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bouqs review

The Bouqs Company offers a subscription service that consists of scheduled deliveries of farm-fresh flowers. Each delivery contains a fresh-cut bouquet of flowers, flower food, and care instructions. Customers can expect to save 20 percent off retail costs and shipping is free. There are four delivery frequencies to choose from: weekly, every two weeks, monthly and every two months. Deliveries take place Tuesdays through Fridays.


How It Works

The Bouqs subscription is ideal for those who want fresh flowers delivered to themselves on a regular basis or to someone else as a gift. Each delivery includes a fresh-cut bouquet, flower food, and instructions on how to keep the flowers fresh longer.

To start a subscription, click on the “Join Today” button from the Home Page then on the “Get Started” button under “Flower Subscriptions”.  You’re then directed to select from three collections (Roses, Farmer’s Market or The Classics). The Roses Collection features bouquets of single and multicolored roses. The Farmer’s Market Collection features earthy and rustic flowers such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, and ranunculus. The Classics Collection features popular flowers such as lilies, daisies, and carnations. Each collection contains 12 curated bouquets.

After a collection is selected, you can then select from three bouquet sizes (Original, Deluxe or Grand) that range in price from $36.00 to $60.00. (Because no commitment is required, you can update your plan and change the collection or bouquet size at any time).

After selecting a bouquet size, enter the recipient’s information which includes name, address, relationship to the subscriber, and phone number. You can also store recipient information for later use.

Next, select the frequency of the fresh flower deliveries which can be weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or every two months. Next, select the date for the first delivery (which is at least one week from placement of the subscription order).

After clicking on the “Continue” button, you’ll be directed to either login or sign up for an account.  After doing so, the Order Summary is presented along with an option to add a vase ($9.60) and a personal note to the subscription order. You’ll then be directed to the payment page to enter payment and contact information. 

When the subscription order is submitted, your credit card is charged for the first delivery only.  You must read and agree to The Bouq’s Terms and Conditions which include the statement that you’ll be charged at the time of each delivery in the subscription schedule and that the subscription will continue until you cancel it.

What Makes The Bouqs Unique?

The Bouqs flower subscription program consists of regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh-cut flowers that are shipped directly from sustainable, eco-friendly farms. These farms have been independently certified by 3rd party agencies like Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance as being sustainable and eco-friendly. The farms invest heavily in their workers by providing living wages, childcare, health care, and adult education. The flowers are shipped directly from the farms to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition and will last longer. 

The Bouqs gives subscribers the opportunity to select flowers from one of three collections. Since there are 12 bouquets within each collection, customers can select flowers that suit the taste of the recipient and offer variety in the bouquets received.

This flower subscription company offers plenty of customization options to ensure that subscribers have flower variety and price point options.

Should flowers arrive in less than optimal condition, The Bouqs has a “Happiness Guarantee”. The customer simply notifies the company and they will offer a resolution for the customer to approve.


  • 3 Flower Collections
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • Price Savings Compared to Retail
  • check
    Free Shipping
  • check
    Partners With Certified Eco-Friendly Farms


  • No price break for more frequent deliveries

Pricing & What’s Included

Subscribers can select from the following delivery frequencies: weekly, every two weeks, monthly, and every two months. Delivery frequency, however, doesn’t affect the price of the delivered bouquet. The price paid by the subscriber (20% off retail) depends on the bouquet size selected and there are three sizes to choose from (Original, Deluxe and Grand).

  • Original:  $36.00
  • Deluxe:  $48.00
  • Grand:  $60.00

For each scheduled delivery, the subscriber’s credit card is charged approximately one week prior to the delivery date. In each delivery, recipients will receive a fresh-cut bouquet along with flower food and care instructions.

The Bouqs Reviews

The Bouqs reviews on Consumer Affairs average two stars out of five, based on 409 responses within the last year. More than half of the customers gave a rating of one star (66%). 17% of the customers gave five stars out of five. The remaining responses (17%) spanned ratings of two to four stars.

Customers who gave ratings of five stars highlighted the beauty and smell of the flowers along with the information and tools received to keep the flowers fresh longer. They also noted excellent customer service, reliable delivery, and ease of placing the subscription order.

The lower Bouqs reviews on Consumer Affairs reflect issues with flowers arriving wilted and designs not appearing as pictured on the web site. Some also noted dissatisfaction with resolutions offered by the company.

The Bouqs reviews on have an overall rating of B-. Most of the complaints focus on customers either receiving flowers in substandard condition or not receiving the same flowers as ordered. Further complaints express dissatisfaction with resolutions offered by the company.

 Here’s a brief unboxing review by Lara at Everyday Graces: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about this flower subscription service:

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can contact Customer Service by completing a contact form on their web site or via online chat.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If the subscription isn’t cancelled, it will continue in the same frequency with no end date. To cancel a subscription, log in to your account, click “Manage Subscriptions”, then “Edit Subscription Services”. Next, click on the cancellation button to be walked through their quick and easy cancellation process.

To stop the next shipment in the subscription from being delivered (and charged to your credit card), you must cancel the subscription before the next shipment has been confirmed. You’re asked to confirm shipments approximately one week before the delivery date.

On What Days of the Week Will My Subscription Flowers Be Delivered?

Subscription deliveries are made Tuesdays-Fridays.

Company History

The Bouqs Company was established in 2012 by John Tabis (Founder & CEO) and Juan Pablo Montufar (Founder & Chief Supply Officer). The Bouqs Company is a combination of three things that John is most passionate about: disruptive businesses, cool brands and showing love to the important people in his life.  He holds a BS in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from UCLA. His background includes strategy consulting and marketing strategy for highly recognized brands.

Juan is a native of South America (still lives there) and maintains relationships with the supplier farms that The Bouqs partners with. He is also responsible for the company’s overall operations and logistics.  Juan’s background includes business development in the floral industry and research science in molecular and microbiology.

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