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Bombfell is a curated clothing subscription box for men who dislike in-store shopping. Each box contains curated outfits to fit each subscriber’s fit and style preferences. Subscribers can expect to save 20 percent or more off retail costs. Shipment dates vary depending on when you sign up and when you approve the clothing your stylist has selected, but orders ship monthly.


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How It Works

For men who dislike shopping in-store but need modern and well-fitting clothing for the workplace or elsewhere, this men’s subscription box offers custom-tailored styles to your preferences. Currently, the company only carries menswear, and each subscriber has a stylist to curate each box.

The men’s clothing subscription begins with filling out a style quiz, which asks questions regarding size, clothing fit, and preferences. Before the box ships, you can preview the stylist’s selections and approve or disapprove of any item in the box.

Once the package arrives, you have seven days to try everything on and decide whether to keep any (or all) of the clothing items. Whatever you select to keep, you pay for, and the rest you send back at no additional cost. As frequently as once per month, you can expect to find a shirt, pants, and accessories or outerwear in your box.

To sign up, click on “Get Started” on the website’s home page. Then, you’ll answer a few quick questions about your size, fit, and style preferences, including:

  • Typical work style (Formal, Business Casual, Casual)
  • Height and weight
  • Body shape
  • check
    Shirt size
  • check
    Pants waist size
  • check
    Inseam length
  • Top and bottom fit preference (Tighter/More Relaxed)

Click on “Next” to answer questions about which stores you typically (or currently) shop at. The next page includes visual samples of outfits and invites you to select the ones you would be willing to wear. You will also provide detailed information about your preferred budget, indicating how much you’d prefer to spend on each clothing item (or opting out of those items altogether).

After completing your entire fashion and fit profile, you will then set up an account with your name, email address, and a password.

What Makes Bombfell Unique?

Clothing subscription companies have become more widespread in recent years, but it’s often hard to find a subscription for menswear. With this subscription, guys can purchase outfits which are work-appropriate, regardless of their work environment, and still feel comfortable and fashionable.

And unlike some personal shopping boxes, this company uses individual stylists to curate their menswear shipments. Plus, you have the option to customize each box by denying or approving your stylist’s selections.

You can also update your style and size preferences any time, ideal if your weight fluctuates or you get a new job with a stricter (or more laid back) dress code. It’s also easy to opt out of specific pieces—say, if you don’t need a blazer but would like a light jacket—and set your price points for each item.

What We Like

  • Free shipping on every order (and free returns on what you don’t keep)
  • Discounts for purchasing multiple items
  • Full outfit per box
  • check
    Ability to approve/disapprove specific items before they even ship
  • check
    Can set budget/clothing type parameters

What Could Be Better

  • No specific brand options
  • Discounts relative to how much you purchase (makes smaller purchases costlier)
  • Items you add yourself are charged full price upon shipment

Pricing & What’s Included

Because each subscriber fills out their style and cost preferences beforehand, each stylist follows those guidelines to curate each box. The result is a completely customized box at varying price points depending on the season, the style, and other factors.

However, every box involves a $20 styling fee, which you can put toward the purchase of any of the items in your box. If you pass on all the items and return everything from the shipment, you don’t get that styling fee amount back.

If you do keep items from your box, the discounts are as follows.

Item Discounts

  • Keep 4+ items, receive 20 percent off
  • Keep 3 items, get 15 percent off
  • Keep 2 items, receive 10 percent off

Shipping Schedules

Shipping and returns are always free, and the company supplies you with a return shipping label with each order. Orders go out every month, but you can also schedule shipments for every two or three months or even on demand by visiting the account dashboard and selecting either “Frequency settings” or “Account 🡪 Frequency.”

Bombfell Reviews

Bombfell reviews on Highya average 4.6 stars out of five, giving the company an excellent overall reputation. The lowest reviews centered on issues such as charges despite customers returning products by the try on deadline and items not meeting expectations despite consumers filling out the style and fit questionnaire.

Bombfell reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Highya, however, with subscribers noting that the service is an excellent value for the investment. Plenty of reviewers were happy with the prices they paid and the quality and fit of the clothing they received.

Subscribers tend to say that they appreciate professional stylist help in finding clothes that are fashionable and comfortable, and positive Bombfell reviews had great things to say about the returns process and the overall variety of the items, too.

Here's a video review from The Kavalier: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Bombfell.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you can either visit the account cancellation page on the company website or send an email to them.

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

You can reach the company’s customer service via email.

When Does It Ship Every Month?

Shipping is not set in stone with the subscription company, as depending on your signup date, your stylist needs time to curate your order and receive your approval before shipping. For the most current information on your order and shipping schedule, visit your account dashboard for updates.

How Long Do I Have to Decide Whether I Want to Buy?

Every shipment involves a seven-day try on period. You can try out your clothes and see whether you want to purchase them. Note that the try on period starts the day of delivery, once the shipping carrier confirms they have left the package at your address.

To find your try on period end date, visit your account dashboard or check your email for the shipment confirmation. If you miss the try on deadline, the company will charge you for the purchase of every item in your subscription box.

How Do Returns Work?

With subscription clothing boxes, your order comes with a prepaid FedEx return label. To return items you do not wish to purchase, follow these steps:

  • Click “Request Return” on your Orders page to generate a Return ID
  • Write the Return ID on the original invoice which came in the package
  • Put the clothes and the invoice in the original shipping box and seal it well
  • Attach the prepaid return label to the parcel, covering the original label
  • Drop the box off at your nearest FedEx location (not a self-serve dropbox)

If there is no FedEx location near you, you can request a USPS label instead by contacting the company via email.

Company History

Bombfell’s co-founders are the duo of Bernie Yoo and Jason Kim, both of whom attended Harvard University (they were also roommates). Bernie has a background in business, working for Nickelodeon in the past, and Jason has held roles as a developer with Microsoft and Goldman Sachs.

The startup began in NYC in 2011 with help from a long list of investors via the 500 Startups seed fund/startup network. But Bernie and Jason were friends for over a decade before going into business together, and they had already experienced plenty of adventures before becoming partner entrepreneurs.

For more information on the company, see their FAQ video below.

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