Date Night In Box Review: Romance Subscription Box Delivery

date night in box review

Date Night In Box is a subscription service that delivers fully planned dates right to your front door. They deliver boxes every month with everything you need to have a beautiful date with your significant other. Members can save about $50 by using Date Night in a Box instead of going out. Each box has its own theme and includes activities, snacks, and suggested recipes to make for dinner.


How It Works

Date Night In Box is a subscription service that delivers pre-planned dates to your front door. Boxes are available for a one-time purchase, monthly, or pre-purchasing 3,6, or 12 boxes. Boxes start at $41.99. To get your box for the month, place your order before the 13th. Date Night In Box ship between the 16th- 21st of every month.

Signing up for Date Night In Box is simple:

  • Select your plan
  • Go to your cart and click “checkout”
  • Input your information and create your account
  • check
    Click “pay now” at the bottom of the page
  • check
    List Element

Every box is complete with everything you need for a successful date. Inside are several activities, discussion topics, snacks, suggested recipes to make, and "a date ambiance enhancement." Date Night In Box also has the option to purchase boxes with a faith component for the couples who have a strong connection with their religion.

What Makes Date Night In Box Unique?

Date Night In Box gives couples the unique experience of a fully planned date for less.  Subscribers can save about $50 on average by staying in. Date Night In Box is a great option for couples who cannot afford to go out or cannot afford a babysitter.  

This monthly adult subscription service has unique themes and activities each month. Couples also can become part of the date night in the community, which is very active on Facebook. This subscription service also pre-plans dates for couples, something that can create pressure itself. Members are able to just relax and enjoy with their significant other without having to lift a finger. Each box also comes with its own Spotify playlist for members to listen to while they enjoy their date!


  • Themed dates
  • Choice of add-on boxes
  • Saves money on going out
  • check
    Date night goals and description pamphlet included.
  • check
    Custom Spotify playlist for each box.


  • Not enough customization options
  • Delivery date options

Pricing & What’s Included

Date Night In Box has 3 different box types. Their standard Date Night in a Box, their Date Night in a Box- Faith, and one-time boxes. Every box includes 5-7 activities, snacks, suggested dinner menu, and a mystery ambiance item.

Date Night In Box

  • Month-to-month plan: $41.99 with free shipping
  • 3 months of dates: $120 with free shipping
  • 6 months of dates: $239 with free shipping
  • check
    12 months of dates: $464 with free shipping

Date Night In Box - Faith Edition

  • Month-to-month plan: $45.98 with free shipping
  • 3 months of dates: $131 with free shipping
  • 6 months of dates: $262 with free shipping
  • check
    12 months of dates: $511 with free shipping

One Time Box

  • Selection of 4 different boxes
  • Not eligible for the monthly themed box
  • Price ranges from $45.00- $48.99 with free shipping
  • check
    Boxes ship in 3-5 business days

Date Night In Box Reviews

Date Night In Box averaged four out of five stars on the Better Business Bureau page. The company is still relatively new, so reviews are sparse.

Subscribers who enjoyed their subscription said the dates were unique and creative. They also said the boxes fostered great discussions and really brought couples closer together. 

Some Date Night In Box reviews on the Better Business Bureau site reflect issues relating to customer service. Most negative reviews related to issues with the automatic renewal policy. Other customers said they were still charged after they requested to cancel their subscription.  

Date Night In Box also has more positive reviews on its website from Facebook and Instagram posts. Couples love the recent "Throwback" box which was 80s themed. Reviewers said the recipes were easy, fun, and delicious as well.

Here's a unboxing review from Lovely Things With Abby: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Date Night In Box’s subscription service.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Canceling your subscription doesn't stop all shipments. It only cancels the automatic renewal feature on your account.  If you pre-paid for boxes, you will not be issued a refund and will still be sent the remaining boxes. You must cancel your subscription by 7 pm EST on the 27th of the last month of your subscription to prevent renewal. To cancel your subscription:

  • Log in to your account
  • Scroll to “your subscription(s)” and click “edit”
  • Click “cancel subscription”
  • check
    In the "cancel subscription" pop-up, choose the reason you are canceling
  • Click "yes, please cancel." You will receive a confirmation email that your subscription was canceled.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

Date Night In Box has Live Chat support Monday through Friday 10 am to 1 pm. You can also email In your email include the email and name associated with the account, the subscription or order number, and any other relevant information/ images.

What is the Refund Policy?

Date Night In Box reserves the right to accept returns and exchanges at their discretion. If you have an issue with your initial purchase, you must email within 24 hours of purchase. Customers are responsible for the cost of the boxes if they fail to cancel before their renewal date.

What is the Faith Subscription?

The faith subscription is meant to help couples deepen their relationship with God. Each box will include a discussion relating to that month’s theme, talking points, and a closing prayer. These boxes are also available as a one-time box if couples want to try them first.

How Long Does Each Box Take to Complete?

Date Night In Box does not have a set time to complete. Couples are meant to enjoy them however they may wish. Some couples complete all 5-7 activities in one evening while others break up the activities into multiple dates. 

Company History

Date Night In Box was founded by Brian and Megan Pruitt in 2017.  The couple struggled to find time for dates between their jobs and caring for their two children. What started out as a joke idea has turned into over 100,000 date nights for couples nationwide. Brian quit his full-time job with the St. Louis Cardinals to pursue Date Night In full time.

The couple originally packed and shipped boxes themselves out of their home. Today they send boxes out of their warehouse and have hired additional employees to help them keep up with orders. Brian and Megan also pride themselves on hiring employees with autism, physical injuries, and intellectual disabilities. The couple says they are the heart of their business.

Brian and Megan are co-CEOs. The couple also has since expanded its brand to include Kids Night in a Box to provide fun nights for the whole family. The couple brought in friends Marina Makes and Kyra Daunt to help with the business. Marina serves as the food contributor and blogger while Kyra is the faith night contributor. Both women enjoy Date Night In Boxes themselves and are committed to helping the company grow.

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