Durable Chew Toys For Dogs Buying Guide

If chewing were an Olympic sport, most dogs would end up destroying the gold medal after they won. As pet owners, it is essential that we find durable chew toys for dogs we have in our lives. Although this can be a difficult task, we have put together a guide on what to look for to make an informed decision when you decide to purchase your next power chewer dog toys.

durable chew toys for dogs buying guide

Why Dogs Destroy Their Toys

When dog’s start to explore the world, it is natural for them to chew on as many things as they can sink their teeth into. For young dogs, the most common reason for their desire to chew comes from relieving the pain of new, incoming teeth. As for older dogs, they enjoy chewing for maintaining healthy teeth and keeping their jaw strong. Most dogs genuinely love to constantly bite things, because, for them, it’s fun!

If you find your pooches are destroying their toys in an unhealthy way, there could be a variety of reasons causing this behavior.

Lack Of Exercise And Boredom

When your dog is bored and not exercised properly, they tend to find new ways of entertainment. One way to help them release some energy is through the act of chewing. 

If you are looking to change this behavior, you can cure their boredom and give them proper exercise with activities such as:

  • Daily Walks
  • Playing With Other Dogs
  • Rope Tug And Fetch Games
  • Dog Sports (Flyball, Obstacle Course)

Stress, Anxiety, Or Frustration

When your dog is experiencing stress from sitting in their crate or being near another dog that it doesn’t get along with, this leads to unhealthy chewing. A great way to reduce this is to expose your pup to other dogs and situations. By doing this early on in their lives, this will help to prevent them from chewing on nearby items or direct biting. Of course, proper training is always highly recommended.

Different Dogs, Different Toys

From blankets to beds, and from treats to toys, larger dogs require more durable products than smaller dogs. For larger dogs, you should aim for products that are going to withstand the endless amount of chewing they will be doing.

If you have a hunting breed like a retriever, spaniel, or a pointer, then toys you can play fetch with are likely the best option. Dogs that love to lounge around such as Saint Bernards, Bulldogs, or Great Danes, tend to enjoy more traditional nylon chew toys for indoor use.

nylon chew dog bone

What Are The Most Common Types Of Power Chewer Dog Toys?

  • Hard Rubber Balls (Lacrosse Balls Are A Great Option)
  • Treat-dispenser and enrichment toys
  • Comfort Toys
  • Interactive Toys

There are many pet subscription boxes that can accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. Just make sure you take into consideration their personality and what they will enjoy the most.

Materials That Make Great Durable Dog Toys

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to the toys you pick for your dog. Still, be on the lookout for products containing potentially harmful chemicals and other extra add-ons that can injure your dog. Companies like Bullymake make it their mission to provide you with toys that are long-lasting and manufactured with extremely high quality.

You always want to make sure the toys you provide for your dog do not contain small parts such as balls or ribbons that can easily be swallowed. You should also make sure the toys are easily washable, so you don’t run the risk of destroying the toy before it gets used to its fullest potential.

Some materials that are safe for dog toys include:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Wool
  • Bamboo
  • Natural Rubber
  • Hemp

If you aren’t sure about a specific product you are purchasing for your dog, you can always do your due diligence and investigate the product through research. Calling the manufacturer is a great way to get any additional information you think you might need.

Materials That Power Chewers Should Avoid

Some toys contain parts or materials that are toxic and harmful to your dog. When choosing the right durable chew toys for dogs, it is necessary to be mindful of your purchases.

When purchasing durable chew toys for dogs, you should avoid products that contain a dangerous chemical known as Phthalate. Vinyl toys for dogs are known to contain this chemical.  It is known to cause damage to vital organs such as the liver and kidneys when ingested.

Dogs will chew almost anything you give them, so it's important to be mindful of what they are chewing on. Below are a few familiar toys you should avoid if you have a power chewer on your hands.

  • Stuffed Toys
  • Toys That Break Into Pieces
  • Squeaky Toys
  • Toys With Small Pieces

If you aren’t sure about a specific product you are purchasing for your dog, you should do your due diligence and investigate the product through research. Calling the manufacturer is a great way to get any additional information you think you might need.

How To Make Toys Last

It’s always tricky to continuously purchase new durable chew toys for your dog. If you have a power chewer, these costs can add up quickly.

Limiting the time the dog spends with a toy by rotating them out every week is a great way to make dog toys last longer. By doing that, it will not only keep them engaged with new toys but will also limit the wear and tear on toys are keeping in stock for your pup.

By choosing the right durable chew toy and limiting access, you are bound to make your dog toys last longer and keep your best friend happy.

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