kits per week for $71.94
  • 12 (4-person plan) meal kits per week for $143.88
  • Pre-prepped ingredients

Lunch Plan

  • 3 meal- kits per week
  • Veggie Base: $5.99 per serving
  • Protein: $1.99- $3.99 per serving
  • Healthy Grain (optional): $0.99- $1.49 per serving

Gobble Reviews

Gobble averaged four out of five stars on Trustpilot. Out of 675 reviews, 50% said their experience was excellent and 28% said their experience was great. The Gobble webpage boasts positive reviews about how easy the meals are after a long day of work. Other Gobble reviews were from families who said their kids love the meals and the parents love how easy the cleanup is.

Gobble reviews on Trustpilot often are from users who previously subscribed to other meal kit delivery services such as Blue Apron. They say Gobble has been the easiest to use and the most convenient. Subscribers love the variety of recipes available, how easy the recipes are, and how delicious the food is. However, some positive reviews do express concerns about the price per serving.

Concerns about Gobble relate to issues with customer service and cancellation. Many customers say they were still sent and charged for meals after canceling. Others said they could not make all their meals because ingredients arrived rotten. These users make up 11% of the 675 total reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Gobble’s meal-kit delivery service.

How Can I Deactivate my Gobble Account?

For questions regarding how to deactivate your account, members can find the link under Gobble’s FAQ page. Members can also contact customer service and they can guide you through the process. Deactivating your account does not issue a refund for any meals that have been pre-paid. Members can see how many meals they have left under their account page.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Members can submit a request on the Gobble Help Center webpage. Members can also call (888) 405- 7481 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

How Can I Skip a Delivery?

Members are able to skip deliveries as long as they do so the Wednesday before by 11:59 pm. Once you have canceled your delivery, you will receive a confirmation email.

When are the Delivery Days?

Delivery dates vary depending on your location and how far you are from a distribution center. All dinner kits will arrive in a fully insulated box, so ingredients will stay fresh if you are not home when your delivery arrives.

Can I Recycle my Gobble Box?

Yes. Everything in the box is recyclable. The gel ice packs have a liquid that can be poured into the trash safely and the plastic can be recycled. The insulated liner, plastic bags, and cardboard can be recycled as well. Check with your cities waste guidelines to make sure you properly dispose of them.

Company History

Gobble’s pre-prepped meal-kits take meal subscriptions to the next level. CEO Ooshma Garg launched Gobble at the age of 29. She already had another startup called Anapata, a job match service. Garg sold Anapata to LawWerx in 2011 so she could focus all her time on Gobble, her second startup.

Gobble began on Craigslist as an ad. The ad was seeking chefs willing to create home-cooked meals for Garg and friends for $8 a plate. Garg was then delivering meals with her own car. Eventually, Gobble raised 1.2 million in investor funding. The appeal? The lack of preparation needed. People are paying for a great meal they can make in a single pan.

Gobble was born in San Francisco but quickly spread to other western states such as Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, and Utah. Today, Gobble serves the majority of the continental U.S. Gobble also employees successful industry people such as Michelin star chefs and former Starbucks and Blue Apron executives.

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