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Bulu Box is a monthly subscription membership for people to discover health, nutrition, and weight loss products. Each month you will be sent samples from either their original line (this box provides 4-5 well-rounded samples of all things health and nutrition), or weight loss (4-5 products designed specifically to help with the varying factors of weight loss).


Pricing & What’s Included

Upon choosing your box type (original or weight loss) you have the option to set up your subscription in four different ways. You have the option for a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month installment. The 3 month subscription is their most popular due to the duration to savings ratio.


1 month

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Monthly Breakdown​​​​







Save $12 a year

Save $24 a year

save $24 a year

As a member shipping is always free. You can also give your thoughts on the products you receive in the box and can earn up to 50($5) rewards points every month that you can apply to future orders.As a member shipping is always free. You can also give your thoughts on the products you receive in the box and can earn up to 50($5) rewards points every month that you can apply to future orders.

Your Bulu Box will auto renew for each subscription tier and you can cancel anytime. If you choose to select the 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option, you are required to pay for those boxes in a one time payment and will pay that amount each time it renews.

Whats Included?

We have provided a sample of the types of items you will receive in each of the types of boxes this company sends out

Bulu Box Original

bb original.PNG

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    Quest Bar
  • check
    FlapJacked Protein Pancakes & Baking Mix
  • check
    Dream Water
  • check
    Movit Energy Gummies
  • check
    NeoCell Biotin Bursts

Bulu Box Weight Loss


  • check
    Shapeologist Burn Blend
  • check
    Bikini Ready Yummy Shake
  • check
    Shapeologist 15 Day Cleanse
  • check
  • check
    Free! Sweatband
  • check
    Yowamushi Pedal Phone Charm 

Included Brands

Bulu Box has teamed up with some of the leading nutrition and weight loss brands to bring you great samples and bargains on full sized products.

Popular brands you can find in your monthly box are:

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    8-Ball Nutrition
  • check
    Angry Supplements
  • check
    Bikini Ready
  • check
    Chai Diaries
  • check
    Everlast Nutrition
  • check
    Future Biotics
  • check
    Martha Stewart Essentials
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Plant Fusion
  • check
    REDD Remedies
  • check
    Your Superfoods
  • check
    Perky Jerky
  • check
    & Many More!

Bulu Box Review

According to the reviews on Influenster this box has a rating of 3.71 / 5 stars. A majority of the reviews are positive and the negative reviews are scarce. We have sorted through them and highlighted the best and worst things that the reviews have to say about this box.

The positive reviews have a focus on the fact that many reviewers love that there is a wide assortment of health products in the box. All of them overwhelmingly agree that the price for the products is well worth it. A lot of positive reviews also like the fact that you are able to accrue points that you can apply to future boxes. Other reviews think extremely highly of the Bulu Box customer service.  

The negative reviews mainly revolve around the customer not being fully satisfied with products that were sent to them. We didn’t really see any about the products being bad in general. Any issues with the shipping or breaking of packaging during shipment are always taken care of by this company's top notch customer service.

When Does It Ship?

Your box will ship on the 15th of each month. You will receive your box 5-7 days after it has been shipped. You have the ability to sign up for that month's subscription box until the 4th. If you sign up after that date, you will receive the next months box.

Bulu Box Customer Service Contact

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    Phone: (855) 285-8269

How Do I Cancel?

In order to cancel, all you have to do is fill out a web form notifying Bulu Box at before the 5th of that month. Visit the contact page on their website for more info.

Company History

Bulu Box was founded in 2012 by Paul and Stephanie Jarrett. Both graduated from the University of Nebraska and have had extreme success less than a year after graduating. They have roughly 30,000 customers a month and more than $100,000 in monthly revenue. They received $500,000 in the first round of funding from investors and will most likely exceed that in their next round of funding.

The idea came to Jarrett after he ran a half marathon in 2012. When he was in college he played football for Iowa State before leaving and enrolling in Nebraska due to injuries that were plaguing him. At the time he was 300+ pounds and lost 100 pounds after focusing on his health.  Both him and his wife have a passion for fitness and health and wanted to start a box that gives healthy benefits to their customers. This box was made for people who have a passion for wellness and want to receive products at an affordable price.

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