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Brick Loot is a monthly LEGO and building brick subscription box. Each delivery contains carefully selected unique, custom, and exclusive items compatible with LEGO bricks and customizable building. Members can expect to save about 45% compared to retail along with other various special benefits. All boxes are shipped out the 10th of each month and should be received within 3 to 10 days.


Pricing & What’s Included

This box for LEGO and building brick enthusiasts can be purchased via monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual subscription plans.Enter your text here...



1 - Month


3 - Month


6 - Month


12 - Month


Subscription Details

Starting at $27.28 per month, although the payment for each subscription is up front. The company suggests the products in their subscription boxes are valued at approximately $45 and up.

Each box can contain four to eight new, trendy, and exclusive brick building materials, including

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    Company-exclusive minifigures
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    Custom build with LEGO bricks, with accompanying build instructions – guaranteed in every box
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    LEGO accessories
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    LEGO compatible products

Members are also given the opportunity to submit videos of themselves unboxing their monthly subscription to the company for the chance to win an additional LEGO prize.

We like the inclusion of unique and exclusive materials the company supplies in their subscription boxes. We also appreciate the inclusion of instructions with all custom brick builds. 

We do hope that the company allows for more subscription box customization to allow customers to receive the types of custom builds and accessories that interest them most.

Other Options

The company offers gift subscriptions for people in your life that enjoy LEGOS and brick building. The gift subscriptions are offered in monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual subscriptions, and feature the same pricing.

Gift subscriptions only run for the number of months purchased. The person initiating the gift subscription would have to contact customer service and ask for an extension to the subscription.

The company hosts an online beauty store that is available for members and non-members. The store allows you to purchase bricks, figures, and accessories in addition to those delivered in the subscription box.

The online store is broken down into various categories, including:

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    Vintage LEGO pieces
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    Brick bag sets
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    Custom-designed figures

Brick Loot Review

We have scoured the internet for feedback on the company, its subscription boxes, and its products, and have not been able to find any thus far. Please check back soon for updates to this section.

When Does it Ship?

According to the Brick Loot website, the company ships out their subscription boxes on the 10th of each month. Boxes are typically received between 3 to 10 days, depending on where the customer lives.

The company currently ships to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Australia. 

Shipping is not included with the cost of the subscription box. The cost of shipping throughout the United States is $6. The cost of shipping in Canada is $13. The cost of shipping in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Australia is $15. Additional charges may also be be incurred, contingent upon your country's tax and customs policies.

Customer Service Information

There are two ways to contact customer service:

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    Online: Fill out the company’s online contact form on their contact page

You can also find this plus more information regarding subscription updates, billing, shipment tracking, and more on the FAQ page on the company’s website.

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Brick Loot subscription box service, you can easily cancel. 

The cancellation process is as follows:

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    Login to access your account page.
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    Edit your account page to initiate the cancellation of your membership.

You must cancel your subscription before the renewal date of the 25th of the month. If you do not, your membership will automatically renew.

Company History

The Chicago-based company was founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur named Parker Krex. His story is substantially more unique compared to other company founders, as he founded the company as a nine-year-old. 

A LEGO aficionado since he was 3, Krex began sharing his passion for the brick toys with the internet as a 4-year-old, when he started to review the numerous sets he collected on YouTube. He didn’t necessarily come up with the idea for the company to gain a foothold into the exploding market of subscription boxes. Rather, he created the company so he can earn money to help fund his ever-increasing LEGO collection. 

The actual concept behind the company was hatched during his family’s annual yard sale. As young Parker and his parents were selling off his non-LEGO toys, the business plan that eventually evolved into the core concept behind Brick Loot was created. This idea was sharpened with the help and support of his mother, who helped Parker put together a “Shark Tank”-style pitch to his father. Today, the garage sale idea and familial pitch have grown to a successful subscription box venture as well as a LEGO showroom in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook.

Parker’s parents, who are also entrepreneurs, provide Parker with loving support, and more. His mother, Erin Krex, currently serves as Brick Loot’s President. According to the company’s website, Parker’s official job title is CEO. In his case, the title stands for “Chief Entertainment Officer.” 

Since the company’s launch, Parker has been recognized as a young, innovative talent in a host of local Chicago media outlets, such as the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, Daily Herald, and WGN-TV. He’s also received recognition in media outlets outside of the Chicago area, such as the New York Times and Family Circle Magazine.

The following YouTube clip is taken from a radio interview Parker gave to the Chicago radio station WLS 890 in 2015. In the interview, Parker discusses the origins of his company’s creation and its various successes. The interview also touches upon what the future may hold once the Brick Loot Chief Entertainment Officer reaches adulthood.

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