What’s Your Favorite Crate Club Commercial?

Over the years, Crate Club has built a reputation of delivering premium military-grade survival gear every month. A lesser known detail about this company is they also have a line of amusing and engaging commercials that viewers often enjoy. Each Crate Club commercial is unique, and in our opinion amazing.

crate club commercial

Check out some of our favorite commercials that have been created by Crate Club below. 

Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Black Friday is known to be one of the best times of the year to get amazing deals on your favorite items. Avoiding the stampede of people is the hardest part about surviving the madness that ensues when the stores open up for everyone. 

This Crate Club commercial on how to avoid the zombie apocalypse with their black Friday sale is one of the best survival commercials we have seen in a long time. It starts with a couple watching real news clips of the frenzies that often occur during these sales on television and progresses into a trail of zombies chasing people. 

It ends with a guy getting off the couch and assembling his pack with showcased items received from his monthly Crate Club deliveries to go out shopping during black Friday. 

Their “always ready” tagline at the end sums up the fact that you will get everything you need to secure your holiday list with spec ops approved gear to survive the zombie apocalypse known as black Friday. 


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We all dislike the fact that gift giving can become very difficult and often dull because you end up giving and getting the same gifts year after year. This Crate Club commercial hits that point right on the head. 

It is very creative in a way that showcases how much joy it can bring to someone by getting something new for a change. These are products that can be useful not only for survivalists but for people who do everyday things. Plus, everybody loves getting gifts, so you might as well make it fun.  

Would you instead be gifted a tie every year or get a wide range of high-quality products that you can use?

Naked Bare Handed Crotch Fishing

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This Crate Club commercial leans more on the side of ridiculous than the others shown above. It was hilarious to us watching the survivalist split wood with his bare hands as well as fishing naked. He even caught a fish on his crotch which was not only funny to us but made us cringe funnily. It also showed him lighting a match on his face and starting a massive fire. 

At the end of the commercial, it showed all of the supplies you would need to do all of the things shown in the ad. They said that “some can survive with their bare hands. For everyone else, there’s Crate Club”. 

The creativity level was a 10 when it came to this ad for outdoor survival gear. 

Which Crate Club Commercial Do We Like The Most?

Out of all of the commercials above our favorite Crate Club commercial is the zombie apocalypse black Friday commercial. We always think it’s essential to prepare for any situation, especially for anything to do with zombies. 

The Crate club survival commercial had the best balance of fun, creativity, and relatability because we know how crazy it can get during black Friday. 

What was your favorite commercial? Let us know in the comments below.

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