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Comic Bento Box offers readers entertaining comics according to a monthly theme. Each box contains graphic novels that cater to ages 14 and up in terms of content and complexity. The combination of books in each box comes to a value of at least $50 but often passes that amount, saving you nearly half the cost of each set. Email notices go out as recurring subscription boxes begin shipping mid-month, or about ten days after you place a new order.


Pricing & What’s Included

Comic Bento has four plan options take your subscription from one to twelve months in duration. Each monthly box has the same value, so your subscription choice depends on how frequently you want to receive your boxes. Boxes ship once per month. Each tier of pricing reduces the cost per box.



1-month plan


3-month plan


6-month plan


12-month plan


1-month Plan

Monthly plans make it easy to pause or cancel your subscription, but they’re also the most expensive option. Even if you choose a monthly plan, your subscription will still auto renew each month. Shipping and handling is an additional fee based on USPS and Canada Post pricing.

3-month Plan

The 3-month subscription plan saves you $5 off the cost of monthly plans. Auto-renewal applies, and there are shipping fees.

6-month Plan

A 6-month plan saves $15 off the per-month cost, and auto-renewal still applies. An additional shipping and handling fee applies, too.

12-month Plan

The 12-month plan includes free shipping but keeps the same pricing structure as the 6-month plan. Your yearly plan will also renew automatically.

Other Options

An online store lets you choose from past theme boxes and order one for a flat rate of $25. This allows you to customize the comic experience to your tastes rather than accepting a themed box each month. You can also seek out unique editions of graphic novels if you’ve missed one month’s theme.

Ordering from the store also lets international customers order comics, whereas monthly delivery boxes are incompatible with international shipping. You will need to pay for shipping and handling on store orders, too.

Comic Bento Box Review

While we’ve scoured the web for reviews, there doesn’t seem to be any documented information on Comic Bento. Many YouTube users offer unboxing videos, however, which can give you an idea of what one month’s box may contain. Check back soon for updates.

When Does It Ship?

Order processing for Comic Bento begins on the 9th of each month. Boxes start shipping out mid-month in waves. If you sign up late in the month, your box may go out with a later wave of orders. However, regardless of when you sign up, you should receive a tracking number for your box within ten business days of purchase. 

Monthly boxes ship within the USA and Canada only. However, you can purchase past boxes that will work with international delivery. These ship within a few days of purchase, but there are no recurring delivery options for them.

For subscribers in the United States, concerns about shipping fees often arise. Some people receive a bill from their postal service stating that additional charges are due. However, this should not happen. 

Deliveries only include graphic novels, aka comic books, and therefore qualify for media mail shipping. Your mail delivery person should not ask for additional fees for shipping. If this occurs, it is likely that they are assuming the box contains comic books, which don’t qualify for media mail.

You can dispute the charges by citing what types of media the media mail shipping covers, and clarifying the fact that graphic novels are books and not actual comic books.

Customer Service Information

Currently, there’s only one clear to contact Comic Bento, and that’s via a contact form on their website. However, they do list a support email on their FAQ page.

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More information on their services is available at their FAQ page. Alternatively, you can reach out to the company via their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

How Do I Cancel?

Monthly subscriptions mean you have the option to cancel anytime. But you need to pay attention to the processing date- the 9th of the month- and make sure that you cancel before that time. Otherwise, your subscription will automatically renew. 

The company automatically renews each account on the same date, so there’s no wiggle room with your cancellation.

Here’s how to cancel:

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    Log into your account.
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    Adjust or cancel your subscription.

You can also edit your payment method via your online account.

Company History

This company has been around since July 2014. The parent company, Blind Ferret Entertainment, formed the delivery service as part of their media empire. Their overall focus is on comics and media across digital, print, film, mobile, and retail categories.  

Blind Ferret started in 2005 with co-founders Randy Waxman and Ryan Sohmer. Today, Waxman is the Chief Executive Officer, and Sohmer is the Chief Compliance Officer. Although the subscription comic service is only a small part of the bigger picture, it was a natural progression for the partners.

The origins of the company may not need much explanation since Blind Ferret publishes comics. But the idea for a comic subscription box stemmed from the idea that comic enthusiasts needed their own monthly delivery service.

Rather than including a variety of products or accessories, this subscription model focuses on graphic novels only. Their idea came from concerns over the reader experience, so they curate comics based on pre-selected themes, without clutter or extras.

However, the business model uses graphic novels rather than softbound comic books. This helps streamline shipping, but it also ensures quality books that last.

Below is an interview from Comic Frontline with Costello from Comic Bento. Costello explains the origins of the company and shows a sample box from the subscription box’s early days. Comic Bento maintains the same approach to their boxes today.

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