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curology review

Curology is a skincare subscription box that delivers customized facial care products. Each delivery contains a custom-blended superbottle of facial care product, plus a moisturizer and cleanser with specific plans. Subscribers can expect to save up to 75 percent off in comparison with in-person dermatologist visits and treatments. Shipments go out every 30 or 60 days depending on the subscription plan, while initial trial orders ship within 1-3 business days of your order.


How It Works

This beauty box is ideal for people with skin issues such as spots, acne, enlarged pores, and more. The company gives you a custom recipe for clear skin, helping to not only eliminate pimples but also promote healthy growth of skin cells.

Curology relies on online consultations with subscribers to determine the right formula for their bottle of skincare treatment, called a “superbottle.” Depending on the plan they select, subscribers may also receive moisturizer and face wash products as well.

To subscribe, you must first log in and create an account. Then, customers need to take high-quality photos of their skin for their provider to examine. They’ll also need to answer questions from a dermatology provider to ensure the superbottle blend is the right fit for their skin type and unique needs.

If the provider feels that your needs are beyond the scope of the subscription offerings, they will recommend a visit with a local dermatologist and stop your billing cycle. For those who do subscribe and receive the superbottle product in the mail, they can still speak with a provider anytime with skincare and prescription questions.

What Makes Curology Unique?

Unlike many other beauty boxes, this one focuses on clearing up problem skin instead of typical makeup products. Every subscription includes a superbottle product that caters to a person’s specific skin type and challenges, plus optional moisturizer and cleanser products.

Instead of visiting a dermatologist in person, customers can consult with a skincare professional online. With the help of high-quality photographs of customers’ skin, the medical providers determine the best product ingredients to help treat any existing conditions.

The products then arrive in the mail according to a monthly or every 60-day schedule. Subscribers can also update their skin information over time, and their medical professional is always available to answer questions or reformulate the product if necessary. 

What We Like

  • Custom skincare instead of one-size-fits-all
  • Can make changes over time as skincare needs shift
  • Can re-order if you run out before your next delivery date
  • check
    Text message 21-Day Challenge to guide subscribers through treatment
  • check
    Company provides free subscriptions for up to two years for low-income teens

What Could Be Better

  • Not yet available in all 50 states
  • Not available internationally
  • No return or exchanges accepted

Pricing & What’s Included

The beauty subscription company includes three subscription tiers, along with a trial option. Costs do not include sales tax for California, Washington, or Illinois; this amount is extra for subscribers in those states.

1 Month Shipment

  • Consists of the superbottle only
  • Costs $24.90 per shipment
  • Shipments go out every 30 days
  • check
    One-on-one messaging with your provider

2 Month Shipment

  • Includes the superbottle only
  • Costs $39.90 per shipment
  • Shipments go out every 60 days
  • One-on-one messaging with your provider

3-Step Set

  • Includes the superbottle, a cleanser, and a moisturizer
  • Costs $59.90 per shipment
  • Shipments go out every 60 days
  • check
    One-on-one messaging with your provider

Free Trial

  • Includes a trial superbottle or, with the 3-step set trial, a superbottle plus moisturizer and cleanser
  • Costs $4.95 for shipping
  • Transitions to chosen plan automatically

Depending on your skin needs and the resulting custom formula, the superbottle will contain a combination of three of the following:

  • Clindamycin
  • Azelaic acid
  • Tretinoin
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    Vitamin C
  • Zinc pyrithione

Curology Reviews

The company has an A+ rating via the Better Business Bureau; however, their average rating (out of eight reviews) is one star. In general, subscribers noted a lack of accessibility when it comes to contacting a person to handle account changes, including account cancellations. 

Overall, Curology reviews via Trustpilot (currently five reviews) average two stars. Negative reviews reported difficulty with billing and cancellation problems, while positive reviews highlighted the effectiveness of their superbottle products.

On Highya, the company has about 100 consumer reviews totaling four and a half stars out of five. Of those reviews, over half were five-star while about one-third were one star. Lower ratings reflected issues with delayed shipments and breakouts getting worse before they improved (or didn’t improve at all).

Positive Curology reviews note impressive results concerning acne and other skin issues clearing up after a few weeks of treatment. On Highya, there are far more positive reviews than negative ones.

Here's a before and after video review from Mary Eliz: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the beauty box subscription.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Shipment dates depend on your subscription plan and signup date. Initial trial shipments go out within one to three business days, and you can expect shipping to take seven to ten days. Regular shipments arrive at either 30- or 90-day intervals.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

The company does not have a phone number contact. Subscribers can communicate with their medical providers via a message from their account page. The company also offers support via email at 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can either postpone your next shipment or cancel your subscription entirely. To do so, log into your account and visit the payment page. Then follow the on-screen instructions near the bottom. After canceling, you should receive an email confirmation.

What If My Skin Gets Worse?

The company maintains that subscribers’ skin conditions may worsen before they improve. They recommend waiting at least six weeks to see results. During that time, the skin may “purge,” or break out worse, but it should improve within a few weeks of continued treatment.

Can I Return A Bottle I Haven’t Used?

Due to the customized nature of the superbottle and other products, the company does not accept returns or refunds. Once an order ships, there is no way to cancel or refund it. However, you can always contact your medical provider with questions or updates to your situation so that they can modify your future bottles.

Company History

Curology started with a suburban doctor who helped clients improve a variety of skin conditions. When one patient experienced amazing results with a custom-blended acne treatment, Dr. David Lortscher realized he had a great product on his hands.

The patient was thrilled with her results, but she had spent years of her life struggling with acne and other skin issues. She didn’t believe that seeing a dermatologist would be affordable for her, and she didn’t think there was any hope for her skin.

Fortunately, Dr. Lortscher’s approach was inexpensive and accessible to many people. But to reach more patients, he expanded the company (with the help of his mother and brother, a doctor and technologist, respectively) and began taking clients on remotely.

Initial Curology reviews were stellar, encouraging the expansion of the program. Thus, the web-based consultation model was born, and Dr. Lortscher’s care approach continued to help many more acne sufferers and other patients with skin conditions.

See the below video on the product routine that subscribers follow, including the superbottle, the cleanser, and moisturizer. 

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